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O Come All Ye Kinky Read & download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä ☄ O Come All Ye Kinky PDF / Epub ✓ Author Sarah Frantz – 20% of all proceeds from O Come All Ye Kinky will be donated to the Domestic Violence Project of the National Leather AssocReturn”Fifteen years ago Zach left the small Midwestern town he grew up in confused and scared and determined to figure out who he was Now transformed he’s drawn back by the memory and promise of the dominant couple he left behind Laura and Scott are still together and as the year draws to a close they explore old feelings and new ones as they discover they’ve all been waiting for Zach to come homeKim Dare “His Very Last Chance”Drew screwed up So when his master Kingsley summons him on New Year’s Eve he knows he deserves the punishment in store for him Everything changed for Kingsley when he overheard Drew running his mouth to his friends on Boxing Day Now there’s only one way he can possibly ring in the New Year starting over fresh either with an ending or a new beginningKatie Porter “Fireworks”Rachel’s job is taking her to Tokyo which means leaving behind her lover and submissive Emma When she summons Emma for one last hurrah on New Year’s Eve Emma answers hoping desperately to be able to break through her ma’am’s emotional barriers and find the spark of love among the glittering fireworksJoey W Hill “Submissive Angel”After Robert found Ange bleeding in an alley he employed the man in his vintage toy store as an act of charity However this Christmas the eccentric young dancer will offer his thanks and himself to teach a brokenhearted Master how to open his heart to love agai. Interesting collection of BDSM LGBT romance stories with a Holiday themeTree Topper by Jane Davitt 35 StarsWe usually read about assertive and confident doms But in this story Martin works his way towards being a better Dom for StanTwas the Night by Ava March 45 Stars Really loved this sweet historical MM romance set in England in the 1820's My first Ava March story and look forward to reading from herFireworks by Katie Porter 4 Stars Hot story between Rachel and Emma First FF romance story I read and it was goodCandy Caning by LA Witt 4 StarsReally love LA Witt's voice and the story of Stephen ad Nate was HOT Who could have thought all it takes is some peppermint candy to rekindle a relationshipSubmissive Angel by Joey W Hill 5 StarsAs usual lovely character development by Joey W Hill Ange and Robert finally find their way together after 6 months of fighting their instincts You will never see a manger the same way again ho hoOpen Return by Elyan Smith 3 StarsThis MMF story was my least favorites of all shorts I felt there was a lot of build up and the end left me wanting for resolutionRing Out the Old and In The New by Alexa Snow 4 StarsA bit of gut wrenching in this story Russell helps Evan recover from an assaultHis Very Last Chance by Kim Dare 4 StarsFirst story by Kim Dare that I read and I will also be reading from her In this story Drew and Kingsley come together on New Year's Eve for one last chance to figure out what it is that they have going

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Specting gentleman willingly submits to another Michael wants his first Christmas with Percy to be perfect but is frustrated by Percy’s inability to ask for what he wants The gift Michael offers Percy and that Percy offers in return is the best Percy could ever hope to receive his will to submitJane Davitt “Tree Topper”Martin’s new to the scene and his sub Stan has recently stopped taking him seriously Their tree has floggers clamps and cuffs underneath it but will they ever be used Frustrated and confused Martin knows it will take than a star to guide him on his way to becoming the Dom Stan needs but their path to happiness might be shorter than he thinksLA Witt “Candy Caning”Nate is dreading the annual Christmas visit with his family during which they will ignore or insult his partner and Dominant Stephen tries hard to take Nate’s mind off the trip with the promise and threat of a three foot long candy cane It’s a race to see if Nate’s resolve or the candy cane will shatter firstAlexa Snow “Ring Out the Old and In the New”Recovering from a mugging on the London Underground Evan has barely left the house in weeks His partner and Dom Russell finally manages to drag him outside on Christmas Eve but it’s the surprise that Russell has waiting for him back home that helps Evan get past his trauma and remember what’s important being on his knees for the man he lovesElyan Smith “Open. The Oh Come All Ye Kinky anthology definitely lives up to its title There is kinkiness galore Peens get wrapped in snowman paper butts get whipped with candy canes and other body parts get wrapped with Christmas lights As you will see some stories worked much better than others but overall this is a pretty fun collectionTree Topper by Jane Davitt Martin could still remember the incredulous