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review Spanish Heart 103 ½ [Epub] ➟ Spanish Heart Author Rachel Spangler – What’s the point of finding yourself if you lose your heart in the processRen Molson should be chasing a bright new future Instead she’s spent the last two years floundering in a small town commun What’s the point of finding yourself if you lose youNs about herself than the country she’s visiting What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with her beautiful young tour guide Lina Montero She’ll have to decide if her life can handle any uncertainty and just how far she’s willing to go in order to become the person she thought she wanted to be. This was an interesting coming of age story set on a short school trip to Spain The main characters were reasonably rounded and the emotional growth of Ren was nicely handled This story while not breaking any boundaries was well written and edited Boldstrokes Books have some of the best editors in the Lesfic world the plot was well handled and even if the ending was complete saccharine it was a very effective and diverting romance read PS Rachel should have been sponsored by the Spanish Tourist Board this book will make you want to book travelling holiday in Spain

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What’s the point of finding yourself if you lose your heart in the processRen Molson should be chasing a bright new future Instead she’s spent the last two years floundering in a small town community college She hates being the only lesbian she knows and a virgin She’s tired of watching her friend. I almost bailed because I found Ren really unlikeable I'm glad I stuck with it though because she does have a turning point and the book becomes a lot enjoyable after that

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Spanish HeartS move forward while her momentum stalls Most of all she’s sick of feeling lost and confused about who she is or what she’s supposed to do with her life Desperate for a change Ren hopes to use her Spanish class tour through Spain to remake herselfTrue to her plan as Ren travels through Spain she lear. I've never fallen in love with a tour guide but I did develop a massive crush on a hospitalera once in Spain thinkhostel workerhost She looked just like Lizzy Caplan so—although I always have to look up Lizzy Caplan's name and have no idea what she's been in—I promptly transferred my crush to Lizzy Caplan I'll never meet her but then I'll never see the hospitalera again and at least Lizzy Caplan occasionally pops up on a pop culture blog I followAnyway I want to love this because lesbians In Spain But I had a hard time with Ren who is just so youngand then I'm not sure if that's fair because she's also believable in her irritating youthful naïveté and I should be thrilled about that believabilityThe basic premise is that Ren the heroine is on a two week college organised trip to Spain Conveniently the only other students on the trip are her two best friends; conveniently their professor has a medical emergency and isn't available to chaperone them what 20 year olds reuire constant supervision I ask; conveniently the tour guide hired for the trip happens to be a hot lesbian who is very clearly into Ren from the get goBut Ren's not interested because she has a Master Plan have a one night stand or something akin to it so that she'll finally be rid of her dastardly virginity and once university starts up again in the fall be the suave ladykillerplayer she's pretended to be all along Somehow she doesn't think that 'hot lesbian tour guide who's totally into her' would work for thisThe thing is it's irritating It's irritating that she pretends to be a Don Juan; it's irritating that she pretty much bites Lina's head off anytime Lina tries to make overtures; it's irritating that she thinks that once she's had sex with a stranger she will be magically cool and have all the right moves and never be awkward with a girl again Rensweetheartit doesn't work that wayBut the other thing is as irritating as it can be it's also not unbelievable I never thought of it in uite Ren's terms but I understand feeling like there's a barrier of whatever kind that has to be broken through I understand wanting to be somebody else for a while and feeling like it's easier to do that away from homeShe's just so young Twenty but I think in a lot of ways a young twenty Really really ready to fall head over heels in love Fortunately Lina has at least some sense because although they both start I love you ing when they've been together for less than a week Lina does manage to convince Ren not to propose and then run away to Spain so they can be together Lina does seem to think that Ren's just the bee's knees so she might also be a little addled but then I suppose you can't mess with feeeeeelingsI do not have high hopes for this relationship I know romance novels don't work that way If they're together at the end of the book and 98% of the time that's the case it's going to work out forever and ever; they're going to rent a UHaul and move in together and get a dog and live happily ever after But personally I think it's going to go south when Ren gets clingy and codependent and Lina realises that she misses Spain too much and that Ren who will still be perfectly willing to go to Spain to be with Lina will have nothing in Spain besides Lina Also Lina is apparently lying about something because she claims to have visa issues related to her dual US Spanish citizenship that reuire lots of extra paperwork for her to come to the Statesexcept it doesn't work that way; having dual citizenship means that you don't need a visa for either of the countries in uestion Although it can make your taxes a mess What are you hiding LinaSo I applaud Ren for being a fairly believable mess but I don't think I'm going to develop a fictional character crush on her anytime soon