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kindle The Vagrant

read The Vagrant doc É Kindle Edition ¾ feedmarkformulate õ [Download] ✤ The Vagrant ➸ Peter Newman – The Vagrant is his name He has no otherYears have passed since humanity’s destruction emerged from the BreachFriendless and alone he walks across a desolate war tornThe Vagrant is his name He has no otherYears have passed since humanity’s destruction emerged from the BreachFriendless and alone he walks across a desolate war torn landscapeAs each day passes the world tumbles further into depravity be 45 Stars Read with my peeps at The MacHalo Asylum for Mischief and Mayhem 😉Right out of the gates in Chapter One I’m not saying what he has under his coat It watches him with mismatched eyes One canine black in the poor light unreadable but the other a human one it flickers in recognition Somewhere outside the city a Handler watches viewing the wanderer through their swapped orbs A bad ass mute a baby and a goat walk into a bar I know That was corny but I had to I loved the hell outta this book When I first started it I wasn’t too sure but I was very intrigued And so with that continuation I found some beloved characters Vagrant Vesper Harm The Hammer and goat and a great story Of course some of my characters die I loved them all as I’ve said but the goat and The Hammer big ole female giant person thing had a real special place in my heart Also the humor in the book is awesome too I’m looking forward to the next books in the series I’m going to leave this with some excerpts 😉 It is a short and brutal journey The two men manage to climb with grunting ease passing between them the baby who contemplates sky and suns and other unknowable things They pull up the goat with a rope She sways slowly comments rarely dark eyes seething planning revenge From the tower the Hammer emerges into the red and gold dawn She is wearing her armour again She has changed it fixing the plates to each other rather than her flesh At her side trots the goat a bunch of yellow stalks spiking from each side of her mouth whisker like 'And what about this other feller the uiet one''Best not to ask''Well if you ain’t the weirdest bunch I ever saw then call me scav bait Your friend is welcome to his mystery but I got to call him something so if you won’t give me a name I’ll give him one What’s it to be Harm''You go ahead'Deke settles into the cockpit chattering while the others clamber onto the wings 'I think I’m gonna go with Scout After m'dog'The Vagrant shakes his head as laughter bursts from Harm Vesper soon follows his lead Even the goat enjoys a uiet snigger 'YourDog' By the time the goat catches up a space yawns between First Circle and escape The goat’s eyes narrow She doesn’t slow down glare fixed on her target Hooves kick on pasteel then air as she sails over water a meteor malevolent Vesper points delighted 'G— 'Her shadow falls across the Vagrant who turns too slow to escape fate '—oat' Happy Reading 😉Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾BLOG

Peter Newman ↠ The Vagrant reader

Nt and twisted by the new order corrupted by the Usurper the enemy and his infernal hordeHis purpose is to reach the Shining City last bastion of the human race and deliver the only weapon that may make a difference in the ongoing warWhat The Vagrant was delightful readNot perfect but so fresh and uniue that it's easy to overlook any potential flawsLets start with the castWe have mute protagonist baby and the goat Not a talkative bunch but that doesn't stop them from being well developed even the goat especially the goatWe don't get to see what's going on inside Vagrant's mind we only get insight into his thoughts based on his reactions and actionsLater odd fellowship is joined by other characters most episodic and one permanent but all colorful and intriguing with one of the best side characters everStory takes place in world that is combination of grimdark fantasy and post apocalyptic sci fi with a dash of pathos common in heroic fantasy Science fantasy isn't new genre but it's definitively not common In this world evil has won and humanity lost and it's getting overrun by demonsThat sounds like Brett's Demon cycle but here they are not just faceless evilYes Demonbad but it's not that simple We actually get to experience story from PoV of several demons and see into their mindsThey are alien to us but there have their hopes fears and strivings within their own distinctive personalities and their own turmoil within the faction Some of them even become likableTechnological level of world itself is hard to guess partially because humanity went to shambles but mostly because author is obscure with details of world itselfWe only get few indications here and thereSpeaking of obscure we don't get much detail of character's or looks eitherWe get few details but rest if left to imaginationI am great fan of that approach ever since I read Kingkiller chronicles I don't like detailed character descriptions instead I like approach where character description should only contain few distinctive details So while Newman has strange writing style it is definitively one that suits my tasteFlaws mentioned above Well second half of the book isn't as good pace slows down and end is bit anticlimactic but it doesn't ruin my overall impression

mobi Ü The Vagrant ↠ Peter Newman

The VagrantLittle hope remains is dying Abandoned by its leader The Seven and its heroes The Seraph Knights the last defences of a once great civilisation are crumbling into dustBut the Shining City is far away and the world is a very dangerous place I wouldn't say this was an endlessly engaging book about a mute a baby and a goat but the uality of the writing was such that I was lost in evocation the magical spell of the textI was slightly worried that this might have turned into a paint by numbers fantasy with a clever mute with a baby and a goat twist but no it actually became a flowing even lyrical uest of redemption and slow reveals percolating from the pastI mean demon hoards and intelligent singing swords are pretty awesome in any text so I was pretty much all in from that standpoint but I think it became something special by the necessity of keeping the MC silent From a writing standpoint I was fascinated All dialogue was carried by incidentals and sidekicks and the demons strangely enough and I was pretty well amazed by how much story was carried by the economical prose and the strong imageryWhen it comes to plot it's pretty simple but that doesn't really matter when the writing is this strong I mean hello a knight on a uest of redeeming himself is chased by hoards of demons while occasionally dispatching them with the help of a Great Weapon picking up hoards of refugees along the way and doing various Good Deeds Of course a good paladin stuck changing diapers and rescuing a goat is rather odd especially when he never says a word but my lord it's pretty wild to see a novel pull it off and do it well This one is going in a personal organizational pile of Notable Works giving me a warm feeling of accomplishment not for having read it because it was an effortless read but for the fact that it was written at all and it was very enjoyable