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Ruth by John D. Currid Read ↠ 100 Ñ [BOOKS] ⚡ Ruth ✯ John D. Currid – LIVRE DE RUTH Encyclopdia Universalis Ici Ruth la Moabite trangre adopte Yahv comme son Dieu et devient par son mariage avec Booz un chanon de la ligne messianiue On comprend ds lors ue Ruth se soit g LIVRE DE Ruth Encyclopdia UniverLIVRE DE RUTH Encyclopdia Universalis Ici Ruth la Moabite trangre adopte Yahv comme son Dieu et devient par son mariage avec Booz un chanon de la ligne messianiue On comprend ds lors ue Ruth se soit glisse en compagnie de Thamar Raab et Bethsabe dans la gnalogie ue Matthieu donne de Jsus reconnu par les chrtiens comme le Christ Dans le bas judasme en effet bien des lgendes Ruth Wiktionnaire Ruth ʁut fminin Religion Belle fille de Nomie et pouse de Boaz Religion Huitime livre de l’ Ancien Testament compos de seulement uatre chapitres Ruth | BFC Bible | YouVersion Les deux belles filles pleurrent de plus belle Finalement Orpa embrassa sa belle mre pour prendre cong mais Ruth refusa de la uitter Nomi dit Ruth Regarde ta belle sœur est retourne vers son peuple et son dieu Fais comme elle retourne chez toi Mais Ruth rpondit N'insiste pas pour ue je t'abandonne et ue je retourne chez moi Ruth la Bible Ruth lui raconta tout ce. Dr John D Currid is Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte North Carolina He has a PhD in archaeology and has authored several commentaries eg The Pentateuch Habakkuk In his introduction Dr Currid breaks up the book of Ruth into five sections Part one—Setting the scene 11 5 Part two—Naomi and her Moabite daughter in laws 16 22 Part three—In the fields of Bethlehem 21 23 Part four—The scene at the Threshing Floor 31 18 and Part five—Redemption 41 22 These sections encompass the majority of the commentaries’ brief 136 pages Also the introduction contains the author’s valuable thesis statement “Thus the book is serving a greater purpose than merely being a moral story of human goodness it points to the future reality of the coming King”I would label Professor Currid’s commentary somewhere between an exegetical commentary and a devotional one To be clear both elements are beautifully integrated throughout The exegetical component is not only seen in the author’s commitment to the literary historical context but also in his detailed explanation of key words and phrases of each verse As to the devotional feature Currid incorporates in each chapter the orthopraxical Points to Ponder which helps the reader be not just ‘a hearer of the Word but also a doer’ James 122For those readers who love Reformation history you are in for a treat Every chapter is woven with either Puritan anecdotes or uotes from the spiritual giants of previous times Admittedly Dr Currid’s affection for the past may not connect the young or modern reader but what else would you expect from a professor who received his doctorate in archeology the study of old stuffOne of the most important concepts of the book of Ruth is the goel Heb which means literally kinsman redeemer Here Dr Currid is at his literary best His clear engaging exegesis of this Israelite societal provision is eye opening In just three pages the author describes the four duties of the goel which all revolve around the concept of redemption Though most readers will automatically perceive the link to the coming Messiah Currid leaves no room for blindness and states “Jesus claims in Luke 4 to be the one who will bring release and liberty to His people; He is the goel for the believer” p 92Criticism If you were to ask any pastor or scholar “What is the most provocative part of Ruth” the answer is always “The scene of the threshing floor of course” This scene is the apex the crescendo of the story Ruth by the advice of Naomi her mother in law dolls herself up and sneaks into the bed of Boaz and lies down at his feet Provocative indeedDr Currid argues strongly that not only was this act culturally appropriate but there was no sexual activity between Ruth and Boaz He does admit that the term “uncover” is often used to describe sexual activity in the OT but the connection to Boaz’s feet speaks to redemption not sexual conduct He states on page 104 Ruth ‘is asking that Boaz would be willing to take her under his redemptive wings to protect herthe placing of the blanket over her is symbolic of that protection and security’ Though I agree with the author’s conclusion I think this issue reuired direct interaction with those views critical of his of which he did not doFinally I continue to be unsettled with the need for Ruth’s nightly encounter with Boaz Dr Currid gives no cultural precedence for such an interaction and his application of Ezekiel 16 though original to this reviewer is not convincing I am left wondering if Naomi’s advice reveals impatience rather than godly discretion ConclusionIn my opinion this resource is a wonderful addition to the short list of Ruthian commentaries Currid’s work is brief readable and from the reformed tradition though it doesn’t feel that way If you are just starting to build your library I would start with this work Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Cross Focused Reviews as part of their Blogger Review Program I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

