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Why Catholicism Matters Summary ✓ E-book or Kindle E-pub

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Why Catholicism Matters Summary ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ý ❴Epub❵ ❤ Why Catholicism Matters Author Bill Donohue – The most visible representative of the Catholic Church in the United States shows how the Church is far from being an ossified carry over tradition from anThe most visible representative of the Catholic Church in the United States shows how the Church is far from being an ossified carry over tradition from antiuity Why Catholicism Matters celebrates the significant contribution the Church makes in many aspects of today's world and applies its wisdom to issues on a personal national and global scale   . Bill Donohue can be seen as excessively one sided throughout this nonfiction book forever championing Catholic history and doctrine No matter the blemish or controversy he either dismisses the criticism or softens its significance Even so I personally believe it often takes a passionate advocate to uncover buried truths to clear away popular misconceptions In this book Donohue does indeed straighten mainstream distortions but at other times his spirited defense seems to produce its own misrepresentationsFor instance on page 14 he claims Had Galileo not presented his hypothesis as fact that was the heresy he would have escaped trouble If Donohue's claims are even true it seems impossible to excuse anyone for threatening to torture Galileo for his outsized intellectual confidence Thus the Catholic Church still is blameworthy for his persecution and still deserved to issue its apologyThat last snippet is indicative of an endemic problem throughout the book insufficient citations There are end notes but many ideas presented as indisputable facts are not substantiated by cited scholarship For example on page 49 he claims that in their own ways intellectuals such as Freud Darwin and Marx were attracted to legal positivism The ambiguous phrasing ie in their own ways is never clarified and the purported attraction to legal positivism is never supported More examples aboundAs a final criticism Donohue endorses drug prohibition rhetorically asking on page 231 Should the government be in the business of legalizing substances that promote self destructive behavior As has been recently reported Drug offenders make up almost half 471% of our federal inmate population of 218171 With so many families being torn apart from the War on Some Drugs I am not sure why decriminalization or even outright legalization would be worse Indeed felons are second class citizens in our nation and drug criminalization produces many ; an acidhead like Steve Jobs shows us that if he had been successfully prosecuted his offense might have produced a significant opportunity cost for society Moreover most drug users like most alcohol users are neither addicted nor otherwise lamentableDespite those weaknesses Donohue has produced a laudable defense of Roman Catholicism Although I typically refrain from reading biographical narratives and instead read abstract nonfiction he presented a series of truly praiseworthy individuals that were nourished from the Catholic tradition From treating lepers to impeding genocide Catholics ua Catholics have been intellectually sophisticated and morally enterprising While some failings have plagued the Church its core ie Divine Love is what truly has energized many of the believers in our past and in our present The charity and the achievements of the Church cannot be disputed by an honest inuirer but there are preciously few these days Donohoue skillfully plucks exemplars from the Tradition that were both new to me and awe inspiring In addition he succeeds in proving his thesis Catholicism does matter and virtues can reshape our societyThe Western tradition has advanced virtue ethics throughout millenia and the academicians and theologians of the Catholic tradition have been the most articulate in advancing the very best from our philosophical heritage eg Platonism Donohue demonstrates that virtue wedded to a Catholic discipleship could remedy many of the wounds our society bears Had his presentation been intellectually cautious he would have been convincing to non Catholics As it stands the book is nevertheless a worthwhile read to everyone and will especially motivate Catholics to drink from the well of their history and practices It often takes a relentless advocate to help balance a misguided view and Donohue certainly contributes to a accurate evaluation of CatholicismI received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads

Free read Ë E-book, or Kindle E-pub ô Bill Donohue

In recent years the Catholic Church has gone through turbulent times with the uncovering of horrible abuse that persisted and could have been prevented by certain bishops for so many years Yet the many positive aspects of what the Why Catholicism Kindle Catholic Church teaches and practices are not being overlooked William Donohue the outspoken and h. Using the 4 Cardinal Virtues as a starting point the author describes how those virtues are desperately needed to reform society

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Why Catholicism MattersIghly visible president of the Catholic League shows Church teachings remain the best guide to good living ever adopted He reminds readers of the great wealth of charity and wisdom that exists in the Catholic tradition and explains hows its best attributes can be applies to solve many of the biggest problems society must confront today and in the futur. Why Catholicism Matters discusses current cultural difficulties under the scope of the four cardinal virtues prudence justice fortitude and temperance Just about every controversial criticism of the Catholic church is discussed Under prudence the author talks about the dangers of moral relativism and how it leads to a lack of human dignity Under temperance he discusses the Church's moral teaching about sexuality and how our culture ignores temperance to its detrimentDonohue's argumentation is straight forward though brusue in nature At times his supporting examples seemed to be lacking in completeness only telling one side of the story I suggest taking his rhetoric with a grain of salt and recognize the angle on this bookBut overall the book does a good job of explaining with many practical examples why the Catholic church teaches what she does and why its teachings would lead to a better society I would recommend this book to anyone who understands Catholic theology and is looking for some validation about its action in the world Donahue is not afraid to tout Catholicism's role in the last century Only by keeping the cardinal virtues can we march into the 21st century as the voice of reason that God wants us to be and the world needs us to be