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Summa technologiae review Á 103

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önnen wir aus der Welt machen was ist möglich Fast alles nur das nicht dass sich die Menschen in einigen zigtausend Jahren überlegen könnten Genug so wie es jetzt ist soll es von nun an immer bleiben Verändern wir nichts erfinden und entdecken wir nichts weil es besser als es jetzt ist nicht sein kann und wenn doch dann wollen wir es nic. I believe a professional academic who specializes in either Lem or history of futurologist thought will find this book interesting but would not recommend to a casual hobbyistFirstly Lem's writing or its English translation is slightly too often unnecessarily wordy and burdensome to read And while Lem presents many interesting ideas contrast phantomatics with virtual reality many of them are very speculative or based on further speculative conjecture or based on outdated science which is not surprising itself as Lem's devised them from the vantage point of the 1960s Poland Some of Lem's theories are interesting observations that I will call outright false for example comparison of technological creations to natural evolution and attributing deterministic dynamics with certain phases to both But even though it is occasionally fascinating to try to map Lem's ideas to their current counterparts their formulation does not come with sense of relevancy Moreover many of Lem's theories of universe and life and information and their function are like a cathedral built on speculative arguments not testable hypotheses or provable mathematical statements but rather argument on argument what you are supposed to do when you observe construction that looks wonky in some regard but you are not construction engineer either and can not confidently judge if the building is truly sound or maybe if not the whole of it at least some sections Keep going with study of the structure with the hope that the understanding of which parts are salvageable will come later or determine that the best course of action is to give upWith the above paragraph I try to say that as I progressed with the book I started skimming and not sure what to make of it I repeat that book is probably interesting to an academic who specializes in this kind of academic thought but as person only with some interest in science future and science fiction I did not obtain much of the claimed insight

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Summa technologiaeSumma technologiae fasst die zur Zeit greifbaren Ergebnisse der futurologischen Wissenschaft zusammen und entwickelt neue bei uns bis dahin noch nicht bekannte KonzeptionenDas Buch handelt von einigen möglichen Zukünften der menschlichen Zivilisation Die Futurologie ist keine Wissenschaft sondern Schlachtfeld widerstreitender Interessen We. I'm halfway through and this is already five stars a philosophy by someone who denies being a philosopher The Summa is a beautiful work of science and art and philosophy All Lemmings should flock to this text as it contains many of the ideas than animate Solaris Fiasco the Futurological Congress Non Serviam the Sniffle and other Lem favorites This was written in the 60s before many of his major works and is probably a kind of hard AI Bible for those in that community like Dennett Hofstadler and Co The chapters on first contact and alien civilizations are wonderful I do have grave disagreements with Lem's structuralism or functionalism but I agree totally with his focus on evolution as the kind of master key for understanding intelligence language and many other things Lem is always fascinating and way way ahead of the curve My only problem is I disagree with his tendency to ignore concrete experience and in brief the materials in which functions are realized I've written about it as have many others since the heyday of functionalism and hard AI These are important and in a way stop the runaway regresses he fears about information meaning interpretation and the reality of our sensations or what it's like to be a creature of evolution We are grounded in matter and energy or concretely realized configurations of these not just abstract information Nevertheless a certain skepticism about consciousness is fully justified Lem's skepticism about meaning and representation in language is also very valuable He sees language as a causal evolutionary phenomenon and fundamentally non conceptual not as the realization of some Tractarian vision of the perfect logical system Conceptual agreement and generality seem to come from the fact that our evolutionary use of language cannot police non agreement and not from Platonism Very strongly agree In short this is a magnificent thought provoking book that presaged all sorts of ideas in the AI and SF communities His speculations are becoming real as we speak many are already here

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Summa technologiae review Á 103 ë [Epub] ➞ Summa technologiae Author Stanisław Lem – Summa technologiae fasst die zur Zeit greifbaren Ergebnisse der futurologischen Wissenschaft zusammen und entwickelt neue bei uns bis dahin noch nicht bekannte KonzeptionenDas Buch handelt von einigen Summa technologiae fasst dNn künftige Entwicklungen eng mit künftigen wissenschaftlichen Entdeckungen zusammenhängen kommt ihre Prognose der Antizipation dieser Entdeckungen gleich Das ist logisch unmöglich Wir können allein die Invarianten unserer Welt aufdecken und mit ihnen die Grenze abstecken die das Mögliche Erlaubte vom Unmöglichen Verbotenen trenntWas k. Favorite