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REVIEW Angel Baby

FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ Angel Baby ☆ ❰EPUB❯ ✸ Angel Baby Author Leslie Kelly – FIRST TIME IN PRINT—A Heartwarming Romance from bestselling author Leslie KellySince losing her husband several months ago the only thing Claudia Warren is looking forward to is the impending birth FIRST TIME IN PRINT—A HeartwEavily pregnant woman and being right there for the birth of her baby shocks him to his core Even shocking is that the beautiful young mother disappears from his life as uickly as she’d entered itNow fate has brought Claudia back to him And while Chase might try to resist any emotional tangles he finds himself thoroughly ensnared by the beautiful young mother and the adorable child he helped bring into the world But can two people who’ve sworn off love for good ever move beyond past hurts and regrets to trust in a future toge. Check out this review and on my blog Drugs Called BooksI found Angel Baby through a friend's blog My Life Through a Book and I am exceedingly happy to have decided to pick it up So thank you Elle for letting me know about this adorable sweet and loving storyThis story has everything you can ask for; great leading characters a romance to melt your heart with a steady pace and the most adorable baby out thereClaudia is an inspiring leading female She's lost her husband and had to go through her pregnancy all on her own yet she still holds strong She puts her baby Sarah ahead of everything but never once complains about it She's capable of great love and kindness and she's proud but not to the point that she refuses to listen to others because of itShe was very sweet and I loved herSarah is Claudia's infant daughter and one heck of an adorable baby Sueak she is too cute for words The characters tend to call her Angel Baby because of her angelic face but beware this little kid once she gets moving She's fast as lightning and likes stairs too much for her own good PChase is yummy Sorry had to put that out there He's the man who saves Claudia and Sarah's life and later on becomes Claudia's boss He's kind and caring but does everything in his powers to hide that behind a stoic uncaring and unmoving facade which Claudia sees right through of course He always comes to Claudia's rescue and was never mean to her at least not intentionally He often worries for her and doesn't want to take advantage of her These two Claudia and Chase not Chase and Sarah though them too are attracted to each other immediately naturally creating one sweet romance once they allowed each other to have one Their relationship builds over time which is something I always love in books and is well based and built You will wholeheartedly believe they are meant for one another and fate'll agree with you and eagerly wait the moment they'll get together There wasn't any anguish no big drama and huge misunderstandings setting their relationship back just a cute sweet moving love story about two people falling in love The ending was so adorable Not that that's surprising considering this entire story's just too cute for words It also had me grinning so widely I feared my jaw's gonna break especially when Chase played with Baby Sarah Cutest thing in the world dreamy sighThis books opens with a message from the author explaining why the book was never published before even though it was written ten years ago I was really sad to hear they didn't think it fit what they wanted as it is so cute and lovely If you like cute stories and amazing loves I think this book's definitely for you Pick it up Like now

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TherBefore award winning romance author Leslie Kelly became known for her super sexy contemporary novels like the extremely popular SLOW HANDS or for the dark romantic thrillers she writes as Leslie Parrish she penned a few deeply emotional contemporary books Never before published ANGEL BABY is a tender story of two lonely people learning how to trust in love and in the bonds of family Though not as light hearted or uite as steamy as her later works ANGEL BABY will still appeal to readers looking for that uniue Leslie Kelly voic. This story warmed my heart and left me smiling I love the feeling I get after a good book Chase and Claudia meet outside a cemetery in the middle of nowhere Chase couldn’t even use his cell phone to call for help Chase went to the cemetery and was in no mood to talk or see anyone He groaned when he pulled up and spotted another car He waited for owner of the car to emerge and leave but he gave up waiting So he got out of his car and started up the trail leading to the cemetery He saw a person bent over getting sick It was getting dark so he thought at first it was a drunk He got the shock of his life when he found it was Claudia in heavy labor He picked her up and placed her in his truck He took her to his house and had the paramedics meet him there That’s where she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Sara A day later Chase tried to find her But she was gone She had checked out of the hospital He thought of Claudia often but didn’t know her last name so he couldn’t track her down9 months later Claudia applied for a job She was shocked to find Chase over her interview Chase became her boss The attraction to one another was instant but the suspense to their relationship was almost unbearable The author let them develop a strong friendship before they shared their first kiss I really enjoyed this story I also loved reading about baby Sara Babies are always so precious

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Angel BabyFIRST TIME IN PRINT A Heartwarming Romance from bestselling author Leslie KellySince losing her husband several months ago the only thing Claudia Warren is looking forward to is the impending birth of her child But she goes into labor at the worst possible time in the worst possible place Fortunately a strong protective stranger Chase Paxton comes to her aid saving her life and the life of her daughterChase is a loner and he likes it that way He tries to avoid getting caught up in anyone else’s dramaso coming to the aid of a h. 4 Sweet Stars Engaging read that drips cheese at the endbut it's yummy goodLeslie Kelly and I have had a good authorreader relationship and I can add this to the pile of books I've enjoyed by her I love the way the book starts out kept you guessing a little as to why Chase and Claudia were where they were when they first meet It all made sense as the story pushed forward and the characters revealed themselves to each other Chase ran hot and cold but eventually he won me overespecially with something he did for Sarah Claudia had me from the beginning and her pain from her tragic loss felt real Nice slow build upalthough maybe one waver too manyto Chase and Claudia's relationship and eventual intimacy I found myself flipping through the pages and was grinning at the end especially after reading the fitting epilogue A complete readgreat for the beach a lazy afternoon and if you got it free like I dideven better but it's worth shelling some cash out