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Reader » First Time Dad Be What to Expect for the Next 9 Months 1 Download ¶ Feedmarkformulate ß [Download] ➻ First Time Dad: Pregnancy Handbook for Dads-To-Be (What to Expect for the Next 9 Months 1) Author Steven Bell – Are You Going To BeAre You Going To Become A Dad For The First Time? Congratulations Learn All You Need To Know With This Practical GuideIf you are going to become a dad for the first time then you need to prepare yourself for that job What better way to do that than with this amazing book in your handsFatherhood can be very demanding You can surely expect some sleepless nights and smelly diapers But you can make it easier for yourself This book will prepare you for every scenario and you will always know what to doFind out what to expect from the moment you find out that your SO is pregnant Starting with Author Steven Bell has first hand experience for proffering this guidebook for new ‘expectant fathers’ In a gentle humorous fashion he introduces himself to the reader ‘Regardless of whether you conceived via the old fashioned way intrauterine insemination in vitro fertilization or any other way I feel that I have some insight to offer to other dads as they begin their journey to fatherhood I must be honest at the time of writing this content my son is just over three months old so I am still in my relative infancy pun intended of fatherhood However I still feel that sharing my experiences can be helpful to other guys as they prepare for the nine months of pregnancy and the first few months following delivery which is sometimes referred to as the fourth trimester Luckily for me my wife is a pediatrician so she was able to give me of a heads up than some other dudes out there’And with that lighthearted tone Steven opens his Part I with ‘Congratulations sniper – the orgasm counted this time Your sperm has successfully infiltrated your woman’s egg’ Not only does the author offer ‘instructions’ on how to deal with the pregnancy changes in both partners’ lives he proceeds to give sound advice for preparing for preparing for parenthood ‘it’s critical to remain pragmatic when faced with the challenges life throws at youyou and your lady are a team and right now she needs you to be calm’ dealing with doctor visits and ultrasound information the lifestyle adjustment important planning health issues financial issues selecting a name etc and then proceeds to walk us through the variations of each of the three trimesters bring until that day of deliveryThe author’s obvious comprehension of the healthcare profession he is a grad student in that arena makes his information credible and reliable His ability to address facts and possible problems of pregnancy admixed with tongue in cheek humor makes reading his sound advice accessible and entertaining In addition to his freuent use of backup references he makes available a way to obtain The Helpful New Dad A Checklist by Month for download Reading this book is a pleasure – even for those fathers whose children are now older – as it brings a fresh approach to the concept of parenting and the impact of raising children Recommended Grady Harp June 20

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Everything right and you wont even break a sweatHeres what you can find in this incredible guidePositive pregnancy test What now? Learn what to expect while you are expecting and how to prepare yourself for parenthoodBaby is coming Find out how to take care of your SO during pregnancy and through deliveryBaby is here Discover the best ways to take care of your newborn and prepare yourself for every scenario there isAftercare? When everything is done find out how to rekindle the flame of romance and keep everything going smoothlyScroll up click on Buy Now with 1 Click and Get Your Copy No This is a book that is written by someone without any prior writing experience is all I can think of The sentence structure and repetitive nature of miniscule statements is some what confusing A lot of the repetition isn't even for facts that are what some would deem critical for the reader Do not purchase

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First Time Dad Pregnancy Handbook for Dads To Be What to Expect for the Next 9 Months 1The stuff she will need to birth a healthy beautiful baby Like what foods are best for her what medical exams she will need and everything else you should do to make it easier for herBaby is born what now? Dont worry this book will especially help you with that part Discover the best ways to care for your newborn Learn how to make a longterm plan for the future Changes happen fast and you will learn how to uickly adapt to them Discover how to keep and improve romance with your SOWith this incredible guide in your hands you will make fatherhood look like a piece of cake You will be doing Some info in book but 99 pages come on