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free read Three-Day Town (Deborah Knott Mysteries, #17) ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ý ❰Read❯ ➱ Three-Day Town (Deborah Knott Mysteries, #17) Author Margaret Maron – Three Day Town is the winner of the Agatha award for best novelAfter a year of marrIde detective comes to pick it up the package is missing and the building's super is found murdered Now despite their desire to enjoy a blissful winter getaway Deborah and Dwight must team up with Lt Harald to catch the killer before he strikes again words. I am the fortunate recipient of an ARC of Margaret Maron's next book in her Deborah Knott series It won't be officially published until November Three Day Town is a book Maron's fans have long been waiting for Deborah meets Sigrid Harald star of Maron's first series in New York City while on her honeymoon with Dwight The two women are distantly related and Deborah ferries an item from Sigrid's grandmother to her mother The item is stolen a man dies in the condo lent to Deborah and Dwight and Sigrid is the homicide detective assigned to the case The POVs of both women are expertly done We see each from the perspective of the other Wonderful writing as always Vivid setting during a snowstorm in New York City Don't miss this one

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Three Day Town is the winner of the Agatha award for best novelAfter a year of marriage Judge Deborah Knott and Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Bryant are off to New York City for a long delayed honeymoon January might not be the perfect time to take a bite of th. I've read some Margaret Maron and collected several in preparation for the inevitable binge I've only read a couple of the Sigrid Haralds though and so was pleased that Three Day Town which I received from Netgalley thank you was part of the Deborah Knott series; these books have been on my radar for a while but somehow never actually wound up in my hands so I looked forward to meeting Judge Knott I don't really like starting in the middle of a series instant spoilers for every book before it but I have to say I found this a great place to break in And then to my surprise not having read the synopsis who should enter the picture but Sigrid HaraldI do feel obliged to remark that the book shares one of what I feel are the besetting sins of cozy mysteries to wit the fact that death follows the featured characters around like a stray puppy It's inevitable I know but stretches my suspension of disbelief than most fantasies In these series Sigrid Harald is a homicide cop and so has every reason to keep encountering death; Deborah Knott is a judge married to a cop and is therefore in a situation where she might do so also However this book sends her and her husband on vacation a week in New York their long delayed honeymoon And within forty eight hours someone is dead in their borrowed apartmentThat out of the way and really who cares it's a great story The writing is so fluid and full of character I can't imagine why I haven't read Margaret Maron Coming off a recent stretch of Carol O'Connell's Mallory novels read far recently than the Sigrid books I'm seeing a resemblance between those two main characters; Sigrid isn't a psychopath but she is a social misfit in some of the same ways This could be one reason I haven't read Maron if my ambivalence toward Sigrid here is evidence I was a little sorry every time the narrative switched over from the first person intimate of Deborah Knott to the third person chilly of Sigrid HaraldThat being said the sure handed telling of the story is a sight to see Neither main character has all the facts and their relationship all but nil and not likely to grow warmer does not see them swapping confidences In the meantime other secondary characters go about with bits of information leaving the reader to wait until either Deborah or Sigrid makes the necessary connection and resulting discovery There is one aspect of the story where the obscene statue came from revealed to the reader in a flash back prologue which is never revealed to the main characters This book is obviously the product of a seasoned writer I can't say I adore Deborah and I can't even say I much like Sigrid though I'm intrigued by her; I found the evolution of the murder mystery a little far fetched; even so all in all it was a good read

Margaret Maron ☆ 6 free read

Three Day Town Deborah Knott Mysteries #17E Big Apple but Dwight's sister in law has arranged for them to stay in her Upper West Side apartment for a weekDeborah had been asked to deliver a package to Lieutenant Sigrid Harald of the NYPD from Sigrid's Colleton County grandmother But when the homic. Rating 35Let me first say I was hooked on Margaret Maron after reading A Bootlegger's Daughter which swept all the mystery awards back in 1993 I've enjoyed every Knott story Ms Maron has written On one hand I was looking forward to reading this tale because this would be the first time that Ms Maron has written Deborah and Sigrid in the same story On the other hand I began reading this story with sadness because I learned that this would be the last story with Deborah Knott I hope this isn't true especially after reading this book I was expecting a lot in this story about Deborah and Dwight but this tale is about Sigrid and the mystery itself I really wanted to love this book but there were two problems The first is this book just seems to plod along There are points of excitement when I thought the book would really take off but it didn't Also at times I found the `view hopping' the shift from Sigrid to Deborah's perspective tiresome especially when it didn't seem to move the story along The best thing about this tale was the realistic love and affection between Deborah and Dwight They're a perfect fit and their chemistry always draws me in There just wasn't enough of that for me Overall I hope this isn't the last we see of Deborah because I want to remember her in her southern world with her entire clan around her Please Ms Maron give us one story with Deborah How about this Deborah is pregnant and an old enemy of hers or Dwight's is out for revenge This would rally the entire Knott clan around our couple There's a lot of possibility here Ms `M' Well a book lover can dream can't she