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Thing she needs from the fierce warrior is his body to further her own plotcertainly not the dangerously irresistibly desire he rousesAs one of the deadliest shadow assassins of his realm Drac must use his skills to unearth the factions who murdered his king Drawn by an irresistible hunger to the princess he struggles to maintain distance from a woman who is utterly forbidden to those of his race Yet as s The Amagarians series is a departure for author Stacy Reid who has previously published historical romance novels But her secret is out not only can she write fun and exciting historicals she's got the makings of being a great new voice in the fantasy romance genre as well This first story in the series introduces us to a fascinating world with seven realms While one of these realms is Earth none of the action in this story takes place there though it could in the future Instead it focuses mostly on two of the other realms the Boreas and the Darkage The Boreas is a land of wind and mountains with a healing elixir valued by all the realms for its power Our heroine Princess Saieke has been promised in marriage to the king of Nuria the kingdom of eternal fire a man who had wrought destruction in the last great war and one Saieke is determined won't rule her realm Her parents have arranged this marriage in hopes of strengthening their country through an alliance but Saieke is desperate to postpone the inevitable Fleeing in advance of his arrival she intends to go to the Earth realm but assassins from Mevia the kingdom of sound force her to take shelter in the Darkage the kingdom of darkness and shadow Its reputation is fearful and Saieke isn't sure whether ending up there is any better than her arranged marriage But when she meets Archduke Drac a shadow assassin she is drawn to him despite his inner demon Saieke's one chance to avoid her arranged marriage without disgracing her kingdom is to take a lover a consort who would then make her less desirable in marriage When she chooses to seduce Drac the tables are turned when he claims her instead despite the fact that mating her is against the laws of his kingdom With traps all around her Saieke must choose whether aligning herself with Drac will ultimately strengthen her kingdom or lead to warThe key to a good fantasy story at least for me is to have compelling world building that details the kingdoms in uestion hopefully without becoming too bogged down with intricate details from the start It should give a general understanding of the land followed by and information as the reader becomes comfortable with the characters magic systems etc This was done expertly in this story gradually showcasing the differences between the realms and building a wonderfully detailed picture of those that this particular novel focussed on the Darkage and the Boreas while still giving a good introduction of some of the other realms This made for a fascinating picture of where Saieke and Drac are from their differences in ability and powers and the clear understanding that under normal circumstances they would never have met It's only because Saieke has sought refuge in the Darkage that they interact with each other their first meeting fraught with an underlying attraction that doesn't fade as they spend time together In a paranormal romance the citizens of the Darkage would be euivalent to a vampiredemon mix with their avoidance of sunlight their ability to exist and use shadows to move and strengthen themselves and their propensity to bite and drink blood during sex Each citizen living in the Darkage also carries within them a demon a beast who they transform into in times of necessity and this beast can take one of several forms the form it will take in any particular being existing as a tattoo on their right shoulder how cool is that While Drac comes across as a dark and sensual creature his darkness is tempered by his obvious care and affection for his family something Saieke is shocked to discover as the pervading rumours of Darkage citizens give only death and destruction as their norm He is in fact a complex and fascinating man one who has control of the beast inside him but who has no compunction in letting him out in order to protect Saieke from threats and there are many as the factions who tried to assassinate her once won't be satisfied until they succeed While Drac is a sexy alpha male type Saieke is a delicate woman though still one of great internal strength and fortitude She would not have fought her duty to marry for the good of her kingdom if she hadn't held the strong conviction that it would benefit only the invading king and not her people While her plan to escape to Earth has failed her next best option is to ally herself with Drac and his kingdom and so she sets out to do this But along the way her feelings for Drac become much complicated as do his feelings for herAs the story proceeds the political intrigue and action moves along at a smooth and uick pace keeping the reader engaged and interested in the story from the beginning to the end Drac and Saieke share several steamy scenes together the heat and intensity between them making it obvious that Saieke's initial plan to take Drac as her consort won't be enough for either of them I loved the two of them together Saieke's light balancing Drac's darkness and making them a dynamic and interesting couple There are several secondary characters introduced throughout the story all fascinating in their own right and ones destined to have a story all their own As a helpful guide there is a short glossary at the end of the story detailing the seven realms and a few of the other terms used in the story that describe their magical systems I can't wait to see what comes next in this series 5 starsNote a copy of this story was provided by the author for review

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Eternal Darkness The Amagarians #1He navigates the treacherous schemes and traps laid for her by the kingdoms of the seven realms Drac must decide if he will claim Saieke as his mate or will he relinuish this woman who stirs in him the darkest hunger he's ever known to avoid embroiling his kingdom in warHeat level ScorchingMature audiences only Word count wordsEternal Darkness is the first book in the Amagarians series and is a standalone 45 stars

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read Eternal Darkness kindle ì ¸ ❮Read❯ ➲ Eternal Darkness (The Amagarians, #1) Author Stacy Reid – The darkest taste of temptationFleeing from a blood oath made against her will to a man known in the seven realms as the tyrant king the last place Princess Saieke Shyokara expected to be trapped wThe darkest taste of temptationFleeing from a blood oath made against her will to a man known in the seven realms as the tyrant king the last place Princess Saieke Shyokara expected to be trapped was in the Darkage the land of the feared shadowed demons Even worse she's stuck with Archduke Drac EL Kyn a Darkan a creature of darkness and sensuality who entices her with passion intrigue and danger The only Do you understand what I amThen why do you fear for my safetyI have been poleaxed by the imagination of this high fantasy romance author Stacy Reid She wove an amazing detailed complex world filled with political intrigue and incredible powers around a dark bordering on taboo romance that aroused and terrified at the same time it built the foundation for an epic love storyMs Reid has imagined an alternative dimension with Earth called Amagarie There seven kingdoms have evolved where power is brokered stolen or battled over by long lived beings who can harness the elements or invoke their symbiotic beasts to obtain that which is valued There are defined characteristics to these seven kingdoms and alliances are always necessary to maintain the balance of power As the story opens Princess Saieke is fleeing her principality to avoid marriage to a neighboring king she believes will be harmful to her people It is an impulsive move which has conseuences the princess cannot know Her plan is to travel to Earth through a dimensional portal but she is waylaid by assassins and travels into the Darkage a shadow kingdom of demons and beasts to avoid the killersIn the Darkage the beautiful princess who is formidably trained herself is saved by the savage warrior Drac and she bargains with him for sanctuary His beast is powerfully attracted to the princess yet giving in to any attraction will cause untold damage to both their kingdoms Saieke knows this too yet she sees a sexual liaison with Drac as a means to solve her problems with the unwanted engagement Again it is an impulsive move that has conseuences the princess cannot knowThe alliance of Drac and Saieke is taboo not just because of the blood promise to another king but because of the differences in their powers A Dracan and a Princess of the Wind and Water cannot be mates Ever Yet these two are consumed by a lust that turns to a consuming passion Saieke reads Drac's chakra as a black shadow demon that at first feeds on her fear and then becomes horrified if she feels fear The demon beast manifests itself to its fullest extent when she is in peril so much so that Drac fears losing control of his symbiotic creature Drac is a full terrifying alpha and Reid has created a creature that is dark and mysterious and serpentine Ours Drac will say in a sibilant hiss that echoes of two voices view spoilerThat creature and its proclivities join them in the bedroom The sex scenes are tinged with pleasure pain I have to admit I was a little in awe of Reid's imagination for these scenes I was riveted yet never repulsed I'll call it beastiality lite hide spoiler