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BOOK ↠ A Branches Book Ç Rebecca Elliott

Warm Hearts Day A Branches Book Owl Diaries #5 5Scholastic Inc This is an outstanding book that the author has written for ages 5 7 and K 2 She is also the illustrator and the drawings are nicely done and accompany the text throughout the bookEva Wingdale lives in Treetopolis and goes to school at Treetop Olimentary with other owlets Her teacher is Mrs Featherbottom and the discussion of Warm Hearts Day is filling the classroom The origin of this day is also covered in detail Years ago the animals were fighting amongst themselves in a snowstorm and a fairy appeared She needed help from them to get back to Fairyland They all worked together as a team to get her back Lesson # 1 working together as a team Outstanding And this trait continues when making cards and cookies as wellThus the little owlets are in preparation for the celebration this year Decorating houses giving cards and presents wonderful food and of course the big party at the Old Oak Tree As one may imagine the owlets are so excited and are in a flurry of 'egg citing' times All is going well until Eva remembers that she forgot the presents for her family What will she do now?Along the way to the party the young reader will be delighted to meet sheep beavers and bears And it is with these animals that Eva and her generosity shines through Sharing is so much important than buying presents for others And giving presents fills the heart than getting themLots of wonderful lessons in this one From teamwork to sharing and loving your family And helping others in need is so important as is being kind to those less fortunate than yourselfTruly wonderful book for lessons to be learned and also for the illustrationsMost highly recommended

Rebecca Elliott Ç Owl Diaries #5 EBOOK

Scholastic Inc My daughter has fully enjoyed this entire series We didn't read this series in order but that wasn't a problem at all It's full of colorful pictures and art work Perfect for kids who are just starting chapter books Can be read outloud or by yourself

EPUB Warm Hearts Day

PDF Æ BOOK Warm Hearts Day á REBECCA ELLIOTT á [Ebook] ➮ Warm Hearts Day: A Branches Book (Owl Diaries #5) (5) ➭ Rebecca Elliott – Scholastic IncScholastic IncScholastic Inc Inc Inc Inc.Scholastic Inc My 1st grader loves this series She eagerly reads it alone or with me and she looks forward to the next book The books themselves are uite funny Humor is easily understood by a grade school child but not too cheesy for the adult