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Download RELATIONAL DATABASE PRACTICES Book ó BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN THE THEORY OF DATABASE DESIGN AND REAL î Malcolm hamer ß ✅ RELATIONAL DATABASE PRACTICES: BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN THE THEORY OF DATABASE DESIGN AND REAL-WORLD PRACTICES to fill that gap between the theory taught in standard courses and what happens in the real world in order to better prepare the reader for his or her first encounter with real world database designs Chapters 1 to 5 provide a compact recap of the contents of a typical database design course Besides refreshing the readers memory of a course that he or she may have been taken some time ago these chapters also serve to make this book a self contained introduction to real world database designs for senior technology managers and others who want to understand the subject of relational databasesdeeply in order to be able to make better decisions about the architecture of complex systems of which relational databases are a pa A great book and a good read puts it all in it's place good for most reader's mid level and above


S the real world a scary place Databases designs that have hundreds of tables use truly dreadful table naming practices and lack adeuate documentation make it impossible for the newcomer to get to grips with how and why the design was chosen or evolved over time Real world database designs also incorporate solutions some good some not so good to problems that were not even mentioned in the university or vendor provided course such as how to handle transactions events and things that change over time The newcomer may also be immersed in mystifying folklore among database designers and application developers about what are good and necessary practices particularly with respect to database design normalization This book aim I can't say I liked it much It has some good parts but overall I wasn't happy with the way the author decided to approach some subjects ie he does not like people using table aliases in sl ueries because this may lead to incosistencies in the name of the aliases but at the same time he uses cross joins across the whole book instead of inner joins when clearly the comma separated approach cross join is going to mix up your styles and possibly the junior engineers when other types of joins come into play ie LEFT RIGHT etc Also the use of a string as primary key and as a reference to other tables even if it's uniue is not considered a good approach since an update to its value can cause a lot of headaches in the relationships of the tables

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RELATIONAL DATABASE PRACTICES BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN THE THEORY OF DATABASE DESIGN AND REAL WORLD PRACTICESThe gap between what a student learns in a standard database design course and what goes on in the real world is wide and is growing wider every year Standard database design courses included in a university computer science or information technology curriculum or provided by vendors of database management systems teach the concepts underlying the relational database model They use simple examples such as a university administration database a favorite of authors of database books for many years using nothan a dozen tables so that the student can understand what is going on and can focus on the principles of database design However when the student comes face to face with database designs in the real world he or she find The first time I started learning about databases was in 1975 76 before relational databases were as dominant as they are now No other books or articles that I have read were at all interesting So it was with great pleasure and some surprise that I found that this book is actually written with a sense of humour a delightful irony and uite a number of jokes while at the same time being extremely instructive and educational with a lot of valuable tips advice on how to approach things Its perspective is both comprehensive and objective and extremely understandable even to those who are not specialists in the field Well worth reading and leaves one with a sense of having got to know the warm character of the author who clearly does not take himself too seriously despite his very high level of expertise in the subject