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Epub µ Uprooted 465 pages Download Î [PDF / Epub] ☁ Uprooted By Naomi Novik – “Our Dragon doesn’t eat the girls he takes no matter what stories they tell outside our valley We hear them sometimes from travelers passing through They talk as though we were doing human sacrifi “Our Dragon doesn’t eat the“Our Dragon doesn’t eat the girls he takes no matter what stories they tell outside our valley We hear them sometimes from travelers passing through They talk as though we were doing human sacrifice and he were a real dragon Of course that’s not true he may be a wizard and immortal but he’s still a man and our fathers would ba OH MY GOD A DRAGON A TERRIBLE DRAGON WHO KIDNAPS A VILLAGE'S BEAUTIFUL YOUNG GIRLS DO THEY GET EATEN DO THEY GET TORTURED WHAT IS THEIR TERRIBLE FATE “They forget how to live herethey remember to be afraid” my father said That was all Then they took their dowry silver and left Mostly they would go to Kralia and go to the University Often as not they married some city man and otherwise they became scholars or shopkeepers Are you fucking kidding me seethesI swear to god I'm the only one in the world who didn't think this book is THE BESTEST MOST SPECIALEST WONDERFULEST BOOK EVER For god's sake Emily May loved it and I highly respect her opinion but this book is one case where we will have to agree to disagreeFrankly I have no idea why everyone loved this book and thought it was so wonderful The main character is every bit of a Speshul Snowflake Mary Sue The Dragon so very disappointing is an asshole of the Fever sort the kind I deem Jericho Fucking Barrons a term used to describe an asshole who is an asshole only for the sake of being an asshole He's grumpy he's grouchy he is a huge fucking condescending thundercunt of a douchebag just for the plain old reason that he wants to be one He was irritated with me every time I came into his library even on the few days that I managed to keep myself in good order as though I were coming to annoy and interrupt him instead of him tormenting and using me And when he had finished working his magic through me and left me crumpled on the floor he would scowl down at me and call me useless Let's get one thing straight I like assholes sometimes but they have to have character For example Dr House He is filled with snark He is a jerk He's oftentimes despicable but there's a spark in him a humanity in him that lets me love him and appreciate him no matter what despicable things that comes out of his mouth because under it all and you seriously have to look deep he is a human being with a good purpose no matter how harsh his methodsOnce again I like assholes I like anti heroes but they have to self redeeming The Dragon in this book is none suchOk back to the plot It sucked I didn't really read the synopsis but I know there was a dragon who kidnapped girls in it Surely a terrible fate right EEEEEEEEEEHHHN Wrong Look at the uote at the beginning of my review Essentially the girls are kidnapped by said Dragon keep in mind I used uotation marks around dragon they're educated they become well read and they want to spread their wings They're given shit tons of money to make a better life for themselvesTerrifying Absolutely fucking terrifying I'm uivering in my bootsThe world building is your standard generic fantasy fare Monsters Kings Princes But the magic The fucking magic manIt just highlights what a special freaking snowflake the main character is There is nothing to catch the imagination If I shouted out Merde and butterflies burst into the air and a rainbow forms at my feet it would essentially be as magical as the shit in this book I whispered “Kalikual”The power rushed out of me Foreign words So magicalone1The main character Agnieszka is seriously nothing new You have read countless incarnations of her in every shitty YA book ever written because she's a special special girl who doesn't know how special she is She's just so ordinary and adorably clumsy and plain y'all The Dragon always always takes the most special girl The Dragon didn’t always take the prettiest girl but he always took the most special one somehow | this is my surprised faceAnd Ag noying my new name for her is just sosoordinary At seventeen I was still a too skinny colt of a girl with big feet and tangled dirt brown hair and my only gift if you could call it that was I would tear or stain or lose anything put on me between the hours of one day You don't sayBut of course there's to Ag noying than meets the eye why she's got magical power that's just waiting to burst from her like a rose from a fermenting pile of steaming poop My strength welled up through my body and fountained out of my mouth and where it left me a trembling in the air began and went curling down around my body in a spiraling path Yeah yeah I've read this shit before and I say no thank you I like my main characters average thank you very much I like my Dragons with humanity1 star is a bit harsh but for all the hype this book let me down tremendously

