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Download Dana White King of MMA ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ã ❴Ebook❵ ➠ Dana White King of MMA Author June M. White – Dana White is referred to by many as the King of MMA and one cannot deny the immense popularity of Dana in the MMA community and business world Dana hasDana White ePUB #186 muliti billion dollar business He has put his face out there as the face of mma and ultimate fighting and is known world wide Who is Dana White Dana remains elusive in interviews and all that is known about Dana comes from interviews. In 1973 someone once wrote a book called A Random Walk Down Wall Street In 2011 June White wrote a book that should have been called A Random Walk Down MMA Lane I have seen hours of Dana White via post fight interviews and especially through the Ultimate Fighter show and this book seemed to just be a chronological re stating of all the time prior to his run as UFC president I was looking forward to having the curtain drawn back and getting a glimpse into the life of the UFC president It was a history but to be honest it just wasn't that interesting I should have known I was in for a rocky ride when the intro page featured both a Batman the movie uote as well as a misspelling on Theodore Roosevelt's name on a second uote It was weird to see how someone's own mother could write a book that was so critical of them it was jarring to read some of the things that were written and much of it I could just see as family in fighting Every family has that though so I don't know why I felt compelled to read a book about it By the end it was like a Seinfeld episode Why would people watch it Because It's on TV Why would people read this Because It's a book was my final sentiment Probably the telling tale here was success does change people which is the positive I will take from this 140 pages Additionally it was nice to see Dana wasn't an overnight success and that he had tried and failed many times before hitting on the UFC This story has played out time and time again and this book further cements the idea that there are no short cuts in life It also is a cautionary tale about success because even when you do succeed you must remember to be nice to your mother Otherwiseshe'll write a take down book about you

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With him In White King of Epub #180 his biography you will discover the real Dana White striped of all myths lies and tales and told through the eyes of the woman who raised him You will see the child the man the King of MMA The good the bad and the ugly. This book is very poorly written with several editing mistakes It seemed to jump around all over the place Hard to tell what the truth is here The mom seems to have a major chip on her shoulder and just bitter I can't decide if she is playing the victim or if it's all true and Dana white is as big of an ass as she claims Think I'll do some research now I thought I was going to be reading a book about Dana White not a book about his mothers opinions of him I'm disappointed I bought this book for my husband as a gift and disappointed I spent time reading it

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Dana White King of MMADana White King of PDF #180 is referred to by many as the King of MMA and one cannot deny the immense popularity of Dana in the MMA community and business world Dana has taken a failing business an unknown sport to most and turned it into an international. Loy Machedo’s Book Review – Dana White – King of MMA by June WhiteThe minute I found out there was a book on Dana White – that too a Biography I jumped in to purchase it140 pages – 6 main chapters and even a recommendation from Frank Shamrock stating Really enjoying Dana White's moms book about her son check it out for some good soul food check out the books websiteHowever the book turned out to be a massive disappointment First I was surprised that this book was written by his mother And even so by a mother who is hell bent on taking revenge by spewing out all the bitterness anger and hatred she has against a son who could never end being what she wanted him to be Now the book contains great real time photographs of Dana and also a lot of incidents about Dana growing up However at many points of the book you begin to ask yourself – are these details really necessary I mean who is interested in unwanted childish failures and pranks Who is interested to read about one bar fight in detail to another Who in the bloody world is interested to read someone getting drunk and then the painfully detailed descriptions When you advertise Dana White – King of MMA one tends to expect that about Dana White His Personality His Business Philosophy and His Words of Wisdom would be mentioned Yes we would love to read the controversies and the bad sides of him – but can we not do this in a mournful scornful and pitiful ‘I am the victim look at poor me’ manner To be honest I kind of remembered my parents when I read all the rant his mother had to share She complains about him not being a decent Catholic he is an Atheist – YIPEE she wails about him using profanity with her what do you expect – he is stressed out and you are in his face and she moans about him not being what she wanted him to be is she for real I finally realized why Dana got so Mental – She is Obsessive Compulsive and RepulsiveAgreed – Dana White is a Tyrant a Self Obsessed Businessman a Ruthless Monopoly And yes there are stories circulating of him being the type who can destroy you But this is what he is Wanting someone to change and then branding him or her as evil because he or she does not fit into your framework of good and bad is absolutely stupid I am sure Dana White’s mother is a good person and she has made plenty of sacrifices for her son But attempting a low blow of this sort and trying to cash on his name and success was a Cheap shot The title is misleading and she has tried to portray Dana as Satan and She as the Virgin Mary – Version 20 And my message to Dana’s Mother Mrs White I am sorry but your son is a product of your upbringing So since you had a rotten life and made rotten choices – you got what you deserved Now stop bitching about it and get a life Overall a rant of a book with too many unnecessary details and a self obsessed ‘Poor Me I Have Sacrificed Everything For My Son Boo Hoo Hoo’ woman who bores the daylights out of you with her self righteous attitude Overall Rating 2 out of 10 Loy Machedoloymachedocom