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Bushido Shoshinshu characters Ö 109

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Bushido ShoshinshuVõ Sĩ Đạo Linh Hồn Của Nhật Bản là tác phẩm của Nitobe Inazo – nhà văn hóa tầm cỡ của Nhật Bản cuối thế kỷ XIX đầu thế kỷ XX Cuốn sách đã chỉ ra bề sâu của những nét tính cách tuyệt hảo trong uy phạm đạo đức của người Nhật là xuất phát từ võ sĩ đạoKhám phá “Võ sĩ đạo Linh hồn củ. This is an enjoyable and enlightening read provided you don't go into it expecting it to be a detailed historical study of Bushido as we would expect to see today Written at the turn of the century Inazo Nitobe's book is very much a product of its time and tells the modern reader almost as much about the time in which it was written as it does of feudal JapanThe author writes well but this is of a misty eyed nostalgic pining for 'the good old days' than a scientific analysis Nitobe illustrates his points with examples from Japanese mythology and epic historical poems which obviously were not meant to be taken literally It's a bit like somebody trying to prove the existence of the Christian god using only the Bible as evidence; to accept the veracity of the 'evidence' you have to already have accepted the existence of what you're trying to prove It's a bit self defeating to anybody looking on from a neutral unbiased viewpointThat's not to say this isn't worth reading though I enjoyed it a great deal as romanticised and flawed as it is as a historical document than an actual history book It's difficult not to get swept up by the author's enthusiasm and love of his subject

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Bushido Shoshinshu characters Ö 109 Ã ➿ [Download] ➽ Bushido Shoshinshu By Inazō Nitobe ➵ – Võ Sĩ Đạo Linh Hồn Của Nhật Bản là tác phẩm của Nitobe Inazo – nhà văn hóa tầm cỡ của Nhật Bản cuối thế kỷ XIX đầu thế kỷ XX Cuốn sách đã chỉ ra b ại tới hôm nay khi mà ngày nay từ mẫu giáo đến phổ thông không có môn học nào về thần đạo hay võ sĩ đạo Cuốn sách giúp bạn đọc có một cái nhìn khái uát về ý thức đạo đức và cách hành xử của người Nhật ngày xưa và ua đó hiểu được ý thức đạo đức và hành động của người Nhật ngày n. A book written by a Westernized Japanese scholarto answer Westerners' uestions about the Japanese mentality and Bushido So the book doesn't feel Japanese at all you will find historical comparisons between the Chivalry of Europe and the Bushido of Japan You will find many examples from the European and American cultures describing Bushido Even when we encounter something against values of the western culture like ritual suicide we find him citing examples for it from the Western Culture May be this method was what me dislike the book The following is some parts that caught my attentionWhat Japan was she owed to the samurai They were not only the flower of the nation but its root as wellWe cannot share the admiration of the Europeans for their roses which lack the simplicity of our flower Then too the thorns that are hidden beneath the sweetness of the rose the tenacity with which she clings to life as though loth or afraid to die rather than drop untimely preferring to rot on her stem; her showy colours and heavy odours all these are traits so unlike our flower which carries no dagger or poison under its beauty which is ever ready to depart life at the call of nature whose colours are never gorgeous and whose light fragrance never palls Beauty of colour and of form is limited in its showing; it is a fixed uality of existence whereas fragrance is volatile ethereal as the breathing of life So in all religious ceremonies frankincense and myrrh play a prominent part There is something spirituelle in redolenceThe swordsmith was not a mere artisan but an inspired artist and his workshop a sanctuary Daily he commenced his craft with prayer and purification or as the phrase was he committed his soul and spirit into the forging and tempering of the steel Every swing of the sledge every plunge into water every friction on the grindstone was a religious act of no slight import Was it the spirit of the master or of his tutelary god that cast a formidable spell over our sword Perfect as a work of art setting at defiance its Toledo and Damascus rivals there was than art could impart Its cold blade collecting on its surface the moment it is drawn the vapour of the atmosphere; its immaculate texture flashing light of bluish hue; its matchless edge upon which histories and possibilities hang; the curve of its back uniting exuisite grace with utmost strength; all these thrill us with mixed feelings of power and beauty of awe and terror

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A Nhật Bản” người đọc sẽ thấy nguồn gốc hệ thống đạo đức “võ sĩ đạo” của nước Nhật biết được các yếu tố cấu Bushido Kindle thành nên hệ thống đạo đức ấy Nitobe Inazo cũng giúp độc giả hiểu bằng cách nào những ý thức đạo đức của người Nhật từ ngàn xưa vẫn được truyền l. I recommend this book to all who want to understand the character of the Japanese people The author was the best known author in the west in his time He melds the phylosophies of the east with the phylosophies of the west going back to the Romans and the GreeksEnjoy and Be BlessedDiamond