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Ted him from going to a mainstream school Starting th grade at Beecher Prep he wants nothing than to be treated as an ordinary kid but his new classmates can’t Personally I prefer my ARC cover You like image error

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Wonder author R.J. PalacGet past Auggie’s extraordinary face Wonder begins from Auggie’s point of view but soon switches to include his classmates his sister her boyfriend and others Wow I am so glad that I finally got around to listening to this story 'Wonder' had been sitting on my TBR list for a really long time but I had been waiting for a time to listen to it with my daughters That time finally arrived last weekend when we had to spend a full day in the car on a tripI had read many great reviews for this book so I had really high hopes going into it In fact I was worried that I would be disappointed as I often am with a book that is surrounded by so much hype However I can say that this book did not let me down in any way In fact it exceeded every expectation that I had I absolutely loved this story'Wonder' tells the story of a young boy August Pullman aka Auggie who is going to begin attending school for the first time ever Auggie has been homeschooled for years by his mother because he was born with severe facial deformities reuiring multiple operations over the course of his young life Despite the myriad of surgeries that he has undergone he still lives with significant facial disfigurement Now Auggie will be entering the fifth grade at Beecher PrepTold from multiple POVs this book provides a thorough account of Auggie's experiences I was especially impressed with the raw honesty of his sister's POV Growing up with Auggie wasn't easy as she always came second to his needs She struggled with resentment and guilt over having those feelings as she truly loved her brother but craved the attention of her parents alsoAuggie's POV was also brutally honest He was well aware of how other people viewed him Yet no amount of awareness can make a child immune to the stares and cruel words His story was heartbreaking but inspiringIt was also easy to relate to the POVs of others including Jack the boy who befriends Auggie at school Although some of his actions were upsetting he was only human I had to remind myself that he was just a young boy battling his own insecurities and trying to fit in at a very impressionable age Even good people do bad things sometimesAs a parent I both admired and sympathized with Auggie's mother My heart went out to her I could only imagine how difficult it would be to enroll your child into school wanting to provide as normal a life as possible while also wanting to shelter and protect him I don't know what I would've done in her shoesNot surprisingly this was an incredibly emotional story At times it was downright depressing However I couldn't help but fall in love with Auggie and his resilience This story broke my heart but it also inspired me Most importantly this story will make you reflect on your views and behaviors This story highlights the cruelty of people's actions bred from ignorance and fear Never have I read a story that so effectively prompts readers to examine the impact of their actions and words For children this was a wonderful lesson in empathy This book prompted some thoughtful discussion with my daughters 5 and 10 about bullying and the golden rule Although some of the story went over the head of my 5 year old who was primarily hung up on the hilarity of the farting nurse my 10 year old didn't miss a beat I have no doubt that this story will stick with her and make her considerate and empathetic toward other children 'Wonder' is the type of book that should be reuired reading in schools and I'm glad to hear that it is in some schools already Just like 'The Diary of a Young Girl' Anne Frank's Diary this book is a book that guides you to be a better thoughtful person It is beautiful and engaging No doubt about it this book left it's mark on me I highly recommend this book to everyone young and oldCheck out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencom

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Wonder author R.J. Palacio doc æ Hardcover read Ç feedmarkformulate ↠ [Reading] ➷ Wonder By R.J. Palacio – I won’t describe what I look like Whatever you’re thinking it’s probably worse August Pullman was born with a facial difference that up until now has prI won’t describe what I look like Whatever you’re thinking it’s probably worse August Pullman was born with a facial difference that up until now has preven Ye gods what a wonderful book I don't read a lot of realistic middle grade fiction I tend to gravitate toward fantasy But this is probably the best such book I've read since Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time IndianThe main character August Auggie Pullman is a ten year old boy with severe facial abnormalities Little kids scream when they see him Older kids make fun of him and call him a freak Auggie is home schooled through grade four but for middle school his parents decide to send him to a private school Beecher Prep in New York City Wonder is the story of his fifth grade year told partly from Auggie's perspective and partly from the other kids in his life his sister Via her oldest friend Miranda Via's boyfriend Justin and Jack and Summer Auggie's new friends at Beecher Prep Each narrator has a distinct completely believable voice Palacio writes with just the right balance of humor and pathos making each character both flawed and sympathetic She gets kids how they think how they talk how they have the capacity to be both horribly mean and incredibly brave and kind I recognize these characters from my years of teaching middle school and I'm sure young readers will recognize them too The book rings with authenticity The short chapters and shifting narrative make this a uick easy read It's a feel good book with a great message and the ending is a tearjerker in the best possible way I'd recommend it without hesitation to most middle grade readers girls or boys even those who may not normally pick up realistic fiction