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Ew hundred yards of each other Few men know what really went on that day in Helmand Province Rob Driscoll is one and like Blackman knew only too well the privations and frustrations of fighting an ubiuitous and tenacious enemy without sufficient resources and supportYetLethal Shot isthan a compelling insight into one of the most controversial and divisive cases in recent military history It is a clear eyed account of life on active service with the Royal Marines of incursions into war torn countries where chaos and anarchy ruled and of men ri

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Fire A Lethal ShotSking their lives daily only too often to find that they would not be backed up by politicians at home In charting its author's career as a Royal Marine Commando it unflinchingly demonstrates the real life horrors of engaging at close uarters with enemies such as the TalibanRob Driscoll received a Mention in Despatches for his last tour of 'Afghan' the citation reading 'He never bows to fatigue or danger and there is no doubt that his remarkable acts of selflessness saved a number of lives for which he deserves significant formal recognition' Took me back to the Green Zone A difficult read but a brave book and true to the events Driscoll encountered A must read for those who are interested in UK military Operations and the Military strategies our soldiers operate under

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EPUB Ñ MOBI Fire A Lethal Shot ò ☆ ➻ [Reading] ➽ Fire A Lethal Shot By Rob Driscoll ➰ – Rob Driscoll former sergeant with 42 Commando Royal Marines served tours in Ira Kuwait and Kosovo A born leader of fighting men he also endured three tours in Afghanistan The third of those will Rob Driscoll former sergeant with 42 Commando Royal Marines served tours in Ira Kuwait and Kosovo A born leader of fighting men he also endured three tours in Afghanistan The third of those will go down in history as one of the UK military's darkest hours for it marked the first time a British serviceman has been tried for a murder on the battlefield since the Second World WarThat man was 'Marine A' Sergeant Alexander Blackman Rob Driscoll's friend and fellow NCO in 42 Commando and on the day in uestion they were commanding patrols within a f Being ex military myself although I didn't serve in Afghanistan I read a lot of books written by ex military personnel I found this book particularly interesting because the author didn't just join the Royal Marines exciting and interesting in itself but he volunteered for anything and everything that he possibly could giving himself a wealth of experience and a varied career and the reader an exciting page turner of a book because you don't know what direction the authors career will turn nextI also felt that the author has written with complete honesty describing himself as being tired scared and at his wits end at times and not trying to come across as a fearless 'Hollywood hero' I feel it's because of this honest approach that the author doesn't hold back when he describes the lack of support from some of the upper echelons of the military during his time in Afghanistan something that didn't surprise me as I've heard lads talking about it but something that will surprise and shock most civilians I'd imagine who read this bookThe author describes events leading up to the situation for which 'Marine A' was arrested tried and convicted he describes the stress fear exhaustion and lack of support both on the battlefield and after they returned home that these men experienced daily If you didn't think the treatment of 'Marine A' and others was an abomination before you certainly will once you've read this book and walked an IED strewn mile in these men's shoesAn honest exciting and well written bookPs I don't understand why one reviewer has uestioned the facts in this account unless she was actually there with the author and experienced things differently I think it's just a poorly written review