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N.K. Jemisin Ö The Fifth Season DOC

READER º DOC The Fifth Season ò N.K. JEMISIN ò ❰Read❯ ➪ The Fifth Season Author N.K. Jemisin – This is the way the world ends for the last time A season of endings has begunIt starts with the great red rift across the heart of the world's sole continent spewing ash that blots Ng up to festerThis is the Stillness a land long familiar with catastrophe where the power of the earth is wielded as a weapon And where there is no mercy New updated review I'm told NK Jemisin won YET another probably deserved Hugo Award this year Her third in a row As some of yaz are probably well aware of I'm not fond of her writing style nor of her bullshit books What can I do I just don't like her stuff Anyways where was I Oh yes when I tried to read the first installment of The Broken Earth I just failed to finish it and ended up throwing the bastard on the barbie along with some shrimps and prawns ruining both the shrimps and the prawns just so you know Also a few days ago I was amiably discussing the novel in uestion with some peeps in a let's call it forum on the Interwebz but as soon as I pointed out what my personal feelings were when it comes to this series of books and the author well let's say that my views weren't met with enthusiasm by the admin and I got an instaban I swear I didn't call anyone funny names and shit I was like wtf whyAnyway I'm digressing I know I should be talking about The Fifth Season but I'll tell you what I think I've learned my lesson so I'm going to be writing about my day instead ayeThe weather has been glorious lately so I thought I'd take my camera for a walk in order to show you where I live All right this is the church you can see the white cross where our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for all our sins Present past and future ones Also the premises of 7 Network SC And then oh shit no no no No no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT NOW Old review836pm Sunday August 21st 2016 Noosa Heads The Fifth Season won the Hugo for best novelAnd I'm like Aye anyway I guess if I say it's an utter load of wank nobody will notice I honestly tried without prejudice and go figure failed DNFNot only is this book written in present tense which bugs the ever loving fuck out of me it's also written in second person which is possibly even worse it just kicks my feeble tiny weak brain in I gave it a go a few months ago because of the hype and the praise and 50 pages in or so I was this close to tossing the bastard on the barbie and calling it all the known names on earth I eventually didn't burn the steaming pile and gave it to a friend of mine who ha eually loathed itI reckon it's probably my issue I mean there are way too many enthusiastic reviews on GR y'know What can I say I still think The Fifth Season is a waste or trees

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This is the way the world ends for the last time A season of endings has begunIt starts with the great red rift across the heart of the world's sole conti Yes 5 full stars for this one because it's everything I want in a fantasy book I will explainI don't read fantasy and sci fi because I like magic or space ships or laser swords or what have you I read fantasy and sci fi because I want to see something new and there's no other genre that allows this much freedom of imagination this much flexibility and bending of reality and this much room for what ifs The genres are ripe with tropes and cliches even so and I'm at that point where it pains me to have to read again through a story about the noble hearted what's his face who saves the land of medieval Europe plus elves and dragons with the help of the wise mentor and the pretty princess Show me something else something truly weird I say And N K Jemisin delivered Let there be a world wracked by earthuakes and volcano eruptions she says restless and hostile Let there be apocalypse level events every hundred years or so Let this world be inhabited by people who believe the Earth hates them who value survival above all else and have organized their society around making sure some of them will make it through the years of darkness and famine and poisonous air and water that follow such geologic disasters Let there be among them those who have the power to control the earthuakes to start and stop them at will and let that society hate them while doing their best to exploit them at the same time Let there be another sentient species strange creatures of stone whose motivations are unknown who share this world with humans Then come the the details The mysterious ruins of the many civilizations that came before this one some considerably advanced Their artifacts endure to this day their purpose unknown and maybe unknowable now that their makers have been dead for thousands of years The harshness and ruthlessness of a society living on the brink of extinction where value is based on usefulness and where come Seasonal Law those deemed useless are left to die in the wastelands The purely utilitarian approach to building in a world where a balcony is unuestionable proof of foolishness or privilege where decorations are a waste of time and resources since they'll be wiped out in a few years without fail The surprisingly advanced science focused unsurprisingly on geology chemistry and physics The hatred and exploitation of the orogenes those who have power over the earth itself by a society that both fears them and desperately needs them if it is to survive The secrets and the lies and the rewriting of history and the suppression of lore by those who want to keep the orogenes willing slaves The horrifying abuse and the inescapable brainwashing but the training and education too A system meant to make them powerful and powerless at the same time so that it may better make use of them And then Jemisin pushes further She goes so far out of the medieval Europe setting that she ends up on the Euator She makes the other sentient race truly alien as a different sentience should be lest you end up with just stranger looking humans She makes the humans different races and gasp doesn't put the paler one in charge Just as the characters span the gradients and combinations of human races they span human sexuality too from straight to gay with blurry boundaries all over the place There's love and family and sex but they're not the kind of relationships you're used to Why should they be This is not our world

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The Fifth SeasonNent spewing ash that blots out the sunIt starts with death with a murdered son and a missing daughterIt starts with betrayal and long dormant wounds risi This book is beautiful this book is smart this book is oh so heartbreaking and this book is a masterpiece This is one of those books that make you feel absolutely guilty for giving out five stars to other books This book is unlike anything I've ever read but it felt so seamlessly woven This book mirrors the society we live in today and makes you think about all those uncomfortable topics you'd rather ignore and pretend do not exist This book has the best representation I've ever read in a SFF novel This book is deserving of all the hype all the praise and every ounce of love it's received This book easily is now one of my favorite books of all time “Let's start with the end of the world why don’t we” This story is set in a world called the Stillness where earthuakes volcanic eruptions and other terrible things impacting the earth are constantly happening but there are people who are able to manipulate the earth to ease them These people are called orogenes and even though they are continually saving the world they are constantly oppressed slaves This world has convinced everyone that orogenes are dangerous and need to be controlled at all costs It is illegal to harbor orogenes and you must turn them in even if they are your family The price of hiding a orogene is great and most people are not willing to pay it If a orogene isn't killed by their community before they are turned in they are taken to a training school called the Fulcrum where they are deemed worthy enough to train Everyone in the Stillness is trying to survive the world's unforgiving environment This planet is beyond unstable because of Fifth Seasons that happens sporadically but almost wipe out the planet each and every time The people in this world are scared that a new Fifth Season is about to begin And just so you understand the severe of the living conditions during a Fifth Season here are some examples ➽Choking Season with volcanic eruptions which caused ash that if it didn't kill you from breathing it in the lack of sunlight for five years would try to ➽Acid Season with plus ten level earthuakes which caused many volcanoes that caused the water to become acidic➽Boiling Season with hot spot eruptions that began underneath a great lake and made millions of gallons of steam which triggered acidic ran ➽Fungus Season with volcanic eruptions during monsoon season which made for perfect fungal spreading that wiped out major food supplies These are just a few of the season and without orogenes this world wouldn't be able to keep a new Fifth Season at bay This book follows three different girls who are each struggling to survive this horrible world and struggling with their own individual journeys ➽Essun An older woman whose husband has killed their young son because he showed that he was a orogene He inherited his powers from Essun but they were keeping it hidden from their community Essun is now off to find her husband who fled after the murder and took their daughter with him ➽Damaya A small girl who realized she was a orogene after an accidental attack Her family is isn't willing to pay the price of harboring her especially since her community now knows what she is Her parents call the authorities and she is going to be taken to the Fulcrum where they can train and use orogenes if they are trainable and submissive ➽Syenite A young woman who has lived the majority of her life at the Fulcrum bein