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LadysmithThe year is and Boer forces have surounded the small South African town of Ladys. I wouldn't recommend Ladysmith I found the lead up to the siege enjoyable I enjoyed bouncing between narrators But a siege is boring and claustrophobic by its nature and therefore isn't particularly enjoyable to read about The dialogue and characters are stilted The plot is predictable The novel is at its best when cycling through different characters and at its worst towards the end when it stalls on the main character and her romantic interests Fodor also imposes modern attitudes on 19th century characters Too many relationships seem completely improbable The addition of historical characters like Churchill and Gandhi felt contrived but was better than the romance The plots climax is utterly ridiculous but by that point you're so happy the siege is over you don't care I wouldn't recommend it but it wasn't so bad I didn't finish it I enjoyed learning about the Boer war and wished that it rather then just the seige of ladysmith had been its focus

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Ladysmith review Ö 3 Ù ❮Reading❯ ➷ Ladysmith Author Giles Foden – The year is 1899 and Boer forces have surounded the small South African town of Ladysmith As shells and shrapnel rain down British soldiers and townsfolk dig themselves in waiting for rescue But Gener The year is and Boer forces have suroundeMith As shells and shrapnel rain down British soldiers and townsfolk dig themsel. I started from a place of ignorance knowing little about the Boer war in South Africa and so struggled to get traction with the story at the outset Based in part on the letters of Foden's great grandfather a British trooper the story is stunning and tender romantic and tragic Foden describes the conflict of 1899 from the voice of different recurring characters a number of whom are nonfictional including Winston Churchill Mahatma Ghandi and the renown British journalist Henry Nevenison The siege lasted 120 days and left the military and townspeople in Ladysmith in wretched circumstances

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Ves in waiting for rescue But General Buller's relief column can't break through. Foden's second outing is not as enthralling as his first the award winning The Last King of Scotland but still a very interesting read Set during the siege of Ladysmith around the turn of the previous century when the Boers fighting the British aggressors managed for almost four months to sueeze the town nearly dry The story historical fiction is roughly based on a series of letters from his great grandfather which Foden accidentally stumbled upon Whereas Foden in The Last King of Scotland had a character he could easily identify with to the extent where the tale was so extremely credible for most of the novel that it made the reader wonder whether it was actually a biography there isn't a central character in Ladysmith who matches Nicholas from The Last King Perhaps the exception being one of the journalists which Foden seems to be the most comfortable with However all the journalists are only minor characters in this story As a result the story feels less authentic though it possibly is so The last chapter is taken up with short chapters where characters surviving the siege recount particular experiences One stretches 60 years ahead to the trial which included Nelson Mandela after the Sharpeville Massacre Perhaps a tad constructed but also lending the story urgency due to its link with the latter day apartheid state One of the urgent as well as sobering moments is Foden's description of the aftermath of the battle of Spion kop But also Foden implicitly admits his inability to help the reader understand war by reading about it No wonder that the armies of the past vanish their ancient dead only rising from the furrows of buried time to laugh invisibly at the very pageants of memory by which we seek to summon them Churchill and Ghandi make an appearance