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CHARACTERS ¼ Essential Calculus with Applications (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Richard A. Silverman ´ 8 CHARACTERS

CHARACTERS ¼ Essential Calculus with Applications (Dover Books on Mathematics) ô [Download] ➵ Essential Calculus with Applications (Dover Books on Mathematics) Author Richard A. Silverman – Calculus is an extremely powerful tool for solving a host of practical probleApter Two begins the actual study of differential calculus with a discussion of the key concept of function and a thorough treatment of derivatives and limits In Chapter Three differentiation is used as a tool among the topics covered here are velocity continuous and differentiable functions the indefinite integral local extrema and concrete optimization problems Chapter Four treats integral calculus employing the standard definition of the Riemann integral and deals with the mean value theorem for integrals the main techniues of integration and im. Still havn't opened it and it's been a long time since I've owned it Thinking about gifting it really since you can just buy a textbook on the subject and learn the real way

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Proper integrals Chapter Five offers a brief introduction to differential euations and their applications including problems of growth decay and motion The final chapter is devoted to the differential calculus of functions of several variablesNumerous problems and answers and a newly added section of Supplementary Hints and Answers enable the student to test his grasp of the material before going on Concise and well written this text is ideal as a primary text or as a refresher for anyone wishing to review the fundamentals of this crucial disciplin. Essential calculus should include how to calculate volumes of different objects either by revolving or shell methods In fact the lack of applications in this book is overwhelming The author tries to keep the euations general which is nice for those experienced with the euations before but it would be helpful to include problems with specifics I am all for creating a general euation but I often like to see a real tangible example with numbers I can relate to in order to make the problem feel real This book lacks guidance for someone who is new to calculus I will say that in some instances it helped brace some of the shaky things in calculus I had learned but I feel that 95% of the book did not fit well for my learning style The one nice thing that I liked about the book was its method of actually showing the steps behind many of the proofs

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Essential Calculus with Applications Dover Books on MathematicsCalculus is an extremely powerful tool for solving a host of practical problems in fields as diverse as physics biology and economics to mention just a few In this rigorous but accessible text a noted mathematician introduces undergraduate level students to the problem solving techniues that make a working knowledge of calculus indispensable for any mathematicianThe author first applies the necessary mathematical background including sets ineualities absolute value mathematical induction and other Essential Calculus ePUB #194 precalculusmaterial Ch. Good