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SUMMARY ´ Kindred Souls


Kindred SoulsHor Patricia MacLachlan comes a poignant story about what we do for the ones we love and how the bonds that hold us together also allow us to let each other. 255 Sweat and cute story of love and family but I was expecting something way emotional way deeper and about grief Grief is just touch a bit it's maybe about the «coming» of grief preparing to the death of a love one but even with that the emotion didn't get to me much Not bad but not much

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G will go on as always But there’s one thing Billy wants to rebuild the sod house where he grew up Can Jake give him this one special thingFrom beloved aut. Kindred Souls is a kind comforting embrace from the first It is like reading a poem that surrounds you with all the best people have to offer Jake's grandpa Billy and he share a powerful bound They are kindred souls who know best how to support each other There is nothing unusual in what they do and in how they are together but that is what makes everything about their relationship extraordinaryJakes says After I do my chores Billy and I take our daily walk around the farm Everyday I'm not in school we take the same walk It isn't boring It is peaceful and what Billy calls predictableI like predictable says Billy I like the spring rain I like summer heat I like thunderstorms with lightning all around I like the wind and snow in winterI like the feeling of gentleness and care of ordinary and the contentment of time well spent because the things that are truly important are likely to be noticedHummingbirds the changing of the seasons sod houses the sights and sounds of the prairie and angel dogs are important parts of this story that helps us notice what is important to see

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SUMMARY ´ Kindred Souls è ➠ Kindred Souls Ebook ➦ Author Patricia MacLachlan – Jake’s grandfather Billy hears the talk of birds is eighty eight years old and is going to live forever Even when Billy gets sick Jake knows that everything will go on as always But there’s one th Jake’s grandfather Billy hears thJake’s grandfather Billy hears the talk of birds is eighty eight years old and is going to live forever Even when Billy gets sick Jake knows that everythin. Okay so this was a sweet and mean story I loved the value it placed on interacting with the elderly and Jake and his grandfather were so sweet together 3 It totally cracked me up when Billy “flirted” with his doctor XD Billy seemed to really love his life and was content with slow days and simple things I think that affected the entire family in a big way I also loved how they drew together to bless him one last time sniffs I totally bawled at the end of this bookBest uote “Jake” Lida says tears at the edges of her eyes “What And don’t cry” Lida lifts her shoulders and wipes her eyes with the back of her hand “I have a sod cutter” she says very softly Altogether can you see why I said this was a sweet and mean book Book you have no right to make me cry this way 3