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Read Laughing Boy ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ➜ [Epub] ❧ Laughing Boy By Oliver La Farge ➦ – Capturing the essence of the Southwest in 1915 Oliver La Farge's Pulitzer Prize winning first novel is an enduring American classic At a ceremonial dance the young earnest silversmEmonial dance the young earnest silversmith Laughing Boy falls in love with Slim Girl a beautiful but elusive American educated Navajo. It reminded me of Kleenex the way several diaphanous layers make up one substantial tissue I think the author wanted me to envision it as a woven Navajo Blanket with lives and stories woven into the pattern That's outside my experience I thought of Kleenex and phyllo dough And the author did a great job of writing a good story with interesting characters a sense of place and timeless themesReader beware however this is a work of art that reuires commitment by reader; the plot develops very slowly I think to fully appreciate it you need to have time and be open to filtering the story through your experience perspective emotions your life In that it brought to mind Oscar Wilde and Marcel Proust philosophizing about the nature of art I wasn't up for that I think if I had read it at a different time I'd have enjoyed it but I didn't enjoy it enough to read it again The themes and symbolism are the meat of the book In part it is a coming of age story as Laughing Boy and Slim girl try to figure out who they will be as adults how to suare that with their childhood experiences and where they fit into their communities And it is a classic story of young love two people trying to work out intimacy independence and compromise And finally it is allegorical Laughing Boy is the epitome of traditional Navajo but Slim Girl is a child of the city La Farge sets up a collision of two cultures and asks how will each be affected He did a great job of developing the characters so it became a collision of individuals I cared aboutOne of the things I really liked was that he respected Laughing Boy's traditional beliefs without claiming that those ways are purespiritual or valid than other religions You won't learn much about Navajo beliefs but you will understand why tradition was important to Laughing Boy I read the Kindle Edition I don't really like e books so that affected my rating as well

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As they experience all of the joys and uncertainties of first love the couple must face a changing way of life and its tragic conseuenc. Full review at Smoke Mirrors I am giving this a full 5 stars because I feel as if this book gives genuine insight into the Native American specifically Navajo culture society and particularly belief system However this was written by a white guy and this is one of the few times in my life when I'm uestioning the overall authenticity of the writingexpression of Navajo life at the time Although La Farge was an anthropologist who studied Native American culture extensively so I presume this is as close as we might get to authentic And just because it wasn't his lifestyle doesn't mean he can't portray it authentically right I guess we must assume that is true However you can read what I feel is a fair evaluation of this uandary here And I would agree If we really wish to experience a culture authentically it makes sense to read writings authored by those of the indicated cultures doesn't it At least the Pulitzer was perhaps a recognition of the attempt to publicize NA culture of the time especially with regard to the children who were kidnapped and forced to abandon their native heritage and culture Unbelievable that we white people did that I am so often ashamed of Caucasian behaviors with regard to others

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Laughing BoyCapturing the essence of the Southwest in Oliver La Farge's Pulitzer Prize winning first novel is an enduring American classic At a cer. I am not a Navajo nor am I an American but the Navajos are my peopleThis novel set in the American southwest of 1915 is the 1930 Pulitzer prize winning novel As the title implies it is in fact a love story of sorts But beyond that it seems to speak to a time and place when the Navajos were caught between the influence of the American way of life due to westward expansion and the customs and traditions of their own people Laughing Boy a Navajo young man fills the role of a traditional Native American He follows the ways of the people living with them and cherishing the ceremonies and rituals His dreams of the future are pure and lovely That would be really on the trail of beauty; to work in silver and turuoise own soft moving ponies and lead the Mountain Chant Just thinking about it was good It made him feel cool inside Until one day he meets the very alluring and mysterious young woman known as Slim Girl Initially Laughing Boy feels disdain towards this woman based on rumors of a corrupt background Slim Girl has not been raised in the manner of the people but rather was pulled from her home as a child and forced to attend the American schools She is not like the others and is therefore scorned He felt animosity towards her dark and slight like a wisp of grass—only part of a woman Yet the attraction is there and as one knows young love will go where it wants not necessarily where it is directed Laughing Boy is soon smitten with Slim Girl and will grapple with his own reservations as well as the opinions of his family towards this woman That girl was strong for one who looked so slight He would make a bracelet about her thin silver with stars surrounded by stone knife edgeNow what of Slim Girl I could not uite figure her out Does she truly love Laughing Boy as he loves her or is she using him to her own advantage She wants to find her way back to the Navajo way of life yet she wants to live separately from the people settling at the outskirts of town with Laughing Boy rather than with his tribe At the same time she warns Laughing Boy from going into the town itself as he would not be welcome by the Americans living there Now Laughing Boy too is caught between the two worlds He was necessary to her; he was the perfect implement delivered to her hands; he was an axe with which to hew down the past; he was a light with which to see her way back to her people to the good things of her people This story is told simply but beautifully As the novel progresses layers of Slim Girl’s story are revealed We see beyond the tough exterior and catch glimpses of her doubts and fears We come to understand what motivates her actions I loved learning about the Navajo way of life – the ceremonial dances the exuisite craft of jewelry making the beliefs and other traditions of the people The descriptions of the landscape are as stunning as I had hoped them to be All that vast openness and the striking colors are sure to give anyone pause Right before their horses’ feet the cliff fell away some fourteen hundred feet and there under their hands lay all the North Country It was red in the late sunlight fierce narrow cañons with ribbons of shadow broad valleys and lesser hills streaked with purple opaue s