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Read ✓ Uncharted Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free é [BOOKS] ✮ Uncharted ✸ Joshua Williamson – The critically acclaimed and best selling PlayStation 3 video game jumps onto the comic page A uest for the legendary Amber Room launches Nathan Drake on a journCome for revenge on his descendant Drake must use all the skills at his disposal to stay one step ahead of the ga. While a fan of the Uncharted games I tried to approach this with only the expectation that it would be a fun little adventure romp It never really exceeded those expectations however and was a little skimpy on fun As a fan I can credit it for not breaking continuity and all returning characters seemed in character Showing how Drake and Chloe meet for the first time was fun However the writing isn't great and there is a slavish desire to recreate set pieces that work in the games which are just not that exciting in comic form

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Amber Room launches Nathan Drake on a journey to the center of the earth As enemies from Sir Francis Drake's past. 45 stars but I had to round up to 5 because I love Uncharted so much This book is basically a preuel to the first game and details a job that Chloe worked with Nate and Sully It set everything up perfectly for the first game but I missed Elena She and Nate have some really funny dialogue and I love them together Nate’s trademark humor was there as well as back and forth banter with Sully but I would have liked it to be longer

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UnchartedThe critically acclaimed and best selling PlayStationvideo game jumps onto the comic page A uest for the legendary. If there is any entertainment medium other than video games that would embrace the thrill a minute breakneck pacing of an Uncharted story comics would be that medium And to a degree the Uncharted experience that fans of the series love so much survives the transition here from controller to panel but a few key components get lost in the move and the book falls short of what fans expect from this series as a resultWhat does survive the switch is the feel and voice of the characters I imagine the task of ensuring that a beloved character being adapted to a new medium rings true to the source material can be rather nerve wracking for a writer Fortunately Joshua Williamson can rest assured that he has faithfully translated Nathan Drake and company to the comics world Nate is suitably sarcastic while still being likable and exasperated with his predicaments it just wouldn't feel right if Nate wasn't in over his head throughout the story Sully and Chloe are also well represented though Chloe's interactions with Nate in the book do bring rise to some uestions about continuityThe action packed nature of the Uncharted franchise is also present here The pages are packed to the brim with explosions bullets fisticuffs chases and escapes Just like it should be However it comes at the cost of build up While the bread and butter of the Uncharted series is its large set peices and jaw dropping action that's not all it is In between those moments lies the soul of Uncharted Its characters Yes this book gets the feel of them right but it neglects to include those calm moments interwoven through the story where Nate and company grow and change and become real people to the playerreader that the games do so well It's what adds weight to all the bedlam in the story and this book doesn't have it It's not all Williamson's fault though It can't be easy to condense a style of story that's meant to last eight to twelve hours counting gameplay into six tiny comics It's just not enough time to develop everything that makes these stories great In addition to the character moments the main mystery suffers from the shorter presentation as well The story of Richard Evelyn Byrd and The Amber Room is really interesting but it's forced to develop so fast that we never have time to appreciate each twist because it's uickly shoved aside so the next revelation can be made The story overall would have really benefited from an extra two issues or soA few other annoyances exist such as the freuent use of dramaticellipsis that hop over both panels and pages an annoying number of times comics writers really need to find new ways to create dramatic reveals and the above mentioned continuity uestions These are minor complaints thoughWhat is wonderful about the book though is the art The pencils are detailed and consistent with the style of the games while still being uniue enough to be enjoyed as than just a good copy of the game's style The action is portrayed wonderfully with dramatic angles and excellent coloring Even though the action scenes are disappointingly shallow at least they're a lot of fun to look at Of special note is the final set peice of the story which looks phenomenal The colorists especially should be proudIt's too bad that what could have been a fantastic book is stripped down to a generic adventure story Fun but with little substance The art saves it from two star territory but it's still only a recommended for series fans only type of book