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kindle ë The Liar's Key Ò Kindle Edition read ☆ feedmarkformulate ¶ ❰Epub❯ ❥ The Liar's Key Author Mark Lawrence – The Red ueen has set her players on the boardWinter is keeping Prince Jalan Kendeth far from the longed for luxuries of his sou86 all he needs is to find the doorAs all wait for the ice to unlock its jaws the Dead King plots to claim what was so nearly his – the key to the underworld so that his dead subjects can rise and rule This was an enjoyable read with great world building exciting adventures and intriguing stuff going on behind the scenes that was somewhat frustrated by my issues with the protagonist The world building really took off in this one after some promising signs in the first book I really liked how the current state of the world is set against the back drop of the fallout from a nuclear war the day of a thousand suns and how civilization is shown to have been slowly and painfully re built I also liked how the central conflict between the Lady Blue and the Red ueen was further developed and we got information about the 2 sides and what they want It was also cool that some of the mysteries from the previous books were answered such as Jalan's mother's death which was shown as part of a really cool flashback seuence while some were left to be answered in the next book who the hell is Taproot the mysterious circus owner I kind of wish that the central conflict and dynastic struggles had received screen time in favour of all of the journeying and adventures While the adventures were mostly entertaining they were nowhere near as compelling as the plotting and scheming that is supposed to determine the fate of the world My main problem with this book and my only major complaints was with the protagonist Jalan At first I thought it was really cool that the main character was such a knobhead as I'm a big fan of anti heroes and I was looking forward to seeing what kind of interesting dynamics such an unusual main character would open up But after 2 books I've gradually gotten sick of the sole POV character being a 2 D caricature of selfishness cowardice and general dickishness without any meaningful character development He's gone from having great potential as a uniue character to interesting to amusing to tolerable to advance the story to making continuing the book a struggle I normally love reading about anti heroes and probably sympathize with them than I should but Jal always annoyed me It reminds me of a debate I saw one time about whether you'd rather have prime Randy Moss or Terrell Owens on your team I went with TO instinctively because I never liked Moss's taking plays off attitude but one of the lads in the debate pointed out that while Moss might sometimes be lazy and that could effect morale to some extent he was never the huge disruptive force in a locker room TO was not uite sure how to tie this analogy in right now but I get the feeling it's important somehow A lot of anti heroes might be objectively worse than Jal but I'll always instinctively prefer a guy who does terrible things for at least somewhat good reasons revenge as the only way to stop worse people to Jal who has just been a petty dickwad for 2 books now For example in The Searchers which I just watched over the Chistmas John Wayne's character is a bitter abrasive racist who seems concerned with killing Indians than rescuing his niecebut he's also brave capable and determined and he's motivated by a genuine if twisted love for his family and sense of honour so despite all of his failings I still felt sympathy and admiration for him In comparison Jal is a painfully shallow character and the only emotions I've felt towards him after about 800 pages are annoyance and distaste Back on the bright side the cast of secondary characters was much stronger than in the previous book Tuttugu the cowardly but loyal Viking was a really entertaining and sympathetic character view spoiler and his death was both shocking and horrific hide spoiler

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The Red ueen has set her players on the boardWinter is keeping Prince Jalan Kendeth far from the longed for luxuries of his southern palace And although the North may be home to his companion the warrior This review contains minor spoilers The Liar's Key is the second book in Lawrence's The Red ueen's War trilogy I adored Prince of Fools which followed Jalan's escapades across The Broken Empire and therefore picked up this book as soon as I could The survivors from the uest to the Black Fort are Jalan Snorri and their fat honorable Viking friend Tuttugu They have within their possession a magical key known as Loki's Key and this can open any door yet there is a lot to this artifact than just that point Snorri the honourable Norse warrior is a man on a mission and will do anything to find information about where Death's Door can be found His only aim is to rescue his dead family from beyond the grave and if he follows through with that ambition he is setting himself up for a war against the armies of the deceased to achieve this The Dead King and his minions are already tracking the group and the key Jalan however; wants to get himself back to the comforts whores drink and debauchery of Red MarchAt the time of publication this was the longest book that Lawrence had written Unfortunately because of this slow traveling across the land segments drag on sometimes These parts made this story not as unputdownable as the first However when a high octane action seuence comes into play it often has been built up well and then the events blow the metaphorical doors of the hinges story wise So in hindsight the pacing issues lead to the last fifteen percent being breathtakingly well executed and a pleasure to read The narrative is set up perfectly for the next book and it ends with a cliffhanger of sorts While the characters traverse the thousand or so miles of the world again some new cool additions are introduced who play crucial parts Examples being a young intelligent beyond his years orphan called Hennan who the cast meet whilst flirting dangerously close to the Wheel of Osheim and Kara an attractive young witch who they cross paths with when they are trying to find details about their destinies Ah yes Jalan fancies her A diverse fantasy fellowship of sorts is createdWe still follow Prince Jalan of Red March's monologue and it is a pleasure to be in his mind In times of pressure or struggle his enthusiastic initiatives are great to follow It is comically written to perfection as he is still the same wealthy coward liar and a scumbag To heighten the depth of the history and the politics of the world we are presented magically influenced flashback sections in which Jalan is able to open his locked and hidden away memories of his youth A number of these scenes are tragic but highly insightful Yet some of the current day scenes also contain a fair amount of violence including descriptions of torture which I know is a faux pas in some readers eyes but necessary to the narrative Further following these dreamlike visions he is slowly changing as a person with perhaps slightly different priorities now These visions lead to him realising who his ultimate arch enemy is Do people still have arch enemies these days In this already information brimming book we also find out about the early days of the Red ueen Silent Sister and Blue Lady which relates to the start of The Red ueen's War and gives insight to who is on which side of this Chess Game of potential destruction what each master of the pieces hopes to obtain and also where the players currently find themselves I thought this story was great the ending the character building and the set up for The Wheel of Osheim are expertly composed I do rank this slightly lower than the first because Prince of Fools was full of nonstop often comical action and it was a new approach for writing fantasy and how to present a hero This seems deeper and I think the final tale will benefit from the direction Mark is taking Highly recommended Check out wwwyouandibookswordpresscom

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The Liar's KeySnorri ver Snagason he is just as eager to leave For the Viking is ready to challenge all of Hell to bring his wife and children back into the living world He has Loki’s key – now The Liar's ePUB #1 Mark Lawrence never fails to surprise me Five books in the same universe at the same chronical period and yet you never get bored of it He keeps creating plot after plot layer after layer of political machinations all eventually combined or intertwined and proceeds to blow your mind “Still children hope in ways adults find hard to imagine They carry their dreams before them fragile in both arms waiting for the world to trip them” The general plot arc of The Liar's Key was exactly what i was expecting A path followed by the protagonists giving both to them to the readers a solid foundation to carry on into their ultimate goal Throughout the book there is a feeling of impending disaster while there're enough new elements to keep your interest but not so many that you get overwhelmed or confused This together with the propulsive narrative and imagery that is constantly turning stark morbid nostalgic subtly threatening comes together to create an epos Less than 15 days till the release of The Wheel of Osheim If you haven't picked up this trilogy already now is the timeYou can find of my reviews over at