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read The Telling doc ï Paperback ¾ feedmarkformulate Ó [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Telling Author Ursula K. Le Guin – Die junge Linguistin Sutty wird von der Ökumene der Welten als Beobachterin auf den Planeten Aka entsandt Dort herrscht ein autoritäres fortschrittsgläubiges Regime das sDie junge Linguistin Sutty wird von der Ökumene der Welten als Beobachterin auf den Planeten Aka entsandt Dort herrscht ein autoritäres fortschrittsg “We're not outside the world We are the world We're its language So we live and it lives You see If we don't say the words what is their in our world”― Ursula K Le Guin The TellingLe Guin so far for me has yet to disappoint This is one of her Eastern influenced books There are elements of Buddhism and a real feeling of Tibet that runs throughout this novel It is a book about a world Aka where the corporationgovernment has outlawed history culture and writing Books have been distroyed Knowledge painted over or burned But the native Akans seek to keep their history alive through stories hidden books etc In many ways it is a retelling through Science Fiction or reframing of China's 'Great Leap Forward' There are elements of families divided fanatical bureaucrats and survival underneath it all It is a novel about contrasting cultures the transmission of history and philosophy through community and stories It is like many of Le Guin's novels an exporation into the anthropological uestions that arise when cultures meetIt wasn't my favorite Le Guin but it was still very good and moving

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Läubiges Regime das sich rühmt alle Spuren einer großen kulturellen Vergangenheit ausgerottet zu haben Doch im unzugänglichen Bergland stößt Sutt I'm going to use an arguably banal and trite metaphor here that of a love affair Okay maybe not so arguable It is a banal and trite metaphor But that’s okay I think because the “relationship” many of us experience with our books and our authors is like a love affair is it not So forget that the metaphor is worn or hackneyed because it’s apt and it’s something to which many of you will relate and it’s the best way I can think of to communicate how this book affected meTo be precise I am comparing my reading of The Telling to the beginning of a love affair to the first date That’s how I see it anyway my first date with UKL the first of many I hopeUKL is the woman at the edge of my circle of friends Not that she’s unpopular or lonely mind you She has a circle of her own A rather large circle from what I gather It’s just that my circle only slightly overlaps her own She is beautiful from a distance and she certainly looks pretty enough up close too She always seems to be involved in conversation and everybody always has nice things to say about her I have checked her out across the room at parties but never really had the motivation to introduce myself On the one hand I’m always game for flirting with a pretty girl but on the other hand I have plenty of friends and I’m not eager to spend the energy cultivating another relationshipEventually a friend of mine leads UKL over and introduces us thinking we might hit it off which in fact we do At the end of the party we both play it cool exchange phone numbers and part on a hug I let a few days pass before I make the call For one thing I want to keep playing it cool; that’s my style But really I’m afraid of getting involved in something right now Life is plenty busy A new relationship can be work you know And it’s always a risk I like the known uantity Still I can’t stop thinking about the pretty girl that captured my attention so completely the other night so I pull out the digits and dial We agree to meet for drinks after work Nothing too big Nothing too committal Something from which either of us could exit if we don’t have a good feeling about thingsFor me The Telling began as drinks after work and ended late that night with a reluctant parting and a lasting impression There will without a doubt be a second dateAs I read The Telling I discovered a rich imagination a vibrant story teller and a fair and thoughtful judge of character UKL impressed me greatly I thought at first that her writing reminded me of Herbert but with a softness around the edges and woven through the words But that was just a first impression; I uickly fell in love with UKL on her own merits and not because she was reminiscent of anyone else The Telling is about “The Telling” – an ancient way of life among a remarkable people on a planet called Aka The Telling is a religion a philosophy a cosmology a sociology and an economy tied and woven inseparably together It is a bit utopian really But it has become fragmented hidden and perhaps a bit distorted Our protagonist is a historian anthropologist sociologist from Earth named Sutty She has come to Aka to learn from its people and she must patiently peel back the concrete and steel surface imposed by the modern Corporation State The State has criminalized The Telling seeing it as a threat to progress and as you might guess as a threat to its own authority Sutty’s patience is rewarded in the end but along the way her stamina is tested her objectivity is challenged and her beliefs are uestioned The Telling gives you ideas to contemplate in a story you can savor Like I said it left a lasting impression on me and there will be a second date with UKLPretty cheesy review huh

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The TellingY auf die Überreste einer alten Kultur die von einer verfolgten Kaste von Erzählern durch mündliche Überlieferung am Leben erhalten wird Klappentex This book like all of those by Ms Le Guin was thought provoking and focused on sociological elements of an alien culture that was not uite so alien at its core after all This time around the main character Sutty was a female a departure from some of the male centric stories I’ve read in this series Sutty a representative of the Ekumen traveled far from Terra to learn what happened on the planet Aka to have it go from housing a primitive society that was diverse and culturally rich in both written and oral lore to a technologically driven police state where the past must be erased including all the so called subversive writings and reading material from its primitive roots Those who still practice the old ways hide in plain sight or are driven underground to preserve all they know not only in written form but in oral form a practice called The Telling so the past might be passed on The main goal for Sutty at the beginning is to merely observe and to record and not to influence or aid and later to see if there’s any possible way this split society can be mended so Aka might be brought peacefully into the Ekumen’s federation of planets to share their knowledge and benefit from other’s knowledge as all members do This is somewhat the opposite set up as what Iain M Banks had going with his Culture series in which The Culture dominated other societies it wished to bring into its orbit forcing them to assimilate or be conuered Getting back to Sutty though she soon finds that being an unemotional and passive observer of that planet is not so easy when witnessing one segment of its society on the brink of destruction and especially when a mysterious man she calls The Monitor seemingly wants to thwart her and use her for his own nefarious purposes This story like most by Le Guin takes patience to read and an ear to what’s left unsaid as much as to what’s said I admit that halfway through it I lost patience when the story had me stuck inside Sutty’s head for pages on end as she mused over the puzzling society before her The emotional connection I felt to her and others was broken then and it wasn’t until the three fourths mark that the connection was mended and the story again found its way It found its way to an ending that knocked my rating up to four stars It was an ending I never could have imagined and one I’ll never forget It broke something lose in both the story and in me As always with Le Guin her writing was masterful and gently put even when hitting the reader hard in the heart I’ll leave you with some of my favorite lines that highlight her skill Where my guides lead me in kindnessI follow follow lightlyand there are no footprintsin the dust behind usHe had a straight back and good features though ambition anxiety authority had made his face hard tight Nobody starts out that way Sutty thought There are no hard babiesThat he couldn’t control her was so intolerable to him that he’d lost control of himselfHe was sincere Most bigots are sincereGo down to go upward fail to succeedBelief is the wound that knowledge heals Bigots have small ears Hate eats the hater Referring to a metaphorical mirror If the glass is whole it reflects the whole world but broken it shows only fragments and cuts the hand that holds itHis life that was what underwrote her bargaining His life Pao’s life Those were the intangible incalculable stakes The money burned to ashes the gold thrown away Footsteps on the air