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ڨيرتيجو Read & Download Ï 4

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منذ سقط الحارس الأول ضغط بأعصابه على زر التصوير ولم يرفعه مسجلاً لآخر لقطة فى حياة هشام فتحى حتى مرت الرصاصة بجانبه فأصابت أذنيه بأزيز أعقبه صمم موقت فأفاق من تركيزه فى منظار الكامي?. Vertigo is a political book that plays on the corrupt power structures of egyptian society by placing them on figures that are slightly removed from a directly political environment The novel follows the story of Achmed I read the German version so the names might be slightly different who tries to make a societal difference What this difference is becomes the main plot of the novel that might remind the readers of the Arab Spring movements It’s a step towards a country no longer ruled by dictators In the German translation at least the city feels foreign and the westernised city of Cairo is mixed with the still strongly Egyptian city that is shown in mini plots throughout the novel These mini plots as foreign as they feel allow the reader to experience several sides of Egyptian society that may not otherwise be accessible like religious superstition with pictures demons taking over people’s bodies shisha cafes marriage shame and differences in gender romantic relationships I read the book to better understand a culture I’m in contact with on a daily basis through friends and family but have never experienced firsthand since the political situation is so unstable Some of the plots that took place in the book were too cliche for me or even the way women were courted was a little too foreign and made me feel uncomfortable It’s hard to imagine a society where women are seen as weak superstitious and dependant on everything — including calling a cab to go home Overall I don’t think I’ll read another book by this author but it does open a lot of uestions that I now have for Egypt and its future

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ڨيرتيجو?ا وتملكه الرعب من أن يلحظ أحد وجوده فسحب شنطة الكاميرا وإلتصق بالحائط، فى اللحظة التى كان فيها المهاجم الثالث يسقط البارمان الذى ركض إلى الحمام بطلقتين فى ظهره وتوجه لحسام منير الذ?. Things I love the characters are deep and profound really well thought out The setting of all the scenes is just amazing i really connected with Ahmed and felt I was there at timesThings I hate I can let the political innuendos by other than that I can't find any real plot and a couple of writing cliches were present which really got on my nerves Not to mention the lame puppy love storyOverall I'm impressed with the author's writing style but not this specific book I got than I expected so I'll be reading of his works in the future3 out of 5will not re read

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ڨيرتيجو Read & Download Ï 4 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☁ ڨيرتيجو By أحمد مراد – منذ سقط الحارس الأول ضغط بأعصابه على زر التصوير ولم يرفعه مسجلاً لآخر لقطة فى حياة هشام فتحى حتى مرت الرصاصة ب منذ سقط ال? وقف متسمراً خلف البيانو، نظر فى عينيه مباشرة للحظة بدت كساعة زمن ثم رفع فوهة مسدسه ناحيته فى نفس اللحظة التى حول حسام نظره ناحية الشرفة التى إستقر فيها أحمد باحثاً بحدقتيه عن الأخي?. unfortunately I read it after Torab El Mass which is way better than Vertigo but generally it's good