Doc ´ ☆ Naomi Novik

LifeHer people rely on the cold driven wizard known only as the Dragon to keep its powers at bay But he demands a terrible price for his help one young woman handed over to serve him for ten years a fate almost as terrible as falling to the WoodBut Agnieszka fears the wrong things For when the Dragon comes it is not Kasia he will choo Have you ever loved the first half of a book but hated the second Well I have and it sucks It leaves you feeling rather torn in a review So I’m going to tear my review in two and review the two halves separately Here goes First Half A lovely magical friendship 4In the beginning I had a real reason to carry on reading The character known as the Dragon was a complete enigma Discovering what drove this lonely man was essentially the reason I carried on with the book He’s such a cool guy Well at least by my standards The man locks himself in his immense library and reads all day Now isn’t that just fun I love reading about characters that read and appreciate books in the same way that I do I find them uite compelling But he is also terribly moody and dismissive to his young student Agmeszka So I wanted to know what was giving this man a sore head Every ten years he recruits a new student from the local village He usually picks the most attractive girl or her who is remarkable in some way Ok so that’s a bit of a dickish move He takes the woman home where she becomes his live in maid Ok so he’s getting worse See what I mean “His name tasted of fire and wings of curling smoke of subtlety and strength and the rasping whisper of scales He eyed me and said stiffly Don't land yourself into a boiling pot and as difficult as you may find it try and present a respectable appearance” This year he fancies a change He pics the most ordinary girl out of the lot; she appears to have nothing special about her When he goes back to his wizard tower he leaves her to her own devices And whoa Would you guess it She turns out to be a magic wielder too She starts reading his books very intimate I know and discovers a strange affinity for the craft ^This great pic summarises a lot It's perfect This was my favourite part of the novel The two characters discover their compatibility and worked together to create new and interesting magic’s But the downside is that it was over far too uickly This novel did not feel like a stand alone fantasy For me it had the potential to be an epic fantasy series with this being the beginning Instead it was over far too uickly as the recently acuainted characters were thrown into the action that became the second halfSecond half Then everything turned upside down 2The plot then took a weird direction The world expanded far too uickly The story went from being isolated to a tower to reaching across the entire lands and even as far as to affect the random monarchy The beginning was slow perfectly so then it rushed into world events and kingdoms and rulers all too uickly I do like the idea behind this book but there was no build up as the story expanded The novel just had too much story for one book and it felt condensed as a result This could have easily been split into two Structurally the author made a few mistakes in my estimation This book would have been far effective had the friendship at the start been allowed time to develop It was thrown into the action that much that when the romance came it made no sense It didn’t have time to work; it just sprung and left me feeling a little surprised It was a case of where did that come from I think there should have been much time spent in the tower as the rest of the world was slowly and gradually revealed That way this could have easily ended at the midway pointSo let’s talk about the woods The woods are the antagonist in this story It’s a novel idea one that made this feel like a dark fairy tale I loved that; it worked It than worked it was rather brilliant But it could have been better I think a prelude demonstrating the dark nature of it would have helped to establish it as a real threat rather than an irrational fear very early on Then there’s how the wood ended Now that was so very disappointing It was too fast One minute the wood is practically an invincible enemy the next it’s defeated in vague circumstances It was just too fast to be effective Final thoughts So I’ve criticised this a great deal I did like the story but for me it took a terrible wrong turn which severed my enjoyment This could have been so much ; it was just over far too uickly One book wasn't enough to tell this tale in I think three stars is a fair rating all things consideredYou can connect with me on social media via My Linktree

Naomi Novik ☆ Uprooted Doc

UprootedNd together and kill him if he wanted to eat one of us every ten years He protects us against the Wood and we’re grateful but not that grateful”Agnieszka loves her valley home her uiet village the forests and the bright shining river But the corrupted Wood stands on the border full of malevolent power and its shadow lies over her This novel effortlessly conjured up the familiar magic of my childhood favorites — it was like reaching for a sweater and finding my old worn favorite pushed into my hands I'm going to wear it gleefully for a week no matter the weather This concludes my garment simile Possibly fuller comments to come closer to publication date