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Spencer Grant Brothers #3 review Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB

Kathi S. Barton î 3 summary

Spencer Grant Brothers #3 review Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ➻ [Reading] ➽ Spencer Grant Brothers #3 By Kathi S. Barton ➰ – Spencer Grant a man who has just about everything an excellent job money and good looks He is a man confident in himself almost to the point of arrogant Spencer Grant a man who has just about everything an excellent job money and good looks He is a man confident in himself almost to the point of arrogant and isn’t accustomed to hearing the word no He lets very Spencer Grant eBook #180 little intimidate him especially the gorgeous gun tot. I'm in DEEP like with this book ;I tried but I just didn't fall I Love this book I tried but I just didn't I can't say anything was wrong with the bookI enjoyed both the characters and the story and I'd love a sweet passionate man like Spencer of my very own that words can say Spencer was strong and passionate I loved how easily everything seemed to melt away for him when he was her and she became his sole focus Either his need to have her or just listening to what she had to say a bit hot headed at times but seemingly uick to calm and see the error of his judgements and not embarrassed to beg when needed and was afraid to show his fear or hurt with tears An awesome and amazing package and being sexy and yummy on top of it all Wow just Wow though I found the cover uite intriguing between him break nag on his knees and chewing on her shorts girl on cover Can't see Cait dressing like that unless undercover you think Spencer was the submissive typebut he was not and Cait is fearless and honesty and interesting and lil Meggie is amazing but I just never fell in love I tried and plan to read and had a really good time but if this was a date I'd ask the guy if we could just be friends I wanna keep seeing you at n my life but not in a romantic sorta way ; Giggles how does this relate to the book not sure but it's something that just kept coming up over and over in my head as I read the book ;

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Ing detective Caitlynne O’Malley He wants her from the first moment he lays eyes on herCaitlynne a good cop shot in the line of duty is on the mend and a relationship is at the bottom of her to do list The problem is that Spencer refuses to take no for an answer and she can’t deny the h. Spencer of all the Grant brothers is probably my favorite brother While he does have a uick like temper like his brothers unlike them he knows when he was wrong and when he needs to grovel and he's not afraid to do it There are plenty of times where Spencer's temper gets the better of him but Cait isn't one to sit back and take it and she gives as good as she gets Spencer is a professor and a single father Cait is a homicide detective that seems to find herself in trouble than she can get herself out of From the minute Cait saves Meggie Spencer's daughter from being hit by a car the feelings between Cait and Spencer started and only got hotter from there What I liked about this book that so many authors seem to forget when you have a single parent who is pursuing a romantic interest many times authors will forget that a relationship needs to develop between the child and the new romantic interest In this one Cait and Meggie seem to hit it off from the start and Cait isn't scared to step into a mother like role for Meggie

summary Spencer Grant Brothers #3

Spencer Grant Brothers #3Ot passion they shareGood cops have old enemies that seek vendettas that could cost the man she’s fallen in love with his only child Is she a good enough cop to make everything right again And at what cost to herself and the man she loves Grant and O’Malley – A love story for all time. I bought this series as a boxed set Each book in this series will take you on an emotional roller coaster Byron is still my favorite but the ladies in this series are AMAZING They have over come so much in their pasts and the men trying to convince them that they want yo be in their lives is pretty funny Of course Mom knows how to keep her boys in line and what's not funnier than watching a grown man suirm when his Mom is called in It takes a strong man to go with a strong woman Each couple has their ups and downs as their pasts rear their ugly heads But working together and leaning to trust each other has it's benefits