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EBOOK ¸ Forward to Camelot ¶ Susan Sloate

WHERE WERE YOU THE DAY KENNEDY WAS SAVED On the th anniversary of the JFK assassination comes a new edition of the Forward to Epubextraordinary time travel thriller first published in with a new Afterword from the authors On Novemberjust hours after President Kennedy's assassination Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President aboard Air Force One using JF Forward to Camelot 50th Anniversary Edition is a 2013 release and published by Drake Valley Press The book is co authored by Susan Sloate and Kevin Finn I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest reviewIn the year 2000 Cady is a soap opera actress She takes care of her mother who has a mental illness that started when Cady's father disappeared on the same day JFK was killed Cady's mother was left pregnant and clueless as to what became of her husband She spends money like it grows on trees and hires private detectives to search for her missing husbandThen Cady's ex husband and agent stands by and allows Cady to lose her long running job on her soap opera But almost immediately she is offered another job This job is somewhat complicated Cady has been offered the opportunity to go back in time to 1963 and retrieve the Bible used to swear in LBJ after Kennedy's death The lure is not time travel itself or the possibility of preventing the assassination but the chance to find out about her father then hopefully changing the future for the better for her motherWhen Cady feels she has nothing to lose but a great deal to gain she accepts the job Using her skills as an actress Cady only has a short time to discover the plot behind the assassination and to prevent it if possibleThe first thing she discovers is her father and he's not uite like her mother described him all these years Cady also uickly begins to rub elbows with some of the major players involved leading her on a journey that will have a long lasting effect not only on Cady but on the entire nationAt one time of another I think we have all fantasized about traveling back in time Going back to 1963 is one of the most popular periods people think about when the topic of time travel comes up We all want to know if someone was on the grassy knoll if Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman and if there was any way possible we could prevent the murder of JFK Could we warn him Would he listen Can history really be changedThis incredible story allows us to indulge in that fantasy A clever way of inventing time travel is devised that actually made sense The nostalgia of seeing favorite TV shows movies and fashions cars and even things like candy we don't ever see any is fun to remember Cady lives out a fantasy we would all like to try even if it meant we were in danger ourselves Some things are just bigger that one person There were some really hard lessons Cady had to learn about her own personal history But she shows incredible bravery and courage in her attempts to change history The story sticks to one theory of why the President was targeted and by whom Again this theory is entirely plausible Recognizable names and places are incorporated into the story and adds authenticity Although the story is very tense there were humorous moments as well There may even be a little romance thrown in for good measure This is a well crafted fantasy very fast paced and emotional For me personally I have been a JFK conspiracy theory junkie for years I have often thought about how wonderful it would be if we could travel back in time to change the terrible events of that day I know I am not the only one I would have to agree with the author's spin of what might have happened if JFK had lived I think that speculation was also uite plausible Even if you are not all that interested in the history or conspiracy theories I think this book would still appeal to those that enjoy thrillers and fantasy and there was even a bit of a whimsical feel to it as wellOverall this think this one deserves an A

MOBI Forward to Camelot

Forward to CamelotK's own Bible Immediately afterward the Bible disappeared It has never been recovered Today its value would be beyond price In the year actress Cady Cuyler is recruited to return to for this Bible while also discovering why her father disappeared in the same city on the same tragic day Finding frightening links between them will lead Cady to a far peril Full Review at What's Beyond ForksForward to Camelot by Susan Sloate and Kevin Finn was extremely intreresting amd really made me think I'll be honest I didn't know if I was going to like it I was afraid I would be bored but I was pleasantly surprised I've seen many of the conspiracy theory documentaries but I never truly studied them or President Kennedy for that matter So this book really sparked my interest and I spent a lot of time on google during and after finishing because I wanted to know who was fiction vs real people and speculation vs fact It was all so interesting There was a lot of pretty intense action making this a fast read Plus there's a touch of romance that wasn't at all a focal point to the story but it was a fun little addition Forward to Camelot 50th Anniversary Edition by Susan Sloate Kevin Finn was kindly provided to me by the authors for review The opinions are my own

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DOC ð READER Forward to Camelot FREE ↠ FEEDMARKFORMULATE Ó ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Forward to Camelot Author Susan Sloate – WHERE WERE YOU THE DAY KENNEDY WAS SAVED On the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination comes a new edition of the extraordinary time travel thrillOus mission to somehow prevent the President's murder with one unlikely ally an ex Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald Forward to Camelot th Anniversary Edition brings together an unlikely trio a gallant president the young patriot who risks his own life to save him and the woman who knows their future who is desperate to save them both History CAN be altere I live in a household where JFK’s assassination is a common topic His head wounds the cover ups the grassy knoll and the unknown assassins are discussed in great detail and dissected thoroughly To some people this is entertaining to others—not so much The books and videos are dry and factual written for research and argumentative purposes than to entertain Usually read only in bits and pieces when a new theory on the killing is published However when I got my hands on this book Forward to Camelot I couldn’t stop reading Although I knew the main players in this game I was surprised continuously by the twists and turnsAn actress from the year 2000 is sent back in time to retrieve JFK’s lost Bible confiscated by persons unknown right after Lyndon Johnson’s swearing in She lands in Texas the week before JFK’s death and is thrown into a confusing miasma of spies and stolen guns conspiracies and danger She also finds out that her father who disappeared that monumental day thirty seven years prior was actually a cheating lying scumbag It’s a melancholy story with our intrepid protagonist Cady feeling unloved by her grieving mother and misunderstood by her fanatic fans Despite her beauty and fame the reader can easily relate to Cady because she dislikes herself and absorbs the negative emotions of those around her just like most of us do We base our happiness on what others think and say so does Cady George and John her time traveling partners in crime are reachable and well developed characters as well As we all know if the reader can’t connect with the characters the book will fall flat Even the well known people in the book Lee Harvey Oswald John F Kennedy the Secret Service agents and even Lyndon Johnson are shown as human and less mythical figureThe book was long–388 pages–but it read easily with continuous action and seemed to end way too uickly Historical facts and dates carefully woven into a story that speaks to the reader with humanity and humility And even though I never give spoilers I will say that the ending was very satisfactory Five stars