joy he’d felt the first time his hand had connected with Stan’s bare assStan and Martin have been together for six months Martin a dom and Stan a sub once they met it was very natural for them to fall for each other The problem is their Ds relationship isn’t going so well Martin is frustrated by Stan’s whiny attempts at being a sub and Martin tried once to handcuff Stan but he had a panic attack and they had to stop Now it’s Christmas and they are home together and getting on each other’s nerves They finally talk it all out which allows them to move forward in their BDSM relationshipI liked this one At first Martin and Stan are both whiners and I thought they would get on my nerves but once they discuss and get things moving in the sex department I enjoyed it Staying in the holiday spirit Martin wraps Stan’s cock nipples and ass in festive snowman wrapping paper With extra tape to rip off If that doesn’t say Merry Kinky Christmas I’m not sure what will Rating B Twas the Night by Ava March “Tell me to suck your cock” A blush rushed up Percy’s neck staining his cheeks and the tips of his ears yet Percy kept his gaze locked with Michael’sIt’s Christmas day and Percy has received a note from his lover Michael to meet him at his townhouse at 8pm sharp and Percy has been looking forward to it all day In their relationship Michael is definitely the one in control Percy feels a bit lost craving the structure and control Michael provides him but wondering if the things he craves is not proper Michael decides for this Christmas night to let Percy speak up and voice what he wants It takes some prodding but soon Percy starts to have the confidence to ask for what he wants and feel at peace with his desiresI adore Ava March’s voice and I thought this is a really well done short story It takes place during one night but I still feel like I really got to know Michael and Percy Michael builds up Percy’s confidence and Percy learns that what he wants is truly okay Ava March can write such warm emotional love scenes While Michael is the dominant there are still some tender moments between them Super sexy too Rating BFireworks by Katie PorterI’ve read FF in the past and have found some that I’ve enjoyed This one however was way too over the top for me Rachel is this very dominant kind of crazy insane woman and she is moving away soon This story is a night with them together right before she moves away At one point Rachel throws glitter all over Emma and says “Jesus you look like a slut Some fuckable pole dancer” That’s romantic rolls eyes She made Emma stick her tongue out than once so she could bite it Not for me Rating DNFCandy Caning by LA WittStephen and Nate have spent 4 years together and for four years every Christmas at Nate’s mother’s house who ends up treating them bad But she is family so they suck it up and go Nate drags Stephen to the mall to get gifts for his family something Stephen dreads but since he loves Nate tags along At the mall Stephen finds something joyous a 3 foot long thick candy cane Perfect for bedroom play and Nate couldn’t agree The whimper escapes before I can stop it I clap my hand over my mouth but the damage is done His devilish look almost knocks my knees out from under me He knows Of course he does He’s doing this on purpose And he probably knows damn well that the effect is extra pronounced by the display of pristine white angels forming an ironic halo around and above his head“I thought you’d like that idea” He winks and then hooks the cane back on its rack no doubt well aware of the pang of disappointment in my chest I literally bite my tongue to keep from begging him to change his mind That’s not allowed and the punishment for it would be not finding out what kind of marks a three foot cock thick candy cane could leave across my assI loved this story Stephen is such a sexy sexy Dom and Nate is just adorable with a great inner monologue They are adorable and lovely together I could have read an entire book about them Very well done Rating BSubmissive Angel by Joey W HillThis story seemedsofter than the rest of the collection This story takes place six months after Robert meets Ange in an alley behind his toy shop beat up badly Ange says things to Robert like “Since the North Pole layoffs things have been rough” You get a sense he might be other worldly Ange dances around and while he is the submissive really becomes the rock Robert needs Robert’s previous sub wasn’t there for him when times got tough This is a very sweet story not so much in your face as the other entries It felt a little unfinished for me Rating COpen Return by Elyan SmithZach left the Midwest for Australia 15 years ago a confused person He was in a relationship of sorts with a married couple but it all became too much Zach is transgendered and used to be called Hannah but now lives as a man named Zach and has come to peace with everything He knocks on the door of the married couple and they end up restarting their relationship A lot of heavier issues are