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? Today this message is revisited Five year old Connor Hays son of the Chief Economic Advisor to the President of the United States insists that an angel told him “War is coming to America” But who will believe a childBuilding on General George Washington’. First off I won my copy of this book via a giveaway hosted by GoodreadsI had entered this drawing for the same reason as I had for The Leviathan Effect so that I could see if it would be money well spent to purchase a copy for a friend that I knew would enjoy this if it was a good read I had not anticipated enjoying this book It centers around 3 things I usually avoid when electing my reading material warpolitics seminational apocalypse and God I avoid these things because often than not I will stumble across something in the book that offends me in some way Not so with this book There were things that outraged me yes but not AT the author but rather on behalf of the heroinesheroes in this tale Not only did I enjoy this book but I devoured it I will most definitely purchase a copy for my friend

Summary The Third Peril

The Third PerilS divine vision The Third Peril is a modern day epic suspense novel about faith and providence in times of cultural upheaval and national insecurity This is the first book of a thought provoking trilogy that will inspire all who are thirsty in a dry and weary la. I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway and I must say that this book IS a winner I enjoyed the characters Zeke was fun and wise but don't think he was in the story enough He appeared everywhere in the story but I would have preferred to spend time with him My only disappointment was the fact that the story did have to wrap up and come to an end I wanted to give this five stars but I can't say this book is amazing I did really like it though and I am glad I got a chance to read it I know I won this book but I would have paid money to read it It could have benefited from one proofread I think I spotted three typographical errors

L.P. Hoffman Í 5 Free read

Free read The Third Peril ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Á ❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ The Third Peril Author L.P. Hoffman – In 1777 General George Washington experienced a divine visitation at Valley Forge“Three great perils will come upon this nation”An angelic being describes the ReIn General George Washington experienced a divine visitation at Valley Forge“Three great The Third Kindle perils will come upon this nation”An angelic being describes the Revolutionary War and the Civil War but warns “The Third Peril will be the worst?. I won this book in a FirstReads giveaway and when I read the summary I thought it looked fairly interesting but wasn't necessarily something I'd normally read I'm so glad I had the chance to expand my horizons LP Hoffman did an amazing job with this story It was fascinating perfectly paced and the characters seemed achingly real after only a few chapters I haven't read a book that's absorbed me this much in a very long time It was beautifully written It was also surprisingly poignant The book's summary speaks of a little boy who sees angels but the story wasn't really about that It was about people regular people with regular problems the kind that go about their daily lives showing the sort of uiet compassion and faith that turn ordinary men and women into angels on earth It's about the choices of individuals the way we're all connected and the differences just one of us can make This book had bar fights and explosions and murders but I'd still categorize it as a feel good book and one I'm glad I had the chance to read