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Download Spook Science Tackles the Afterlife Book õ 311 pages Ë Feedmarkformulate ¾ ❴Download❵ ✤ Spook Science Tackles the Afterlife Author Mary Roach – What happens when we die Does the light just go out and that's that—the million yeaWhat happens when we die Does Tackles the ePUB #9734 the light just go out and that's that the million year nap Or will some part of my personality my me ness per I learned a number of interesting things reading Mary Roach's survey of the historical and scientific efforts to prove the existence of a soul Her discussion of the scientific inuiries into stories of reincarnated children provides an excellent example of the difficulties of trying to objectively prove something when your main resource is the shaky memories of those who are already convinced of whatever it is you're trying to proveThough I was already familiar with the theory that infrasound sound at a freuency too low for humans to hear can cause the experience of ghostly phenomenon I was intrigued to learn that a tiger's roar contains infrasound and some theorize that the fear we feel in the presence of infrasound is left over from days when escaping tigers was a high evolutionary priorityI also learned than I ever wanted to know about the various ways spiritualist mediums faked the extrusion of ectoplasm Despite the interesting nature of the topic however I didn't love this book as much as I hoped There were moments in which the narrative got bogged down as the author detailed a few too many historical efforts to prove the existence of the soul In addition I struggled with the tone of the book Roach admits to being a skeptic but she said her goal was to explore this topic with an open mind In this I don't think she really succeeded Though she does acknowledge some inexplicable events she spends time poking cheap fun at many of her subjects In some circumstances I can imagine the temptation was hard to resist but this semi snarky tone felt a little too easy A few moments of genuine humor combined with her generally readable style however made me want to seek out her first book which I've heard is much better

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Sist What will that feel like What will I do all day Is there a place to plug in my lap top In an attempt to find out Mary Roach brings her tireless curiosity to Mary Roach's book has two great strengths The first is that she's damnably funny; she brings humor to any place of uncertainty and any place of anyone's absolute certainty The second strength is that she's humble and friendly; her prose is downright gregarious so that reading often comes off as chatting with a well versed but not know it all friend She is less interested with one person being right and interested in finding every available source of information which often means transcending two sides of an argument and finding bystanders In her opening she casts doubt on both religion and science doubting and chiding them paragraph for paragraph setting us up for the spirited search of spirits she's about to embark on Spook provides neither New Age pseudo support for every little possibility of the supernatural nor mean spirited skepticism The aforementioned two classes seem to dominate far too much of these subjects making much of the discourse unbearable If you need her to seriously lean towards orthodoxy or the scientific method don't bother reading Spook She will not bow to your paradigm and really if you're so certain that you cannot stand anything but confirmation of your belief or disbelief why do you even bother reading about these matters You're done Get a less parasitic hobby than arguing with people over their interests Roach is wise enough to observe interests and report them in detail even when they run as absurdly as a court case over the existence and desires of a ghost or a real life sample of ectoplasm It's wonderful to read someone who can be funny about this sensitive matter without ever coming across as hating one of the embattled sides It allows me to forgive her naive definitions of proof evidence belief and knowledge because by the end you aren't reading Plato You're reading the observations of a friend from whom you have much to learn and much to laugh aboutIn short this is a book titled Spook and only subtitled Science Tackles the Afterlife and the photo of the author on the dustjacket shows her laughing hysterically If you pick up and carry it all the way to the checkout desk you know what you're in for You're only lucky that she went through such a thorough journey of research and observation of other people's research Written 2008; edited for typos 2014

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Spook Science Tackles the AfterlifeBear on an array of contemporary and historical soul searchers scientists schemers engineers mediums all trying to prove or disprove that life goes on after we di Want to know what happens when we die You and everyone else apparently Many people believe in some sort of continuation be it an afterlife reincarnation or maybe that your soul sticks around and haunts old abandoned mansions Unfortunately no one really knows for sure With Spook Mary Roach isn’t going to provide you with a concrete answer but rather an exploration of several beliefs and possibilitiesI didn’t enjoy this one nearly as much as Stiff It’s not to say it’s a poorly written book I just found my interest waning at certain points That being said there are some interesting chapters detailing EVP electronic voice phenomenon reincarnation ectoplasm and the ongoing search for the human soul but they felt long winded and repetitive With Stiff Roach’s research is scientific and factual whereas with Spook it’s a lot of interviews with folks who are speaking about belief systems and faith I’m not trying to knock organized religion or anything it just didn’t hold my attention as much as Stiff or even Packing for MarsIf anything seek out the chapters about her enrollment and experience in medium school I’m not the biggest fan of that “profession” and while she goes on record in detailing her personal skepticism I found that she provided a fair and balanced approach regarding the students and professorsI’d be interested to hear thoughts from someone who carries a firm belief in the afterlife and what if anything this book did for them I consider it a fault of mine to be unable to shut off the voice in my head screaming “You’re lying None of this is possible” when Mary is interviewing someone If I could I’m sure I would have enjoyed it a lot