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Ebook ¿ Classic Stories from the Sumerian Mythology ë Scott Lewis

E of Gilgamesh a tyrannical king who is blessed with a true friend and companion Enkidu As they set out to make their names the young men encounter demons gods and goddesses and death It is the first recorded hero’s epic Creation Myths The ancient Mesopotamians had a vivid idea of their origins Learn how they saw their role in the cosmos and interpreted events in their lives The Descent of Ishtar No good collection of myths would be complete without a trip to the underworld In this myth the ueen of heaven is not content with her lot and

Ebook Mesopotamian Mythology

Mesopotamian Mythology Classic Stories from the Sumerian Mythology Akkadian Mythology Babylonian Mythology and Assyrian Mythology Classical Mythology Book 7Did you know the Mesopotamians did not believe in life after death? Or that their ueen of the underworld and their arrogant god of war and pestilence had an epic love story? In this collection you will enjoy the epic stories of ancient Mesopotamia that echoed through other great works like the Bible and The Odyssey The Sumerian belief system offers a fascinating insight into the lives of these ancient people as they struggled to establish the first empires of man Some of the fantastic stories included areThe Epic of Gilgamesh the adventur

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Download Book Ñ Mesopotamian Mythology ✓ Scott lewis ë ➶ Mesopotamian Mythology: Classic Stories from the Sumerian Mythology, Akkadian Mythology, Babylonian Mythology and Assyrian Mythology: Classical Mythology, Book 7 Free ➬ Author Scott Lewis – Did you know the MesopotaSeeks to gain the power of the underworld as well The Epic of Etana One of the original action adventure stories is the story of Etana Through divine providence Etana is elevated from shepherd to king but cannot conceive an heir With help from the gods and a less than honorable giant eagle he seeks to find the plant that will let his wife bear him a child Ereshkigal and Nergal Stories of star crossed lovers are common enough but the Mesopotamian version has a uniue twist Ereshkigal and Nergal are the most unlikely of bedfellows And so mu