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Patsie Smith Ø 9 READ

READ Awaken Our Spirit Within 109 » ❮Read❯ ➮ Awaken Our Spirit Within Author Patsie Smith – In Awaken Our Spirit Within A Journey of Self Realization and Transformation author Patsie Smith exposes the state of the human spirit Our innate longing is to awaken from our spirit's slumber and to In Awaken Our STy toward unconditional love true happiness and peace The awakening and growth of our inner spirit is the key to the end of fear ignorance and sufferingThe author is not affiliated with any particular belief system or religion seeking instead to offer pure and universal wisdom She offers the truth of our divinity within to all who seek their own ultimate reality and who are on the path of inner growth toward freedom from suffering and transcendence into. “A masterless student learning from all but attached to none”I couldn’t help but smile at this description of author Patsie Smith From the start it is clear the book does not espouse any one school of thought Instead using clear and practical language Smith shares lessons she has learned along her own twenty seven year journey Divided into two sections—“Before Awakening” and “After Awakening”—each chapter begins with stick artwork and ends with a short reflection While the book could be easily read in one sitting it is better to take time with each chapter absorbing the succinct and powerful messages Only then will you experience the many “Aha” moments inherent in this bookSome of my favorite “Aha” moments“The biggest cause of the blindness and shriveling of our spirit is our analytical mind” “The words of the Buddha are like a raft built to cross the river When the purpose is completed the raft must be left behind if we are to travel further”“Sometimes life has its own way of working things out through the power of doing less or doing nothing at all”I enjoyed this book thoroughly and will return to it often keeping in mind Patsie Smith’s advice “Growing your spirit reuires feeding it every day with wisdom teachings and direct learning experience” I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway

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Inner peace She presents spirituality in the context of all areas of our practical lives and the choices we make toward transformationAwaken Our Spirit Within seeks to convey the crucial need to wake up to our true selves and make conscious choices on the human journey It is only through our own individual awakening and living of our spirit's journey that true peace freedom and unity filters collectively into the transformation of our lives and our world. It looks like a book you could read in a couple days It's not like that at all As suggested by Patsie Smith you do need to reflect on each chapter as its got a lot information to take in Highly recommend it especially as you can refer to particular chapters that you may need at a certain time of your life

SUMMARY Awaken Our Spirit Within

Awaken Our Spirit WithinIn Awaken Our Spirit Within A Journey of Self Realization and Transformation author Patsie Smith exposes the state of the human spirit Our innate longing is to awaken from our spirit's slumber and to live true to our spirit's journey Her words flow from our universal essence that we can hear and recognize with our hearts and Awaken Our PDFEPUB or she conveys truth in clear comprehensible language Wisdom and clarity naturally become our path and our reali. You can feel the spirit emanating from this book Truth Love and Guidence are strong characteristics this book entails This book will help you open your perspective to your true potential and awaken your spirit Somethings that I Loved about this book was the poetry that was included in a couple of the chapters I think the reflections at the end of each chapter was a great touch It is nice to reflect on what was read and giving yourself the time to let it sink in is a great way to absorb the material discussed Some of my favorite chapters in this book include Why Awaken Within this chapter are great descriptions of the types of souls and the stages that each are at This really had me thinking of the people in my life I started puting them into there catagory based on the classifications given it really helped me understand where each of these people that I loved where at on their journey I also enjoyed the chapter that was titled Ways to Awaken This chapter really taps into the different channels that can be explored including energy centers Chakras Meditation Vibrations and Spiritual teachings