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FREE DOC à READER Asians in Britain ✓ 400 Years of History ↠ ❮BOOKS❯ ✬ Asians in Britain: 400 Years of History Author Rozina Visram – 'Rozina Visram's excellent book does for Asians what Peter Fryer achieved for African Caribbeans in his groundbreaking booIp Hiro TLSIn this new groundbreaking book Rozina Visram offers an extensively researched comprehensive study of Asians from the Indian subcontinent in Britain Spanning four centuries it tells the history of the Indian community in Britain from the servants ayahs and sailors of the seventeenth century to the students princes soldiers professionals and entrepreneurs of the 19th and 20th centuries Drawing on primary resources and recently declassified government documents Visram examines the nature and pattern of Asian migration; officia A fantastic read very informative passed it around to friends and family a great insight to the first Asians arriving in Britain

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'Rozina Visram's excellent book does for Asians what Peter Fryer achieved for African Caribbeans in his groundbreaking book Staying Power'Socialist Review'An exceptional introduction to Asian legacy and heritage in Britian' Muslim NewsPraise for Rozina Visrams previous pioneering study Ayahs Lascars and Princes'A lively and timely survey of British Indian history' Salman Rushdie'Rozina Visrams excellent book does a great deal to explain how the idea of white supremacy lingers' Hanif Kureishi'Scholarly succinct and gripping to read' Dil Four centuries ago at the beginning of the 17th Century passengers aboard a ship belonging to the East India Company carried a young man who would be the first recorded Indian in Britain He was soon followed by other Indians associated directly or indirectly with the Company as lascars seamen ayahs nannies or servants Rozina Visram charts the history of Indians and in passing that of other foreign nationalities in Britain from that period until the end of the Second World WarIt is a history marked by ineuality and segregation prejudice and mistreatment but also often of endless hard work creativity and heroism Sometimes through economic or political necessity or opportunity seeking sometimes to gain skills to take home and sometimes simply for want of seeing the “mother country” Indians came to Britain some leaving later in order to apply their skills knowledge or political ambitions back in India others staying and integrating as best as they were allowed into their new homeMoral panics abounded especially with regard to a fear of white women mixing with non white men and there were the usual tales of Indians taking British jobs and selling substandard goods A reluctance by landlords to rent out lodgings to non whites meant that what accommodation was available was substandard and in such short supply that Indians were forced to crowd into sualid slums upon which effect and cause were confused and this was taken to be the Indian norm thus are myths createdBut despite this Indians thrived and made positive contributions to their new home They became a new source for the expanding industrial working class opened restaurants purveying exotic novel food and cared for the health needs of Britons as doctors and nurses eventually to become a key component of the National Health Service Without Indians in Britain we may never have had or would only have had later meals on wheels Pelican Books and much of the knowledge we currently have of hypertension Crucially India itself also contributed men women and materiel during two world wars Visram rounds off her chapter on the Second World War with the story of Noor Inayat Khan an SOE agent who worked with the French Resistance and who was captured by the Gestapo tortured and eventually taken to Dachau and shot For her service Khan was posthumously awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French and the George Cross by Britain Conversely many of the lascars who perished during both world wars remain unacknowledged by the authorities and some of those wounded as a result of enemy action found themselves without pay during their convalescence due to their inability to workDespite its title however the book only really covers 350 years of history not 400 That’s a shame as it would have been useful to have seen at least an overview of how the South Asian presence in Britain developed over the 60 years subseuent to the Second World War the book was published in 2002 Apart from that though the only mild irritant I found and this is purely a matter of personal taste was Visram’s habit of occasionally posing a series of uestions as scene setting for what is to come next As the uestions proliferated I occasionally found myself thinking “I don’t know Why ask me?”On the whole though this is a story well t

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Asians in Britain 400 Years of HistoryL attitudes to Asian settlement; the reactions and perceptions of the British people; the responses of the Asians themselves and their social cultural and political lives in Britain This imaginative and detailed investigation asks what it would have been like for Asians to live in Britain in the heart of an imperial metropolis and documents the anti colonial struggle by Asians and their allies in the UK It is an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the origins of the many different communities that make up contemporary Brita Excellent bookwith good research