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Ue cet homme avait fait pour elle Elle dit Il m'a donn ces six mesures d'orge en disant Tu ne retourneras pas vide vers ta belle mre Et Naomi dit Sois tranuille ma fille jusu' ce ue tu saches comment finira la chose car cet homme ne se donnera point de repos u'il n'ait termin cette affaire aujourd'hui Ruth Boaz monta la Ruth et Nomi | Histoires bibliues pour enfants Ruth et Nomi sont arrives en Isral au dbut de la moisson de l’orge Un jour Ruth est alle dans les champs d’un homme ui s’appelait Boaz pour ramasser les pis laisss par les moissonneurs Boaz tait le fils de Rahab Il a appris ue Ruth tait une Moabite et u’elle avait toujours aid Nomi Il a dit ses moissonneurs de laisser encore plus d’pis dans les Ruth definition of Ruth by The Free Dictionary Ruth synonyms Ruth pronunciation Ruth translation English dictionary definition of Ruth In the Bible a Moabite widow who left home with her mother in law and went to B. “The book of Ruth is a wonderful short story Many people throughout the ages have been touched by the sweetness and kindness so evident in the episode People have been drawn to the book because it is a most beautiful love story The book of Ruth has even been called an ancient ‘biblical Cinderella story’ in which Ruth finds her true prince by the close of the tale It is thus viewed almost as a rags to riches fairy tale” From the EP Books WebsiteAbout the Author Dr John D Currid is Carl McMurray Professor of Old Testament at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson Mississippi He received his Ph D degree in archaeology from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago He has several books in print including the Study Commentaries on Genesis and Exodus in the same seriesMy Thoughts About the Book If you enjoy reading love stories with happy endings then you will enjoy reading the story of Ruth in the Word of God And to help you better understand the story of Ruth the book “Ruth From Bitter to Sweet” written by Dr John Currid is a Biblically and theologically sound helpful insightful and edifying book to read I realized from the moment I began reading the introduction that Dr Currid’s book was going to be rich in truth and be an encouragement to my soul And it was And just a hint to help you on your journey through the book – read it with your Bible open to the book of Ruth and read the passages of Scripture as Dr Currid shares the story of Ruth Chapter by Chapter As you read the book and your Bible stop along the way and take some time to ponder what you are reading and consider the numerous spiritual truths that God wants us to learn from Ruth’s story Throughout his book Dr Currid provides us as his reader with some important “Points To Ponder” which you can consider along with your ownIn his book Dr Currid leads us along through the book of Ruth chronologically from its beginning to end unfolding the story for us revealing the Biblical truths the history as well as the spiritual and cultural significance of the events that we are reading about You can almost feel what the people are feeling as you read Dr Currid’s book as it is so realistically and factually written It is not difficult to enter into the story and get caught up with it as you read it if you read it with your eyes mind and your heart wide open And Ruth is one of those books in the Bible where we really should feel what is happening in the book because the story of Ruth is so encouraging and beautiful Dr Currie does than just tell the story of Ruth in his book As I stated previously he does reveal the historical spiritual and cultural aspects of life in the time of Ruth to help us gain a better understanding of the book but he also informs us of some the vitally important spiritual truths we need to learn from it Citing various appropriate Scripture verses comparing Scripture with Scripture as well as the writings of some of the most noted leaders in the history of the church – men like Jonathan Edwards A W Pink David Brainerd John Calvin and others – Dr Currid encourages us with such core truths of our faith as the Sovereignty of God Redemption experiencing and dealing with loss and suffering that there is a cost for serving God and what real love looks like Dr Currid’s book though rather small in its size is packed with contentcontent that is solidly Biblical as well as spiritually encouraging and edifyingIf you would like to read the book of Ruth again and see it as you have never seen it before I encourage you to get a copy of Dr Currid’s most notable book on the story of Ruth Read it along with the Scriptural account I can assure you that you will not only learn much about Ruth and the times she lived in and the people in her life who play a part in her story but you will also learn important transformative truths about God and how he moves and works in and through the lives of his obedient people I can truly state it will do your soul good to read Dr Currid’s book along with the book of Ruth And for the purpose I highly recommend the bookDisclosure of Material Connection I received the book at no cost from EP Books for review purposes I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

