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Ebook Á Getting to Yes Negotating Agreement Without Giving In 224 pages Download ¶ Roger fisher

Mobi Getting to Yes Negotating Agreement Without Giving In

Ebook Á Getting to Yes Negotating Agreement Without Giving In 224 pages Download ¶ Roger fisher ì [PDF / Epub] ✅ Getting to Yes Negotating Agreement Without Giving In ⚣ Roger Fisher – Describes a method of negotiation that isolatesIsed it offers readers a straight forward universally applicable method for negotiating personal and professional disputes without getting angry or getting takenThis is by far the best thing I`ve ever read about negotiation It is eually relevant for the individual who would like to keep his friends property and income and the statesman who would like to keep the peace John Kenneth Galbrait This book was recommended to me by about a dozen friends colleagues and professors before I finally decided to read it Getting to Yes was a good mix between text book techniue and anecdotal evidence in negotiations It taught me to separate the people from the problem and to strive toward common interests to create a win win relationship instead of playing a game of positioning for a win lose scenario I definitely recommend it to anyone who works for a living anyone who pays rent or a mortgage anyone who has a significant other or spouse anyone with siblings and the list goes on basically everyone should read this book Here are some of my favorite uotes from the book Be soft on the people but hard on the issue at hand How you see the world depends on where you sit Understanding someone's point of view is not the same as agreeing with it An open mind is not the same thing as an empty one Silence is one of your best weapons use it If you want a horse to jump a fence don't first raise the fence Be open to reason and closed to threats Never yield to pressure yield only to reason Deal with people as human beings an djudge the problem based on its merits Conflict does not lay in objective reality but rather in people's heads The reason you negotiate is to produce something better than you could obtain without negotiating Negotiating Jujitsu read the book to learn what this is it's a great concept

Pdf ´ Getting to Yes Negotating Agreement Without Giving In Ä Roger Fisher

Imary business texts of the modern era it is based on to Yes Negotating ePUB #10003 the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project a group that deals with all levels of negotiation and conflict resolution Getting to Yes offers a proven step by step strategy for coming to mutually to Yes Negotating Agreement Without Epubacceptable agreements in every sort of conflict Thoroughly updated and rev Bad news everybody I've turned into a bore You can tell because on my first weekend of No Work At All in about six weeks here I am reading a guide to negotiation cover to cover It's official I now do CPD for fun Would you want to talk to me at a party I wouldn'tWhich is kind of a shame because this is pretty good Full of excellent advice useful scripts and contingency plans Anecdotes from everything between lease negotiations and the preparatory talks for the Law of the Sea Convention This international law graduate particularly enjoyed those bits It was well laid out and well written clearly by someone who can think of nothing fun than three consecutive days sat round a table brainstorming ideas It wasn't ludicrously chirpy or full of buzzwords It didn't try to make common sense sound like pseudoscience looking at you Seven Successful HabitsIt's really nice to come across a book about negotiation that values collaboration cares about people's individual interests and feelings doesn't want anyone to get shafted I love that it's not even specific to commercial contexts it's written in a way that emphasised injecting fairness into all sorts of communications like partners landlords insurers There was hardly any hot air at all I'm astonished I have a feeling I'm going to come back to this often and so should you you know

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Getting to Yes Negotating Agreement Without Giving InDescribes a method of negotiation that isolates Yes Negotating Epub #181 problems focuses on interests creates new options and uses objective criteria to help two parties reach an agreement com description Product Description Since its original Getting to ePUB #186 publication nearly thirty years ago Getting to Yes has helped millions of people learn a better way to negotiate One of the pr I attended a class on International Negotiations at the Foreign Service Institute this week and we were assigned this book to read for the class I thought the book was rather straightforward and I liked the anecdotes Overall I think it was a good selection for our class and helped to emphasize the points being taught I doubt I will become a master negotiator but I do see benefits from this book and class in my personal life Some of the lessons I learned in class include the following People won't let you change their mind unless they trust you Thomas Colosi Treat every meeting as a negotiation Thomas Colosi People who only use the formal negotiation process will not often be very successful Thomas Colosi First rule of negotiating Be nice Carmen Suro Bredieinteresting uotes from the book A generation ago the term 'negotiation' also had an adversarial conotation In contemplating a negotiation the common uestion in people's minds was 'Who is going to win and who is going to lose' To reach an agreement someone had to 'give in' It was not a pleasant prospect The idea that both sides could benefit that both could 'win' was foreign to many of us Now it is increasingly recognized that there are cooperative ways of negotiating over differences and that even if a 'win win' solution cannot be found a wise agreement can still often be reached that is better for both sides than the alternative p xii In a negotiation particularly in a bitter dispute feelings may be important than talk p 31 An apology may be one of the least costly and most rewarding investments you can make p 35 No matter how many people are involved in a negotiation important decisions are typically made when no than two people are in the room p 38 If you want someone to listen and understand your reasoning give your interests and reasoning first and your conclusions or proposals later p 54 Few things facilitate a decision as much as precedent p 80 In short the approach is commit yourself to reaching a solution based on principle not pressure Concentrate on the merits of the problem not the mettle of the parties Be open to reason but closed to threats p 84 Some of the most effective negotiating you will ever do is when you are not talking p 114 Some parties locked into adversarial ruts seem unable to consider alternative approaches until they reach the brink of mutual annihilation and some not even then p 155 Before you even begin to negotiate it makes sense to envision what a successful agreement might look like p 175