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MOBI ☆ DOC Skorpio By Mike Baron 9781614750840 FREE × FEEDMARKFORMULATE ´ [Read] ➪ Skorpio By Mike Baron – A ghost who only appears under a blazing sun Vaughan Beadles Professor of Anthropology at Creighton University is at the top of his game Married to the bOn in the world Creighton has long maintained the existence of the Azuma a previously unknown and extremely belligerent southwest Amerindian tribe When a scorpion crawls out of a bowl and stings Beadles' student his world turns upside down The university charges Beadles wit A Review of SkorpioBy Mike BaronI read the book `Skorpio' by Mike Baron he of comics fame from such characters as `Nexus' and `The Badger'Mike's `Skorpio' is a different type of story from I am used to from him in that it was a horror tale focusing on a terrible ghostly creature of vengeance in the American Southwest The book starts off a little slow but it was still interesting The main character Or hero though he was almost an anti hero was a professor named Vaughn Beadles Who is framed for a theft at the university he worked for and fired as well as disgraced He loses his family over it as well as his home his car basically everything There is a girl named 'Summer' whose story is running parallel to Beadles She is beaten by her drug dealingdrug addict boyfriend Who is also a failed MMA fighterThe first 40% of the book is a bit slow but once you get past that it pops into high gear and a very nicely woven story comes together I ended up reading the final 60% of the book in a day or so including the final 20% of it in one sitting Let's just say it held my attentionWithin this book you will find ghostly monsters as well as other apparitions that walk the American plains To me though the most horrifying things were the creatures that followed the title characters commands Let me put it as one of my favorite all time characters would `I hate snakes' and you can add Scorpions to that as wellJust so you understand it is a horror story not a heroic tale Beadles is kind of a fool in a lot of ways and it seems he understands that as well before the stories end The end of the conflict is a bit clichéd for my tastes but all in all I liked it uite a bit The epilogue chapter tied things up nicely as well as leaving a new sense of dread and forebodingFour and a half out of five stars

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A ghost who only appears under a blazing sun Vaughan Beadles Professor of Anthropology at Creighton University is at the top of his game Married to the beautiful Betty with a baby son Beadles has just taken possession of the largest uncatalogued post Anasazi Indian collecti I wanted to give up on this read It wasn't that the writing was bad because it's not It was the pacing and the main character's motivation that I found to be ineffective in pulling me alongThe second half of the book kind of spiraled out of control and lost focus of what needed to happen to make the story unputdownable The ending when the protagonist meets the creature of legend was slightly disappointingNot for meI was given a copy in exchange for an honest review

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Skorpio By Mike BarH theft and the police charge him with homicide He loses his job his wife and his future Beadles' only chance at redemption is to prove the Azuma existed setting him on a path that will inexorably lead to a terrifying confrontation in the desert with a creature beyond belie Usually my reading fare consists of classics The Sun Also Rises The Grapes of Wrath or delves into historical fiction The Josephine B series by Sandra Gulland The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty This time I decided to try something entirely new and picked up a copy of Skorpio by author Mike Baron Typically this is where I talk about what kind of book this is before I discuss why I liked or didn't like it However where do I start with Skorpio Part Indiana Jones style of an adventure story part historical fiction mixed in with some mystery and action for good measure From the moment I started to read it I was pulled in by not only the story line which features anthropology and native american historymythology both of which are interests of mine but of the personality of the characters They were well formed and engaging but even importantly they were likable with the intended exception of a few I have read many a book that I would have liked better if only I found the characters sympathetic Don't get me wrong these people weren't perfect or could even be considered role models for that matter They were flawed and they made mistakes but they were human and their struggles and cares resonated for me from the depth of every page I also enjoyed the world building in Skorpio I could feel the blistering aridness of the desertscape they inhabited I could see every line on the face of the Indian shaman or relate to the hope that continuously rose within the hearts of the two main characters even as they were dashed time and time again I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading actionadventuremysterywith a little bit of pulp in their livesI give this book 3 12 out of 5 stars