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April in Milan Read Ð 109 Ý ❮Read❯ ➳ April in Milan Author Beverley Kendall – The best way to ruin a perfectly wonderful friendship Have sex with your BFFA mistakeThat’s what Troy calls what was easily the single best sexual experience of my life He claims our slip was due to The best way to ruin a peThe best way to ruin a perfectly wonderful friendship Have sex with your BFFA mistakeThat’s what Troy April in eBook #229 calls what was easily the single best sexual experience of my life He claims our slip was due to too much alcohol I respond the only way I know how which is by burying the entire experience under a six foot mound of denial and regret Lesson learnedWhen I’m finally in a place emotionally where I can move on with someone else Troy does a complete about face Now he wants me And he wants That should have been the end right I’m getting what I’ve. 3 starsOh man I'm really conflicted about this book On the one hand I liked the angst very much Plus it's a friends to lovers story which I loved but there are a few things that really kept me from rating this higher I don't know if it's a case of having too high expectations or something else Anyway Troy and April's story has been laid out over the course of the series They grew up together and are the best of friends until their feelings changed Suddenly there was April thought and readers were also led to believe this that her feelings for Troy weren't reciprocated especially after they slept together and Troy acted like the biggest douche in the world afterwards Since thenTroy and April's relationship became an unhealthy cycle of pushing and pullingNow I both loved and hated this part because duh angst On the one hand I could totally understand April's feelings for wanting to move on with another guy and forget Troy But I couldn't understand how hard she clung to Colin despite having lukewarm feelings for him I would have rather have her not date anyone else while still keeping Troy at a distance But yes her feelings were understandable Troy though is another story He absolutely has no reason I don't think they were good enough to be honest to treat April the way he did He pushes her away over and over again and it went on for far too long By the time he wised up and decided to pursue her my patience was shot To be fair their relationship wasn't all bad I genuinely think they belonged together but man they tried my patience so many times it was hard for me to enjoy their togetherness Nonetheless they had some good times They had things to work through but they were pretty solid But then towards the end another conflict arose which added so much drama to the story And frankly I really didn't care for it I knew that the view spoilerPlayboy hide spoiler

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Whose heavy lidded eyes and panty dampening smile may be the only things that hint at his true conditionBut you want to know the real reason I know he’s drunk I’ve known Troy for over seventeen years so since we were toddlers He’s the best friend I’ve ever had and probably the best one I’ll ever have We’ve seen each other at our worst and stood by each other through the good and bad times Snort We’re a regular Hallmark card However never in all those seventeen years has he ever sueezed my ass His hand is doing a good job of it right nowIt's about damn ti. An ok read Definitely not what I was expecting I had had high hopes for this but I found it short It may be all the wait and anticipation The book started of great but just dragged on with April and Troy to get their act together When finally they decided to have a go at it the drama was just too much for me to enjoy their relationship Found chapter nineteen a bit confusing at first as it's Troy's pov not April's Least of my favourite in the series so far but I'll recommend as I had loved the other books and this was just an added bonus and it could have just been me So go on you decide

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April in MilanWanted since I was sixteen But devastating news turns Troy’s life upside down and soon becomes my cross to bear And the only way I can get back everything I lost is to bare it all LiterallyNow my boyfriend may be a progressive twenty first century kind of guy but when it comes to his girlfriend posing nude for PlayboyHe's % Neanderthal Sneak PeekUnedited Excerpt from ALWAYS BEEN YOUPROLOGUEThe night that changed everythingI’m probably a little tipsy but Troy must be drunk He doesn’t look drunk But then he’s one of those sober looking drunks You know the type. 45 it's always been you and I am sorry it took me so long to realize it stars I do love friends to lovers stories because they are so realistic in that most times we becomes friends with those we find appealing It is a reality of the world that we are all kind of shallow creatures and surround ourselves with people we find physically and mentally attractive April and Troy are the perfect example of why friends first and lovers later can work wonders There's a moment in the story where the two are discussing why they didn't get together before college and my favorite thing said was how them being older and a bit wiser was the best choice They had the chance to try other people learn and grow and could be good together and good for each other now I found that part of the book to actually be my favorite because people think young 20 year olds are immature and don't really understand what it means to make a commitment or be in love which is unfair and these two clearly got it April is my spirit animal Yes that is right I called her my spirit animal She does what she thinks needs to be done in order to bury her feelings for Troy in order to keep him in her life even if it is limited It is hard being in love with someone who claims you're nothing than a friend but then is jealous and territorial I can understand April's need to control her life considering no one likes rejection especially when it is from someone you hold so dear Troy ah I love Troy He's the classic young male and I couldn't help but laugh He shows all the signs of being in love with April yet it took him forever to actually focus all the feelings and to try He's a typical guy in that he's a football player tracked to go to the NFL Draft loves sports is territorial is sexual and also protective It isn't hard to realize how hard he tries when he comes to the conclusion he and April are it I enjoyed how the story showed both Troy and April's views because it is easier to understand their decisions and really get them The novel splits where the first half is the two fighting to come together while the second half is the two fighting to stay together The novel proves that just because you get together doesn't mean it is smooth sailing and that you'll stay together Relationships are hard work and you have to be willing to go to bat for those you love