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review The Bigamist: The True Story of a Husband's Ultimate Betrayal ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ ❮Reading❯ ➺ The Bigamist: The True Story of a Husband's Ultimate Betrayal ➲ Author Mary Turner Thomson – From whirlwind romance to gaslDiscovered every word he’d said from the very first moment was a lie This is her painful humiliating truth but she tells it for one reason Bigamist The True PDF #201 She too was once a strong independent woman who would have listened to all this and thoughtIt could never happen to me Revised edition Previously published as The Bigamist The True Story of a Husband's Ultimate Betrayal this edition of The Bigamist includes editorial revisio. I found it so hard to understand why anyone at the beginning of a relationship would put up with being treated with such disrespect not turning up for dates your own weddingthe birth of your children I know Mary was exhausted and worn out but surely before it got that far she should have shown him the door she didn't come across as that desperate to have a man in her life When she caught him out in the lies alarm bells should have rung loud and clear someone commented that it could happen to anyone but I don't agree the signs were too obvious Didn't enjoy reading this book at all but feel desperately sorry for all the people involved especially the children

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Him away from home out of contact She was his rock supporting him The Bigamist Epubemotionally when a misunderstanding led to criminal charges and even selling everything when blackmailers threatened to kidnap their children Together they took on the world And then one day the phone rang and a woman introduced herself as the other Mrs Jordan In this raw account of deception on a grand scale Mary Turner Thomson recounts what happened after she. Well I have to give credit to Mary Turner Thomson for being able to put pen to paper about her awful ordealI believe and understand how she was completely taken in by this manThis is just another form of Domestic Abuse based on emotional abuse and these scars never fully heal inmy experienceAnyway I read the book in 2 sessions and thought I will Google William Allen Jordan and low and behold he wasdeported from Britain after serving a couple of years in the UK and went back to New Jersey and startedthe whole process of luring single mothers with children into relationships for money He was sentenced in to 3years imprisonment after being offered a plea dealSo probably back out doing the same thing againAt the last count he had 13 children with eight different womenI feel for Mary and all the other women's ordeals because as Mary says taking people at face value is what mostnormal people dobut unfortunately some people are just ready to take the goodness out of people and use it to theirown endsI did gain a lot from reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who needs reassurance after being beingin an emotionally abusive relationship that things can only get bettereven though it may take a while

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The Bigamist The True Story of a Husband's Ultimate BetrayalFrom whirlwind romance to gaslighting campaign This The True Epub #222 is truth far stranger than fiction When Mary met Will Jordan online she was a single mother who’d given up trying to find Mr Right And yet here he suddenly was articulate and attractive with a fascinating background Soon they were in love and when he proposed after a month it seemed recklessly romantic Caught up in a whirlwind Mary accepted that Will’s work often took. I’ve only given 2 stars as the story made me somewhat angry with the author Why would you put up with a partner not turning up for an arranged datedates & then contacting you days or weeks later is beyond me I mean for goodness sake he didn’t even turn up for his wedding & she forgave him Has she no self respectand despite all the let downs and there were many she actually married the moron I’m sorry but after arranging a date & not turning up after the second time I would have written him off end of It seems to me she was desperate to have a man in her life come what may