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Sex Power Money Audio Download Amazon co uk Sara Pascoe Sara Pascoe Faber Faber Audible AudiobooksAward winning comedian Sara Pascoe Money Audio Kindle #214 following her hit book Animal turns her attention to the things that really matter to humans sex power and money Deciding to confront her fear of the male libido Pascoe delves into such uestions as Why don t people care about the welfare of the people they masturbate to and Why is there such stigma around those who work in. Even though I didn t particularly like Animal this is great Now I ll admit that it has some significant weaknesses there are hardly any endnotes footnotes some chapters seem completely extraneous no one needs an entire chapter on Indecent Proposal especially when any salient points got lost completely it needed editing and a better structure It did need to show empirical data just because you assert something doesn t make it true or right This is bizarre considering the book itself says this at least onceWhen you get that out the way there is a lot left that is good First she doesn t go in for confirmation bias On any book like this it s easy to get readers to like you and get sales if you just confirm what they already think That s incredibly lazy self serving writing but not in this book Everyone can feel uncomfortable with their own biases and assertions Being challenged on what you think is I d say the marue of a good writer This book is lightweight science but it stands above others because it doesn t get bogged down in endless logical fallaciesShe doesn t go in the the laziest gender politics trope of all that men are fundamentally terrible It might be something that gives immediate satisfaction but does nothing to create understanding There are things that men have done and still do that are appalling but she makes no lazy generalisations and instead tries to understand and explain The men as villains trope is exhausting and is fundamentally stupid because you can never move on from itIt did need a broader brush in places though the examples and discussions were primarily about cis gendered heterosexuals which did make some of the arguments and examples pretty narrow You can t make generalisations about sexual dynamics by excluding what might refute or even confirm your argument To really thorough you have to investigate a much wider spectrum and sometimes I felt the odd references to lesbian and gay experiences was a bit tokenisticWhat is refreshing is that seen from the point of view of evolutionary biology a lot of the attritional arguments over sex and gender could be ignored It made the point clear that evolution is not culture and we can imagine we can remake human beings just as want by changing the culture That isn t going to work we can choose to influence behaviour if we want but the book made the point clear that evolutionary priorities are still in the driving seatA great book highly recommended

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Sex Power Money Audio Download: Sara Pascoe, Sara Pascoe, Faber Faber: Audible Audiobooks Read & Download Ë 4 ì ❂ [EPUB] ✺ Sex Power Money Audio Download: Sara Pascoe, Sara Pascoe, Faber Faber: Audible Audiobooks By SThe Sex Power PDF sex industry when Some women still want men to buy their dinner In this comedic and educational hopscotch over anatomy the history of sexual representation and the sticky way all human interactions are underwritten by wealth Pascoe explores whether we ll ever be able to escape the Conundrum of Heterosexuality if women can t help but admire status and men obsess ab. I was excited to read this after Animal but was really disappointed The humour falls flat and there s barely any evidence cited Anybody who s done any kind of higher education knows this is essential why should I believe you Because you backed it up with humour and typed some of it in capitals This book feels like it doesn t know if it wants to be funny or educational so she tried for both and fell wide of both marks not that the two are mutually exclusive although it appears they are here If you haven t seen the film indecent Proposal prepare yourself for a lot of bizarre references to it In fact I feel like the only thing I learned from this book was the basic storyline of indecent Proposal

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Out youth and physicality Drawing on Power Money Audio eBook #8608 anecdotal experience unualified opinion interviews and research Sex Power Money is thought provoking and riotously funny a fresh take on the oldest discussion PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio on our desktop sit. This book really is good Sara Pascoe seems to be maturing into a real polymath Here she continues the work started in Animal She is this generations Desmond Morris in a easy reading style similar to that of Stephen Fry Brian Cox and Hannah Fry As with Fry she is absolute proof of a real change is under way with the establishment be it publishers academic institutions or broadcasters being forced to take women seriously Podcasts that wonderfully anarchic medium seems to be the catalyst that was neededThis book is objective well researched and tries extremely hard to stay that way It sidesteps the obvious prejudices well and informs any number of debates in a light yet fundamental way Well worth a read