brought up in this one and I think it would have worked better had we time to explore everything Too many emotions are shoved into a short story It was hard for me to become engaged Rating CRing Out the Old and In the New by Alexa SnowEvan got mugged on a train leaving a nasty scar on his face He is terrified to leave his house although he is encouraged by his partner and Dom to try to get over his trauma It’s a very straight forward glimpse into the lives of these two guys Russell uses his Dom rules to help Evan first find a safe place with him and then move forward with the rest of his life A simple yet sweet story Rating CHis Very Last Chance by Kim DareDrew hasn’t been the best at following instructions and now wants to right his wrongs with his Dom Kingsley Kingsley wants to experiment with different things and show Drew just what skills he has and teach him a lesson Kingsley personally explores romance versus love I don’t know if I came to know these two all that well but I enjoyed the scene we get with them together This one takes place on New Years Eve a nice way to end the anthology Rating BOverall I’d probably give this anthology a C A variety of characters all among a strong BDSM theme I hope they do this again next year

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O Come All Ye Kinky% of All Ye MOBI #243 all proceeds from O Come All Ye Kinky will be donated to the Domestic Violence Project of the National Leather Association–InternationalChristmas is a time of love and joy and the New Year is a time of renewal But they are also times of stress and strife family drama pressure and heartache a potent mix of high expectations and conflicted emotions Add in power exchange relationships O Come PDF or kinky gift swaps and unconventional love in a sometimes unforgiving world and you have a formula for a sizzling anthology of stories that tug at your heartFrom Ava March’s forbidden Regency love among men to Katie Porter’s scorching hot contemporary tale of two women discovering holiday happiness everyone will find a favorite here Pervertible toys abound Lambda Literary Award finalist LA Witt’s candy cane Jane Davitt’s wrapping Come All Ye Kindle #209 paper and tape and Alexa Snow’s Christmas candles all please and delight Newcomer Elyan Smith and fan favorite Kim Dare both celebrate New Year’s Eve with romantic flair and kinky fireworks while bestselling author Joey W Hill’s poignant story of love lost and regained will lead you homeWhatever your desires we invite you to explore new fantasies and old with these eight kinky tales of holiday happy endingsAva March “’Twas the Night”Percival Owen yearns for the nights when he can kneel before his lover even though no self re. I enjoyed this anthology and the variety of the stories but there wasn't one that really stood out in my opinion even if each one of them had something uniueTree Topper by Jane DavittMartin is a new Dom and his sub Stan seems than he can handle I liked this story Martin is older well meaning concerned but he doesn't seem to reach through Stan who's not very obedient and who doesn't seem to take him seriously We learn that Stan comes from an abusive relationship his behavior makes slowly sense and the two men decide to start over The transition is compressed in few pages it would have been great to see some of the change of attitude I even thought that the sex was almost unnecessary because what the characters went through was satisfying for me and the result was clear even outside the bedroom bedroom in a metaphorical sense of course'Twas the Night by Ava MarchVery good Regency story Percy is the perfect submissive and Michael would for once love to give Percy what he openly asks for Percy was a fascinating character and I would love the whole novel about these two characters Percy is not ambitious his family would like for him to become a barrister but Percy loves his humbler work as an office clerk He is torn between his desires and the expectations of society because his submission to another man is both unlawful and unworthy of a respectable gentleman Michael is clearly a man who has come to terms with his inclination and he wants Percy to understand that what he feels is not wrong It's a concern beyond that of a dominant it's the concern of a man who cares for the other There was maybe too much insistence on a few details eyelashes and ink stained fingers but it's a minor flawFireworks by Katie PorterFirst story I read by this author and also my first ff with a Ds theme Emma the sub and Rachel her Ma'am are spending the last night together before Rachel leaves for Tokio ending their relationship Emma is in love with Rachel and she probably knows the other woman's heart better than Rachel does herself Rachel is apparently strong but she's a bit of a coward in matters of the heart I confess that I was almost at a point where I felt I wouldn't finish it because Rachel and Emma play at a level I'm uncomfortable with but I was glad I read on because the last part when