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Ruth by John D. CurrEthlehem where she later married Boaz n See Table at Bible n Ruth biblical figure Wikipedia Ruth r uː θ Hebrew רוּת ‎ Modern Rūt Tiberian Rūṯ is the person after whom the Book of Ruth is named In the narrative she is not an Israelite but rather is from Moab she marries an IsraeliteBoth her husband and her father in law die and she helps her mother in law Naomi find protectionThe two of them travel to Bethlehem together where Ruth wins the love of Boaz Etats Unis Donald Trump a fait son choix pour remplacer Etats Unis Donald Trump a fait son choix pour remplacer Ruth Bader Ginsburg la Cour suprme h le septembre modifi h le septembre A Le Thtre du Chtelet carte sa directrice artistiue Donald Trump nomme Amy Coney Barrett pour remplacer la Donald Trump a fait son choix la juge conservatrice Amy Coney Barrett sera dsigne pour remplacer Ruth Bader Ginsburg la Cour suprme des Etats Unis dans un climat de divisions extrme. Who doesn’t love a good preuel It is fun to hear the back story of characters you care about and their family history please note Star Wars Episodes 1 3 do not ualify as a ‘good’ preuel In the Old Testament the book of Ruth is something of a preuel It is set during the time of the Judges Ruth 11 bad times and it tells the story of the great grandparents of Israel’s greatest King David David’s great great grandmother Naomi was widowed in the land of Moab and her sons also died in that land She returns to Israel with Ruth her Moabite daughter in law Ruth had left her culture her family her foreign gods and swears loyalty to Naomi her people and her God Yahweh Through God’s providence Ruth ends up gleaning from a field belonging to Boaz Naomi’s near relative Under Israel’s law Boaz is a possible Kinsman Redeemer for Ruth and for Naomi’s land securing the land for later descendants After Ruth approaches Boaz according to Naomi’s planat night on the threshing floor Boaz acts swiftly to make sure that Ruth and Naomi are cared for and to insure that another closer relative lays down his claim on Ruth and the land Ruth and Boaz marry and they have s son named Obed and through his line comes David and eventually JesusRuth From Bitter to Sweet by John CurridJohn Currid professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte NC has written an insightful commentary on Ruth for the Welwyn Commentary Series Gordon Keddie wrote an earlier volume which explored Judges and Ruth but this is the first stand alone treatment of Ruth for this series He is also a pastor at a Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church This commentary is both accessible and full of scholarly insightCurrid looks at Ruth in five acts Act I 11 5 setting the scene; Act II 16 22 Naomi and her Moabite daughter in law; Act III in fields of Bethlehem; Act IV The scene at the threshing floor; and Act V redemption In looking attentively at the arc of the Ruth narrative Currid offers ‘points to ponder’ which explore the themes of the cost of disobedience God’s sovereignty faithful living and redemptionI enjoyed this short commentary Currid is attentive to the story and presents it in a way that is sensitive to the cultural Literary and narrative context He notes narrative inclusios and reputations and the meaning of Hebrew terms but manages to write in a way which is understandable for the lay person His theological lens is strongly informed by his Reformed Evangelical heritage but a focus on God’s sovereignty seems appropriate for the Ruth story I appreciated how his opening chapter made the bitter struggle and hardship on Naomi relevant to our context His ‘points to ponder’ which close each chapter helped underscore the significance of this story But he doesn’t overdraw his conclusions For example Boaz is not pictured by Currid as Christ figure even though he sees some Christlike aspects Currid is judicious in his theological inferencesI didn’t agree with Currid on every point He insists that the encounter between Ruth and Boaz on the threshing room floor was wholly non sexual I think the narrative is intentionally ambiguous at this point but I agree that in light of the wider narrative is unlikely that Ruth and Boaz ‘had sex’ that night I just think that the story is told with delibrate undertones and ambiguities ie what all did Ruth uncover And even if it was just the feetBut my disagreements are small and I appreciative Currid’s insights and accessible presentation I came away from this commentary with some new insights into the text Anyone could read this commentary with profit Small group leaders doing a Bible study on Ruth or Sunday School teachers could make use of this resource It is also a great resource for personal devotional reading which is how I read itRuth is a preuel but it is also a love story There is the mutual love of Ruth and Boaz but at the center there is also the relentless love of God for his people and his daughter Naomi whom he would not allow to be called Mara bitter for long Naomi tasted the sweetness of God’s plan for her and her peopleThank you to Crossfocused Reviews and Evangelical Press Books for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review