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Hidden Bhutan reader Ý Entering the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon ✓ Martin Uitz

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Hidden Bhutan reader Ý Entering the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon ✓ Martin Uitz ✓ [EPUB] ✷ Hidden Bhutan: Entering the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon (Armchair Traveller) ✺ Martin Uitz – In 2006 Time magazine listed the King of Bhutan JiEnigmatic Kingdom He was able to explain why the only traffic light was taken out of service why six men are not allowed to go on a journey together and what the subtle eroticism of a traditional hot stone bath is all about Along the way he also discovered that the Bhutanese hills arealive with Edelweiss than the hills around his native Salzburg A short 99 p and uite interesting introduction to the largely unknown country of Bhutan Chapters cover various aspects of life as experienced by the Swiss writer from the local sauna bath to a dancing shaman He undertakes 'the hardest trek in the world' and meets the timid local animal the oddity known as a takin 'According to legendthe holy man supposedly assembled the remaining bones of a cow they had eaten setting upon its neck the head of a goat' And talks about such matters as drugs and the imminent provision of electricity for all villagesA few photos would have been nice I found myself going on the Internet to look up photos of places and the takin And although the country seems to have its fair share of problems too an author whose works Mr Uitz recommends seems to talk a lot about the poverty etc this is a resolutely positive workHowever I have learnt a lot on a place I knew nothing about

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Ach year Martin Uitz a renowned expert on Bhutan describes how the Bhutanese in pursuit of the principle of Gross National Happinessare carefully moving towards amodern future including a constitution and democracy whilst preserving their traditional society and attempting to conserve the environment Uitz made many fascinating discoveries in this I was very disappointed to realise that the only illustrations are on the front & back covers & the latter is covered with writing so I think this should have been made clear in the Product Description I have seen some wonderful images on the internet & wanted to have them in a bookThere are only 101 pages of text apart from the title pagesacknowledgements contents & blank pages & not the 120 advertised

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Hidden Bhutan Entering the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon Armchair TravellerIn 2006 Time magazine listed the King of Bhutan Jigme Singye Wangchuk as one of the 100 leaders and revolutionaries who are changing our world today Yet it was only in the 1960s that the first road linking the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon with India was opened and since 1974 only a strictly limited number of tourists have been allowed to visit e A very light easy to read book but one that really does easily explain how the country is where it is now and the thinking behind it Its written with a dry witty humour I laughed whilst reading several chapters and yet there were sad moments to read as well I found it useful reading it at the beginning of my holiday and then when we came apon some of the chapter's subjects it was so much easier to understand what was going on