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Epub ☆ Souls Unfractured õ 462 pages Download

Epub Souls Unfractured

Epub ☆ Souls Unfractured õ 462 pages Download ô [Epub] ➛ Souls Unfractured ➜ Tillie Cole – For fractured souls are like magnetsDrawn to collide into an impossible blissLabeled a ‘Cursed’ woman of Eve from birth Maddie has endured nothing but pain and repression at the hands Ie The shy beautiful woman he cannot purge from his thoughts The woman he has an overwhelming need to possess the only person who has ever been able to touch him Flame’s mission in life is to protect Maddie to keep her safe Until a trigger from his troubled past sends him spiraling into madness trapping him in the deepest recesses of his disturbed mind His Hangmen brothers fear that Flame is beyond saving His only hope of salvation Maddie and her healing lightDark Contemporary RomanceContains explicit sexual situations violence disturbingly sensitive and taboo subjects offensive language and very mature topicsRecommended for age 18 years and ov ༺Complimentary Copy༺ Provided by the author Tillie Cole in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE Souls UnfracturedSERIES Hades Hangmen #3AUTHOR Tillie ColeGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE August 11th 2015MY RATING 5 STARS I could not wait to read about psycho flame he's one sick twisted blood thirsty cutter mother fucker and I'm twisted enough to read it I am so fcking ready WHO CAN BLAME ME FOR LOVING FLAME NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Souls Unfractured begins immediately after Heart Recaptured ends To fully enjoy this novel Book 1 It Ain’t Me Babe and Book 2 Heart Recaptured should be read first Also be aware that Souls Unfractured contains scenes of severe sexual abuse taboo topics violence and sexual assaultTillie Cole has done it again This book was epic I freaking love FlameYou just want to crawl under his skin and ease the fire my heart literally broke in half reading his storyNo words can really describe everything that was racing through my mind my heart when I was reading thisBEFORE I couldn’t be touched I couldn’t be fucking touched One two three four five six seven I started to count waiting for the flames to hurt her Waiting for the paineight nine ten eleven My eyes snapped down as I reached eleven expecting to see her pain Eleven But she wasn’t hurt Eleven I’d gone past eleven I began pacing below her window Because no one would fucking get near her again No one would ever hurt her again If they did they would die Die under my motherfucking blades Because she was mine The little black haired bitch called Maddie was mine BOOM HERE WE GO Gods this is fucking ripping my heart out what the fuck happened to him who hurt him so fucking badly that he self mutilates why does he always count 11 steps forward then 11 steps back every time he is highly agitated he counts to eleven not to ten or twelve always to elevenSuch a tortured broken soul It's breaking my heart reading his need to control the fire within himselfThen out come the knives This is heartbreakingly rawDrip Drip the sound of my tears falling down my cheeks my heart is breaking for all that is flameNOW He has evil running through his veins The way he behaves the way he cuts himself The darkness of his soul He didn’t ever wanna live like this You know what he said to do if he ever went nuclear If at any point he never came back out of his fucked up head You ever want to jump inside a book and become one of those characters the character that saves the day that tries to save the broken male the one that loves that broken man unconditionally well Flame for me is that book The kind of book that made me FEEL the kind of book that BROKE my heart FLAMES story broke me into little piecesAnd that is what I love about books like this they make me feel things that on a day to day basis outside of my books I wouldn't necessarily feelA PRODUCT OF HIS CHILDHOOD There's an evil living inside you boy An evil I'm gonna make damn sure is exorcised Make you normal Make you rightOne two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie MaddieI really don't want to read what his father does to him to try and make him right This is going to kill me When we got that little glimpse of Flame in the previous book and his self mutilation and his inability to touch thinking if he touches he will hurt the recipient I will not lie I did roll the eyes and was like here we go this guy is fucked up way beyond repair but now we're privy to what made him the way he is there is such depth to his character And as I put above he is a product of his childhood it's been manipulated in him to think the way he thinksWith each book in this series Tillie just seems to push that darkness a little each book this book was darker than the others which I really really loved I was seventeenseventeen when I embraced the darkness Seventeen when I fucking became flame

