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PDF Å BOOK Stories of the Raksura FREE ´ FEEDMARKFORMULATE ¾ ❮Download❯ ➽ Stories of the Raksura, Volume Two: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below Author Martha Wells – Moon Jade and other favorites from the Indigo Cloud Court return with two new novellas froMoon Jade and other favorites from the Indigo Cloud Court return with two new novellas from Martha WellsMartha Wells continues to enthusiastically ignore genre conventions in her exploration of the fascinating world of the Raksura Her novellas and short stories contain all the elements fans have come to love from the Raksura books courtly intrigue and politics unfolding mysteries that reveal an increasingly strange wider world and threats both mundane and magical“The For those of you who haven't discovered the world of the RaksuraSeriously if you have than a passing interest in fantasy and enjoy being immersed in a lush world with interesting cultures and a huge variety of sentient species not to mention a full cast of endearing characters you need to read the Books of the Raksura Start with The Cloud Roads You will appreciate the novellas much if you're already invested in the world It's not your typical western medieval style epic fantasy with huge world devastating conflicts of one or two peoples who wield swords and maybe bows and spears not that those aren't fun This is an entire world full of wonder with a huge variety of life and endless possibilities for danger and adventure Plus winged shape shifters with retractable claws for weapons make for some different types of fight scenesWe see danger up close as it affects a clan of Raksura and those around them but this world is too vast and varied for it to be so simple as good vs evil It's definitely not like any other world I've read about and certainly not any version of ours that I can recognize It's much complex and imaginative than that and I love it This world is seriously one of my all time favorites There's a lot of competition out there for the top spots and these are solidly on that list I've never read anything like them and that's saying a lot It's OK if you don't love it as much as I do that is allowed but you could really be missing out on something wonderful if you don't give it a try Go read it Now for existing Raksura fansThis is another set of fantastic stories about the Raksura I only wish they were longer and I want I don't usually find shorter fiction very satisfying especially series tie ins but these novellas are so much than that They are explorations of a world that are told at just the length that’s needed for the story They’re not teasers They are gripping and fully textured even when there's not a lot of action going on There are so many details about life in the Court that I wish I lived there and then when something does happen the sense of danger is immediate I miss it all when I'm done just the feel of the world and my friends there That's rare I think and is what makes all of the Raksura books an easy 5 stars for me even the novellas The Dead CityThis is the first novella in the collection It takes us back to Moon before he found his people when he was routinely ostracized and so it was hard to read at times It's amazing that with all the abuse he receives from Groundlings he still wants to help them when their village is threatened by a hostile species There is plenty of shifting and claw action in this one but I did miss the other Raksura Even though the story is very good it's sad because Moon is so alone Raksura should not be alone I had to remind myself that he does find his way later on Bonus Short StoriesThree short stories are included between the novellas that are not listed in the book description They are★ Mimesis Jade and her hunting group run into some trouble★ Trading Lesson A very short snapshot of another court coming to trade at Indigo Cloud No action here★ The Last Voyage of the Wind ship Escarpment A wind ship's crew is hired to ransom a ship captured by pirates and runs into trouble I hope to read about the crew someday It was short but I'm attached to them already This just proves that there's much to explore in this world beyond the Raksura Endless possibilities I hope I still find short stories just too short to be satisfying but these were nice as bonuses I'm really glad that they were in the middle because it saved the best for last The Dark Earth BelowI really loved this story It's a bit longer than the first novella and there are actually two story lines which adds depth First waiting for Moon and Jade's first clutch to arrive This offers a good view of the colony's life at peace after they've settled in to their home Then of course that peace is broken and things get exciting Yes All of my favorite characters receive a moment or two in the spotlight and we also learn about the Kek and the ground level of the Reaches Lots of funThis last story was enough to make me homesick at the end of it You know that gaping hole you feel when you realize you have to leave one of your favorite worlds again? Yep At least I know there's a new series of full length Raksura books starting next year I can't wait for The Edge of Worlds A Novel of the Raksura Funny how the future looks brighter just knowing that it's coming

EBOOK Ü Volume Two ç Martha Wells

Roots go missing and searching for them only leads to mysteries as the court is stalked by an unknown enemyStories of Moon and the shape changers of Raksura have delighted readers for years This world is a dangerous place full of strange mysteries where the future can never be taken for granted and must always be fought for with wits and ingenuity and often tooth and claw With these two new novellas Martha Wells shows that the world of the Raksura has many stories to te Very short story about Moon's negotiating skillsMerged reviewInteresting little story with new species and adventures the sole connection to the series being the Golden Island wind ship Escarpment

Martha Wells ç The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below KINDLE

Stories of the Raksura Volume Two The Dead City & The Dark Earth BelowDead City” is a tale of Moon before he came to the Indigo Court As Moon is fleeing the ruins of Saraseil a groundling city destroyed by the Fell he flies right into another potential disaster when a friendly caravanserai finds itself under attack by a strange force In “The Dark Earth Below” Moon and Jade face their biggest adventure yet; their first clutch But even as Moon tries to prepare for impending fatherhood members of the Kek village in the colony tree’s Rereading on audio with the Flight of Fantasy groupChris Kipiniak is very talented narrator; he captures the beauty of this world and these characters just right What else is there left to say about this series that I haven’t said in my last two posts? When an author hits her stride it shows in the strength of the narrative and the writing is simply wonderful Wells just gets better and better with every new Raksura installment I’d prefer a full length novel because I love the Three Worlds and every single character in it but these short stories and novellas are just as great and fulfilling in their own way The ones in this second volume fill in the gap between the previous three books and from past events before Moon’s time but these are than just fillers because each story adds new depth to the continuous arc Moon's story and expands on wonders of the Three Worlds I will never tire of reading about this world