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The Story of Salt kindle Å eBook Free Ð feedmarkformulate É ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Story of Salt ✪ Author Mark Kurlansky – From the team that created the ALA Notable Book The Cod's Tale comes the fascinating history of salt which has been the object of warsWhat salt meant to the American Revolution; And even how the search for salt eventually led to oil Along the way you'll meet a Celtic miner frozen in salt learn how to make ketchup and even experience salt's finest hour Gandhi's famous Salt Mar This is basically a nicely illustrated book designed for the young student interested in chemistry geography geology and history and to make it even better as an adult I learned uite a few things that I didn't know about salt For the advanced group I would like to say that salts are precipitates of the joining of a acid and base eg when one part HCL hydrochloric acid is added to one part NAOH sodium hydroxide think drain cleaner in this case; we are left with one part table salt NACL and one part water H2O which can also be written as HOHThe authors begin with an explanation of how most of the surface salt on the earth is formed by solar evaporation of sea water I found it interesting to learn that rock salt is still mined underground near the cities of Detroit and Cleveland which now explains why some northern states use salt to thaw the ice and snow on roads in the winter its relatively cheap The USA produces the most salt of any country in the world with the largest mines near Salt Lake CityOne fact that I found interesting was why modern roads seem to meander so much rather than go in straight lines Well it seems they simply followed old animal paths that the animals had followed in their uest of looking for the next salt lick as all mammals reuire salt for survivalWe learn how salt was used to preserve many types of food and eventually lead to some of our favorite foods of today as bacon ham and even ketchup with the Egyptians being the first to use preservation on a large scaleThe importance of salt throughout the ages was clarified in many places as in our own history when we declared our independence from England and our own large scale salt industry sprang up after England cut off our salt supplyIt is hard to believe that the authors could get so many interesting facts told in such an absorbing way in a 48pp book with numerous illustrations and a great two page timeline of important events in the history of salt placed at the endThis not only makes a nice reference for late grade and middle school kids but a fun book that parents will enjoy reading themselves Highly recommended

reader Å The Story of Salt ☆ Mark Kurlansky

History this handsome picture book explores every aspect of salt The many ways it's gathered from the earth and sea; how ancient emperors in China Egypt and Rome used it to keep their subjects happy; Why salt was key to the Age of Exploration; If you learn everything there is to know about anything you will learn the sum total of everything there is Start here Good children's book Learn history via the history of salt

Mark Kurlansky ☆ The Story of Salt kindle

The Story of SaltFrom the team that created the ALA Notable Book The Cod's Tale comes the fascinating history of salt which has been the object of wars and revolutions and is vital for life Based on Mark Kurlansky's critically acclaimed bestseller Salt A World Salt Who would have thought something so simple so seemingly common to Americans could control the world? Can it? Does it? Mark Kurlansky and SD Schindler reveal the significant and necessary role of salt in man's history in The Story of Salt a condensed version of Salt A World History Kurlansky's best seller for adultsSpeaking of canning the duo show the discovery of canning with airtight heated jars p 38 Just as with the discovery of salt as a preservative then the next step in salt's progress was canning and frozen foodsBut back to the beginning That is what the book does It shows textually and pictorially how seeking sources of salt became essential to the growth of civilizations As wanderers men could eat the flesh of animals and get a necessary amount of salt However once people formed settlements they had to go out to find salt sources In nearly all cases by products were discovered natural gas secondary foods cheese sauerkraut bacon international trade soy sauce mummies transporting without spoilage salt fish exploration trade organizations meatpacking roads new industries independence and oil drilling This is a significant list Each item is featured illustrated explained in a delightful manner from one block to a two page spread of artwork and textFor example in Hallein a Celtic settlement whose name means saltwork Celts used salt to preserve the thigh of hog to create ham A block on the next page 23 shows a preserved Celt known by their colorful clothing who had been trapped in a collapsed salt mine around 400 BCOther examples are the trade organizations formed by seacoast countries with cod fishing and inland countries with salt mines eg the English and the Portuguese the Germans and Italians Prior to the War for Independence the colonists traded their Virginia hams for Liverpool's salt The war forced colonists to find their own salt source which they did to became independent in ways than oneA highly informative text loaded with illustrations this book could well serve teachers and librarians in web research projects salt in the middle with all the peripheral products and events spoking outward with each one assigned to a team or group to research further then create a powerpoint or other software presentation Think of the multiple intelligences generated much as salt generates other things And certainly not commonA highly fascinating and recommended book