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Y pierced and tattooed Flame Flame The man who ceaselessly watches over her with his midnight dark and searing eyes The man who protects her with a breath taking intensity And the man who stirs something deep within her numbed heart But when circumstances conspire for Flame to need HER help Maddie bravely risks it all for the broken man who has captivated her fragile soul The Hangmen’s most infamous member Flame is ruled by one thing anger Plagued by haunting demons from his past an all consuming rage and isolated by an abhorrent hatred of being touched Flame's days are filled with suffocating darkness pierced only by a single ray of light Madd FIVE STARSBR With My Beautiful BestieI used to wonder how two people one broken girl and one broken boy could ever move on from their dark and tortured pasts But now I know Together that's how They fight their way through together I LOVE the Hades Hangmen series I mean FREAKING LOVE it Since book one I have been intrigued by the dynamics between Flame and Maddie What I love about this series is that even though each book is about a different couple all of these characters are very much a part of the story throughout the series So when we get to their book we already have a vested interest in the characters Tillie kept our interests piued throughout the first two books where Flame and Maddie were concerned I just knew this was going to be a very heartbreaking journey and I was ready for the challengeFlame and Maddie both have had the most horrific childhoods We knew what Maddie's past had entailed but could only guess as to what made Flame the way he was So full of anger Unable to be touched by another human being Not having the ability to hold a normal conversation with anyone and yet he is drawn to Maddie Ever since the day the Hades Hangmen rescued her from the cult Flame has made it his sole responsibility to keep watch over and protect MaddieSomething traumatic happens that triggers Flame to have an intense flashback and ultimately he loses what little sanity he had left Maddie is the only one who is able to reach Flame She proved to be uite a strong heroine This little one has to be the bravest woman in the entire series She saw past all the crazy and found the beauty that was within Flame He may have rescued her from the cult and the ghosts from her past but she also saved him from the chains that tied him to his painful childhoodI found myself crying so much while reading this one Together Flame and Maddie have endured things when they were young children that were so horrific I actually wished that I could jump into the story and go a little Hannibal Lecter on some asses Ms Cole definitely went a little easier on us in this installment than she did in book two Thank God because I don't think my heart could have handled that level of darkness again and I would have considered it a bit of overkill to put these characters through additional turmoilThe romance was pretty beautiful and had an air of innocence There definitely was some steam but not like in the previous installments and honestly I wouldn't have had it any other way Flame and Maddie were really experiencing sex in a healthy and loving way for the first time It was a miracle that they could experience beauty in something that used to be the cause of pain and darkness This is definitely my favorite in the Hades Hangmen series so far I am uite curious to see what Tillie Cole has in store for us in CainRider's book I read someone's predictions on Facebook about who his love interest will be and BOY WOULD I LOVE THAT I never even thought it a possibility but I truly hope that Ms Cole has that same idea running through her talented mindI can't say enough about this series I would definitely recommend it but warn you that you need a buddy reader to help you get through some of the rough parts This is one hell of an AMAZING story Don't pass this one up

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Souls UnfracturedFor fractured souls are like magnetsDrawn to collide into an impossible blissLabeled a ‘Cursed’ woman of Eve from birth Maddie has endured nothing but pain and repression at the hands of The Order’s most abusive elder Moses Now living with her sister in The Hangmen’s secluded compound finally Maddie is free Free from the suffocating faith she no longer believes in Free from endless years of physical and mental tormentJust freeAt age twenty one the timid and shy Maddie is content to live within the confines of her new home safe from the outside world safe from harm and strangely protected by the Hangmen’s most volatile member; the heavil 5 Burning for Flame StarsFirst read Dec 2015Reread May 18 2017 and still fucking love this book Spoilers all up in this bitch “She would never want me I’m a fucking retard” I hit the side of my head with the heel of my palm as my eyes blurred again “I don’t think right in here I’m fucked up—I don’t get people they don’t get me And I ain’t ever gonna be able to read people Why would someone as perfect as her want someone as fucked up as me? Someone who isn’t right in the head?” FlameTillie Cole slayed me Damn This book was everything I wanted and Souls Unfractured is my favorite book in the Hades Hangmen series I fell madly in love with Flame in the first book He was so broken I just wanted to fix him and make it all better So I couldn't wait to get to his and Maddie's book And it was better then I expected There was some seriously dark twisted and taboo parts in this book but Flame and Maddie's relationship was touching powerful and