Emma was vulnerable and open and easily hurt really spoke to me especially when she was confronted with how incapable Rachel was of taking a risk of opening herself to Emma for once I am surprised I liked itCandy Caning by LA WittNate the sub and Stephen the Dom have to face another Christmas at Nate's parents' Nate would like for once to spare Stephen from his mother's insulting attitude and at the same time Stephen wants to help Nate relax A trip to the department store to buy the last presents sparks the promise of a kinky game with a candy cane This was maybe the funny story and the one with less emotional impact It's not something bad on the contrary it was maybe the most Christmas y of the whole anthology I liked the snippets about Nate's family about their domesticity in need of a little additional spark It's the story of an ordinary Christmas with a pretty ribbon on topSubmissive Angel by Joey W HillAnother author I read for the first time The beginning of the story was very good Robert the owner of a traditional Victorian toy shop finds Ange in an alley and rescues him or better he heeds Ange's plea to be saved Ange repairs things everyone has discarded He is a sweet man devoted to Robert caring talented After six months of spending time with him Robert can't deny his feelings for Ange any and he can't help feeling Ange's desire to submit to him At the end of the story though I felt that this story didn't deliver its full potential Even if it's from Robert's point of view his intentions and needs weren't so clear and a whole lot of his past emotional baggage was left unexplained What was behind Ange's initial beating was also left unexplained for reasons that I didn't find convincing There was a slight paranormal atmosphere but nothing paranormal in the story even if Robert and Ange's meeting seems that of two destined lovers I was expecting for something that didn't happen That's why I felt there was something sweet in the air but the sex took its place I enjoyed it but it could have been much Open Return by Elyan SmithMy first time for this author too Zach comes back from Australia and he meets the two people he left behind Laura and Scott Zach left his town as Hanna and comes back as Zach He's different he spent time trying to find himself but Laura and Scott's dominance left a void in his soul that he hasn't been able to fill When he returns he doesn't know if he can fit in again and he has to find out what has changed and what has stayed the same The story is in Zach's point of view and I had the impression it was a very narrow view on what's around him very focused on his own needs even when they involve other people Probably that's what I had a problem with the fact I couldn't get a clear read on Laura and Scott My way of reading this is surely very shallow but I wasn't able to find a sign of empathy Zach was almost unreachable that's also why I felt I was a spectator who couldn't get close I felt very much at the outside of everything Maybe Zach got what he wanted but in my opinion it wasn't enough And I know I've written in plenty of my reviews that we cannot judge what people look for in their uest for love but this time I really have to impose myself my own convictionRing Out the Old and In the New by Alexa SnowThis is another story that maybe deserved a few pages to be perfect Evan has been attacked in the London Tube and he's been scarred His face reminds him of the attack and he's too embarrassed to meet people again because he feels ugly Russell his Dom wants to help him get over his trauma Evan is really in a complicated place in his head at the moment and even if the author doesn't go too deep into his hurt you can't help feeling Evan's insecurity and fear His Dom is an assuring presence There is maybe a bit of sexual healing but it's well done it draws from their relationshipHis Very Last Chance by Kim DareThis was my favorite but I'm a Kim Dare's fangirl Drew was overheard by Kingsley his Dom saying that his Dom doesn't have a romantic bone in his body He meant it as a sort of compliment but his Dom seems to resent him Kingsley has summoned him in a hotel room to give him a last chance to remedy to his misstep Drew is terrified of losing his Dom than the punishment Kingsley will probably inflict on him but he doesn't know that Kingsley is afraid of losing something in turn The plot revolves around some sort of miscommunication Drew misreads Kingsley's control for coldness and he's so caught up in himself that he doesn't see the small cracks in his Dom's armor Kingsley on the other hand has to have the courage to be open to Drew and take a small risk to be able to bring their relationship to another level I think this is the most romantic story in the collection and I read it with a big smile on my face enjoying Drew's blind panic and Kingsley's masked insecurityThe last story had also my favorite uote of the book Romance Perhaps But vanilla Give me some credit DrewIf you're not looking for a vanilla Christmas this is for you