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SUMMARY Ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Barbara Hambly

The Ladies of MandrigynWhen the women of the City of Mandrigyn led by Sheera Galernas hired the mercenary army of Captain Sun Wolf to. I really enjoyed The Ladies of Mandrigyn way than I expected to It's kind of an old school sword and sorcery type fantasy written in the 80s but I didn't think it felt too dated There are two main POVs One is Sun Wolf the captain of a band of mercenaries His story is interesting because he is the only man in it for most of the book There is a strong cast of women of all personalities and motivations since all the men of Mandrigyn have been enslaved by an evil wizard The women hire Sun Wolf to rescue their men and what they learn from him challenges everyone's views of what women can and can't do or should and shouldn't do There's definitely a feminist message in thisThe other main POV is Starhawk a female mercenary and Sun Wolf's second in command She is as tough a heroine as you could want a true warrior We actually get to see her kicking some butt instead of just being told that she's capable of taking care of herself I really liked her They are both noble warriors without a lot of flaws or gray areas and without much of the moral complexity that you find in fantasy characters these days but they both learn important truths about themselves and their 'neutral' positions as mercenaries so they grow in that sense The evil wizard and his zombie like creatures are completely evil however There's no doubt they need to be killedThis is a trilogy but I found that the first book can really stand on its own The main conflict is completely resolved here so it's on to new adventures in the next one

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READ & DOWNLOAD The Ladies of Mandrigyn 107 ¼ [Reading] ➺ The Ladies of Mandrigyn By Barbara Hambly – When the women of the City of Mandrigyn led by Sheera Galernas hired the mercenary army of Captain Sun Wolf to help them rescue their men from the mines of evil he refused Little did he realize how in When the Help them rescue their men from the mines of evil he refused Little did he realize how insistent the ladies c. 375 starsThis book has been sitting on my shelf for 10 years the poor thing I finally decided to read it because I read Graceling and all the while I was thinking if I'm going to read a book about strong women in a medieval fantasy I might as well read The Ladies of Mandrigyn You know when you read The Ladies of Mandrigyn you immediately think of warrior women right I thought it would focus on the women battling the villain's armies and defeating the Evil Wizard himself But this book unraveled in ways I did not expect at all For one thing I didn't expect it to have such a romantic sub plot Let's start from the beginning Sun Wolf and StarHawk are the main characters in this story and they are not the ladies of Mandrigyn Sun Wolf is a mercenary and Starhawk is his second in command who happens to be a woman Sun Wolf is coerced read poisoned and withheld from its antidote into teaching the ladies of Mandrigyn to fight so that they could free their city from the rule of Altiokis deathless evil wizard You see all the men of Mandrigyn who were able to fight were enslaved by Altiokis after their failure to protect the city So it's up to the women to run Mandrigyn and free the men It is in this period that they find that they are very capable and not fragile dolls as their men treated them Also there's Sun Wolf whose motto is Don't fall in love and don't mess with magic with powers he is not aware of He takes in Starhawk ex nun turned mercenary who tracks Sun Wolf after noticing he was missing and realizes in the middle of the story that she was in love with Sun Wolf all along Hence romantic sub plotI loved how Barbara Hambly portrayed women as than you think they are I loved how they formed relationships despite social stratification Once I got over the romantic sub plot which was actually good but kind of distracting I enjoyed the humor in it as well as the action the supernatural elementsand of course the characters At least there was no agenda pushing Just a simple illustration of women's strengths and yes indeed we women are badass As a comparison to Graceling I can't help it which I gave 35 stars I never even thought I'd give 375 stars to a book and I'll be avoiding that in the near future

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Ould be and how far they would go to persuade him The Ladies PDF or to train them against the evil of Altiokis. The cover blurb is hilarious “How sharper than a wizard’s spell is the wrath of a woman unmanned”It’s a nice little story though with strong feminist elements Sun Wolf is a mercenary captain who is kidnapped by a group of women after he rejects their offer of employment The women threaten him with death by torture if he doesn’t help them rescue their menfolk who have been imprisoned by an evil wizardStarhawk is the mercenary who loves him and she has her own set of adventures while trying to track him downSun Wolf seems awfully genial with his captors considering the death by torture threat so I was glad that view spoilerhe balks at least once choosing a nasty death over continued servitude hide spoiler