beautiful This book obliterated me broke my heart then pieced me back together Although I am pretty sure I need some therapy after reading this But damn it was worth it“We have been in greater danger than this in our lives Lilah And Flame saved me Twice If it is my turn to be his savior then I will happily step into the fire” Maddie “Flame I know you are lost right now But I want to save you I want to save you as you have so often saved me” I swallowed the lump clogging my throat and continued “I know you want eternal peace but but I cannot I cannot take your life” Tears streamed from my eyes but I lowered my mouth to a few inches from his ear “I know the flames torture you greatly And I know you live with pain I know you no longer want to live I” I sniffed back my emotions as Flame became eerily still “I have been there too I have felt the urge to fade to never wake again But then something happened to me Someone happened to me You” MaddieMaddie having escape only a few months ago from The Order a religious cult that branded her a cursed devil's whore since birth because of her beauty lives in fear Only one thing makes Maddie feel safe feel anything and that is Flame Flame the man that killed her tormentor Brother Moses a man that raped and hurt her daily since she was six Everyday Maddie sits in the window watching her hero Flame pace back and forth keeping guard over her cutting himself She watches and wishes to help him be free of his demons as he freed her of hers She sits in her window and draws the life she wishes she could have with Flame a life free of fear a life with touch and love Since neither her or Flame can stand to be touched she knows she can never have her dream of having a love with Flame like Lilah and Ky or Mae and Styx have so she must be content with watching him and her art But when some unknown thing triggers a mental break in Flame and no one can reach him Maddie knows she must go to him and try before it's to late“Because that is my Flame in there And he needs me No one else Me” “Your Flame?” she whispered and her head tilted to the side I felt a blush coat my cheeks and I shrugged “That is how I regard Flame As mine From the moment I was able to touch him and he touched me I was claimed I have been his this whole time” Maddie and Mae “I held you and you held me” Her hands moved and gestured down her body “And your touch did not harm me The flames you believe run in your veins did not engulf me Instead you gave me life You gave me back my light” Another tear fell down her cheek and she whispered “You Flame My Flame My tortured boy You gave me life and light” MaddieFlame is one of the most broken raw beautiful and memorable characters I have ever read He is now one of my top 5 favorite heroes of all times with Bone Vlad Talen Kayrs and Ian Mackenzie I could never do justice telling how damn amazing I find him but I am going to try Flame grew up in a religious cult too one that doesn't believe in doctors one where they dance with snakes drink snake poison and if a snake bites you it means you have evil in you Having always been different Flame didn't fit in He didn't know how to talk to people didn't understand facial expressions social cues or emotions People always cried laughed or got angry with him The book never says but I am sure he is high functioning autistic His father would get mad beat him calling him a evil retard not knowing what he did wrong he just stop talking which only made is father angrier Telling Flame that he has the flames of hell running through his veins and that he is evil His father takes him to their pastor who tortures him and let snakes bite and hurt him When that doesn't work his father takes him home and locks him in the cellar beating and bleeding him to get the flames out His mother not being able to take her husband's abuse of her or her sons kills herself leaving Flame alone with his evil father and baby brother This of course causes his father to hate and hurt him Flame blames himself for his mother's death His father told him she killed herself because she hated having a evil retard for a son then he starts daily raping Flame while cutting his back with a blade Flame is a broken man A man so damaged he thinks his touch kills and hurts He always feels flames under his skin he is always cutting himself trying to get them out Reliving daily the abuse of his father in his head til it drives him crazy Flame wants Maddie but he doesn't want to hurt her with his touch Maddie is his and he will do everything in his power to protect her even if he can never really be with her“I won’t fucking hurt Maddie I’d die first She stays with me always In my cabin by my side And no fucker will be taking her from me” Flame “And I want to replace their touch with yours I want to wake up with your arm around my waist keeping me safe” MaddieMaddie and Flame together are one of the most beautiful couples ever The way they give so much to each other fight for each other protect each other The way their love overcomes their brokenness Learning what true and pure love was together Learning to touch each other trust each other view spoiler They were both virgins never having touched or kissed anyone only having been raped They are each others first true everything hide spoiler