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characters Dr Euler's Fabulous Formula: Cures Many Mathematical Ills ☆ eBook PDF or Kindle ePUB

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characters Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula: Cures Many Mathematical Ills ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮PDF❯ ✍ Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula: Cures Many Mathematical Ills Author Paul J Nahin – I used to think math was no fun 'Cause I coOr range from a never before told tale of an encounter between the famous mathematician G H Hardy and the physicist Arthur Schuster to a discussion of the theoretical basis for single sideband AM radio to the design of chase and escape problems The book is accessible to any reader with the euivalent of the first two years of college mathematics calculus and differential euations and it promises to inspire new applications for years to come Or as Nahin writes in the book's preface To mathematicians ten thousand years hence Euler's formula will still be beautiful and stunning and untarnished by tim. Excellent book as I have come to expect from this writer

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Ber theory This book is the seuel to Paul Nahin's An Imaginary Tale The Story of I the suare root of which chronicled the events leading up Euler's Fabulous Formula PDFEPUB #189 to the discovery of one of mathematics' most elusive numbers the suare root of minus one Unlike the earlier book which devoted a significant amount of space to the historical development of complex numbers Dr Euler begins with discussions of many sophisticated applications of complex numbers in pure and applied mathematics and to electronic technology The topics covered span a huge Euler's Fabulous Formula Cures Many PDF. I have not read all of this yet only a part of it That it is by an engineer would not appeal to the snobbish the disciples of GH Hardy for example perhaps It is so clearly brilliant Formulas and proofs are what mathematics is about They seem within my grasp wherever I open the book I know that time spent here will be well spentHow interesting that Euler could recite the whole of the Aeneid So could Prof AJ Aitken of Edinburgh my first teacher there Now I see why he bothered I do not much care for it myself And why Prof John Conway of Princeton could recite pie to 500 decimals and like Aitken It is all homage to Euler well mostlyI have found the book very clear and it is full of wonders and very accessible I am greatly indebted to Paul Nahin He has written something very important He is an enthusiast and a scholar who can explain anything clearly He is for example in a different league altogether from someone like Prof Stewart of Warwick Imagine if I had read this before going up It is miles better than Hardy's book My best students would have been devouring it before they went up had it been available thenThis is a very well published book by Princeton with a beautiful cover

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Dr Euler's Fabulous Formula Cures Many Mathematical IllsI used to think math Fabulous Formula PDFEPUB #190 was no fun 'Cause I couldn't see how it was done Now Euler's my hero For I now see why zero Euals epi i Paul Nahin electrical engineerIn the mid eighteenth century Swiss born mathematician Leonhard Euler developed a formula so innovative and complex that it continues to inspire research discussion and even the occasional Dr Euler's PDF or limerick Dr Euler's Fabulous Formula shares the fascinating story of this groundbreaking formula long regarded as the gold standard for mathematical beauty and shows why it still lies at the heart of complex num. It is difficult to rate this book because while in many respects fascinating it reuires the reader to possess a very advanced understanding of mathematics to follow the algebra presented In the introduction the author suggests many readers with moderate undergraduate mathematics skills will have the necessary background to cope I think this is seriously misleading and possibly an attempt not to discourage readers with less advanced maths from purchasing That said the book is actually very good albeit extremely hard work Do not expect a uick read In some sections if you want to fully understand the arguments do not expect to complete than a couple of pages in an eveningPS One further issue On my early version Kindle many very detailed formulae did not scale so many mathematical symbols were actually incredibly tiny Tedious to need a strong magnifying glass to scrutinize much of the mathematics