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Joshua Glenn Î 6 review

Free download Õ Significant Objects ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ [Reading] ➭ Significant Objects ➵ Joshua Glenn – 100 EXTRAORDINARY STORIES ABOUT ORDINARY THINGSSIGNIFICANT OBJECTS A Literary and Economic ExperimentCan a great story transform a worthless trinket iThrift store curiosity the same way againFEATURING ORIGINAL STORIES BY Chris Adrian • Rob Agredo • Kurt Andersen • Rachel Axler • Rob Baedeker • Nicholson Baker • Rosecrans Baldwin • Matthew Battles • Charles Baxter • Kate Bernheimer • Susanna Breslin • Kevin Brockmeier • Matt Brown • Blake Butler • Meg Cabot • Tim Carvell • Patrick Cates • Dan Chaon • Susanna Daniel • Adam Davies • Kathryn Davis • Matthew De Abaitua • Stacey • D'Erasmo • Helen DeWitt • Doug Dorst • Mark Doty • Ben Ehrenreich • Mark Frauenfelder • Amy Fusselman • William Gibson • Myla Goldberg • Ben Greenman • Jason Grote • Jim Hanas • Jennifer Michael Hecht • Sheila Heti • Christine Hill • Dara Horn • Shelley Jackson • Heidi Julavits • Ben Katchor • Matt Klam • Wayne Koestenbaum • Josh Kramer • Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer • Neil LaBute • Victor LaValle • J Robert Lennon . Disclaimer some passages would not be recommended by me However I thought many descriptions were hilarious I only read about twenty entries

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EXTRAORDINARY STORIES ABOUT ORDINARY THINGSSIGNIFICANT OBJECTS A Literary and Economic ExperimentCan a great story transform a worthless trinket into a significant object The Significant Objects project set out to answer that uestion once and for all by recruiting a highly impressive crew of creative writers to invent stories about an unimpressive menagerie of items rescued from thrift stores and yard salesThat secondhand flotsam definitely becomes valuable sold on eBay objects originally picked up for a buck or so sold for thousands of dollars in total making the project a sensation in the literary blogosphere along the wayBut something else happened too The stories created were astonishing a cavalcade of surprising responses to the challenge of manufacturing significance Who would have believed that random junk could inspire so much imaginationThe founders of the Significant Objects project that’s who This book collects of the finest tales from this unprecedented creative experiment you’ll never look at a. Non fiction I was intrigued by the premise of this book The editors purchased 100 objects from thrift stores and yard sales for 128 total They sent these objects to writers to create stories around the objects They then sold the objects on Ebay to see if the stories increased the value of the items With the stories the objects sold for over 3600 total Great concept However I was disappointed in many of the stories

Summary Significant Objects

Significant Objects• Jonathan Lethem • Todd Levin • Laura Lippman • Mimi Lipson • Robert Lopez • Joe Lyons • Sarah Manguso • Merrill Markoe • Tom McCarthy • Miranda Mellis • Lydia Millet • Maud Newton • Annie Nocenti • Stephen O’Connor • Stewart O’Nan • Jenny Offill • Gary Panter • Ed Park • James Parker • Benjamin Percy • Mark Jude Poirier • Padgett Powell • Bob Powers • Todd Pruzan • Dan Reines • Nathaniel Rich • Peter Rock • Lucinda Rosenfeld • Greg Rowland • Luc Sante • RK Scher • Toni Schlesinger • Matthew Sharpe • Jim Shepard • David Shields • Marisa Silver • Curtis Sittenfeld • Bruce Sterling • Scarlett Thomas • Jeff Turrentine • Deb Olin Unferth • Tom Vanderbilt • Matthew J Wells • Joe Wenderoth • Margaret Wertheim • Colleen Werthmann • Colson Whitehead • Carl Wilson • Cintra Wilson • Sari Wilson • Douglas Wolk • John Wr. 100 objects purchased for 12874 sold on eBay for 361251 with a net total of 348377 which is a 2700% mark upAll items listed included Fictionalized stories about the items by famouspopular authorsNot only did I not understand most of the stories I read but I didn't even care about the object The stories for the most part made little or no connection to the object and were mostly nonsensical You have to wonder just what was everyone involved thinking