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Download kindle ´ The Killing of a President 240 pages º Robert J. Groden ð [Ebook] ➢ The Killing of a President Author Robert J. Groden – The assassination of John F Kennedy remains the greatest unsolved mystery in American political history Though hundreds oHe photographs This step by step chronology and comprehensive visual analysis form a revealing case study for anyone interested in the JFK assassination The publication of The Killing of a President is certain to be unsettling and controversial because it permits the public an unencumbered view of the photographic evidence While some of the photographs in this book are shocking and disturbing their appearance here is crucial to showing that a conspiracy did exist to kill John Kennedy The Killing of a President is a powerful and important book that attempts to unlock the secrets of the conspiracy one that the American government has supported for the last thirty A nice visual book for all conspiracy buffs

mobi ´ The Killing of a President ↠ Robert J. Groden

Unding the assassination and the cover up including a complete analysis of the medical ballistics and acoustics evidence the story of Lee Harvey Oswald new information on the grassy knoll controversy the Warren Commission proceedings the details of Jim Garrison's investigation and a discussion of the House Assassination Committee hearings in the late s Many of the book's photographs documents and data have never before been published because of their suppression by the government or their previous unavailability The images have been carefully reproduced and many have been optically enhanced by using the latest technology to clarify heretofore unseen detail in t I have a very vivid memory of being in elementary school the day that President Kennedy was killed There was an announcement over the class intercom system of the assassination and that a man named Lee Harvey Oswald had been responsible We were then released about a half hour early As I walked home kids were shouting “Death to Oswald” and “Oswald is a killer” Of course we were all stunned the next day when the President’s murderer was himself shot and killed on live television Many years later I went to see the Oliver Stone movie JFK on the day that it was released There had been a lot of speculation about it so my assumption was that it was going to show that others had helped Oswald kill the President years before Well it definitely promoted a conspiracy but it also proposed that Oswald had NOTHING to do with the actual killing that day Once again I was stunned This book THE KILLING OF A PRESIDENT was written by Robert J Groden the man who had “stabilized” the shaky Zapruder film Groden was a consultant with Stone’s movie and I finally saw the assassination footage I was numb as I watched it and I started crying The child I was so many years before had a child’s “hit back at those who harmed you” mental reaction The young adult who was watching the movie felt the loss that I hadn’t uite comprehended back then And if the film was right if even 20% of the film was right we had been lied to by our government in a much worse way than had occurred during Watergate Public reaction opened up speculation and demands for release of material regarding the killing About two years after seeing JFK I saw this book and bought it I still had an interest however it wasn’t of a “I must read this now” nature So the book has been unread on my bookshelf until now The book cover states that it is “The complete photographic record of the JFK assassination the conspiracy and the cover up” And that it is So many memories came flooding back as I read through it and I had tears in my eyes on two occasions The photographs are numerous as they point out obscure details Some of them are gruesome in the extreme Groden takes the Reader step by step through the events of those days the immediate impact afterward the investigations the attempts at blocking information access or outright falsification of information the details of the unusually large number of witness deaths and major milestones in the years since It also covers speculations of who and what were behind the conspiracies although it uickly dismisses the shakiest ones Having recently seen Martin Scorsese’s movie “The Irishman” there is a casual comment made that “The Mob” was behind the President’s assassination That is explored here too although the book was written about 25 years ago I as most Americans had such a naïveté in my youth about those who hold high government office Essentially it was that we elect our Best to public office and we can trust them I remember hearing my Dad and Mom talking in late 1963 and over the course of the next year speculating without all of the discrepancies that were later revealed that something just didn’t “feel right” about all of this The JFK assassination was the beginning of their doubts Mine would wait until the early 1970’s and Watergate Near the end of the book Groden writes “When I lecture on the Kennedy assassination I am asked uestions about the ‘who’ and ‘how’ of the murder and cover up The most startling uestion has been ‘After all this time does the JFK assassination really matter’ Of course it does Those directly involved in the crime and cover up might never be brought forward or confess as a result of any further investigations But that is perhaps of secondary importance We must be vigilant and take as our primary responsibility a careful scrutiny of the past taking those measures necessary to ensure that history does not repeat itself” I highly recommend this book

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The Killing of a PresidentThe assassination of John of a ePUB #8608 F Kennedy remains the greatest unsolved mystery in American political history The Killing PDFEPUBThough hundreds of books have been written on this topic an in depth photographic analysis has Killing of a PDFEPUB #233 never before been published In this compelling new book The Killing of a President The Complete Photographic Record of the JFK Assassination the Conspiracy and the Cover up readers can examine a comprehensive collection of all the latest research and relevant evidence in the Kennedy case This authoritative volume contains than photographs maps drawings and documents that depict and explain the events surro The saying a picture speaks a thousand words certainly rings true when reading this book Robert Groden uses photographic evidence to examine the complex subject of the assassination of President John F Kennedy With than 630 photographs maps drawings and documents the reader is able to view and analyze the evidence to decide if there was a conspiracy and coverup While some of the pictures in this book are horrifyingly graphic I believe they are necessary to fully examine the evidence of which direction the bullet or bullets came from It's so shocking and disturbing to see the President's wounds to view the pictures of the motorcade as it makes its way to that fateful moment in time It's like a train wreck that you don't want to see but you have to see if for no other reason than to try to see how it turns out The only thing is the pictures still don't satisfy many people who will never believe anything other than the government's official story Could people in our own government really have done something this evil If the Warren Commission really is the truth then why is there so much evidence that uestions their version I encourage you to read this book to study the pictorial evidence for yourself