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EBOOK ´ EPUB Smile at Strangers ä 9780547774336 FREE ✓ FEEDMARKFORMULATE

EBOOK Smile at Strangers

EBOOK ´ EPUB Smile at Strangers ä 9780547774336 FREE ✓ FEEDMARKFORMULATE Õ ➝ Smile at Strangers free download ➢ Author Susan Schorn – “Eat pray kick ass Delivered with self deprecating candor Schorn's life lessons learned at the dojo wInding that perfect method of meditationFull of hilarious hijinks and tactical wisdom Schorn's uest for a satisfying life features practical and often counterintuitive lessons about safety and self defense Smile at strangers she says uestion your habits your fears your self criticism Self criticism is easy Self improvement is hard And don’t forget this essential gem Everybody wants to have adventures Whether they know it or not Join the adventure in these pages and come through it poised to have of your ow This book was so inspiring and full of life lessons that were truly moving The author is hilarious and really tells her story with so much life and spirit I felt an incredible sense of loss after I finished the book The bonds between the women and the wisdom from her Sensei was felt very strongly

EBOOK ã Smile at Strangers è Susan Schorn

“Eat pray kick ass Delivered with self deprecating candor Schorn's life lessons learned at the dojo will resonate with anyone who's ever tried to remodel a house raise kids cope with a health crisis navigate office politics or hyperventilated essentially anyone who's ever been slammed on the mat while testing for the black belt of life Like the fighter herself you can't put this one down” Mary Moore author of The Unexpected When You're ExpectingSusan Schorn led an anxious life For no clear reason she had Some great uotes and a few self realizing moments had me finishing this book even when I became glossy eyed through much of it This is a book that a present martial arts student might appreciate than I did I studied Aikido for 8 years and understood her stance practice techniues and such but reading about them for hundreds of pages was mind numbing for me I could have gotten much from the story with it trimmed down to 50 pages

Susan Schorn è Smile at Strangers PDF

Smile at Strangers Become progressively paralyzed by fear Fed up with feeling powerless she took up karate She learned how to say no and how to fight when you have to even in the dark Karate taught her how to persuade her husband to wear a helmet best one bossy Girl Scout troop leader and set boundaries with an over sharing boss Here this double black belt recounts a fighting biting laughing woman's journey on the road to living fearlessly where enlightenment is as much about embracing absurdity and landing a punch as about f As I read through this book I was disappointed that it was so karate focused something I didn't pick up in the title although the image on the cover should have given me a hint Also as an ex Expat who understands what it means to bloom where planted I found myself feeling annoyed by the author's whining about living in Hawaii and how she led her family to move back to Texas without really giving the move a chance and after all it was Hawaii not Moscow or Dubai or somewhere truly challenging where the language and the culture is different All that being said I consider a book worth the time if I learn even one beneficial piece of information one thing I can use or share In this book there were a few I now want to register my teenage daughters and maybe even a refresher for myself for a self empowerment type of self defense class most women don't grow up until their thirties and this is the best time for adventures The author states when you find yourself in the midst of one you have three choices you can embrace it run away from it or suffer through it They're all viable options but the first is the only one that's any fun I totally agree but this seems to be a little hypocritical after reading her Hawaii story Beyond each triumph are new peaks to be conuered Mas Oyama and title of a chapter and After forty new challenges hard to findAlthough I had a few issues with the book I would recommend it to other women but especially young women and women interested in the martial arts