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MOBI ä DOC Men of Honor ↠ M. KEI ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➹ Men of Honor (Pirates of the Narrow Seas, #2) Author M. Kei – a book which can stand comparison with C S Forester's Hornblower Alex Beecroft author of 'False Colors'Peter Thorton and his lover set out on a uest to rescue a captive dA book which can stand comparison with C S Forester's Hornblower Alex Beecroft author of 'False Colors'Peter Thorton and his lover set out on a uest to rescue a captive duke who is the pretender to the Passionate and compelling M Kai’s nautical tales never fail to please me Now the grand adventure continues in “Men of Honor” book two of “Pirates of the Narrow Seas”Even captains were pawns to the lords of the sea who moved them – and sacrificed them – wither they wouldPeter Rais Thornton sails his galiot toward Sebta With him are his lover Shakil and a full complement of crew and mercenaries Now a trusted captain in the small but determined Sallee Navy their plan is to scout first and then cruise for prizes Tangle approves of the plan but is reluctant to leave his family He had been two years imprisoned on a Spanish galley and had only just returned Nevertheless Peter knows Isam loves him and does not feel bound by other men’s rulesShakil infiltrates the enemy territory and rescues the pretender to the Portugal throne They escape on the Arrow as Spanish frigate rigged xebecs give chase By daring and skill but against great odds Peter Rais captures two of the Spanish frigates with his galiot Triumphantly the Arrow ushers her prizes towards Gibraltar and they hove to near the frigate at the end of the English line The frigate signals to the Sallee Arrow to send boat The pipes whistle as the sideboys line up for a captain and Peter clambers over the gunwale in high spirits He pauses as Lieutenant Perry steps forward with a rude welcome “Arrest him”Thorton is ushered onto the uarterdeck of the Ajax He dreads seeing Bishop but it is the hero Ebenezer Horner who confronts him there “So you are the notorious Peter Thorton”Captain Horner is a man Peter could respect He had been a midshipman on the doomed Dauntless when Ebenezer Horner drove his ship into a suadron of French frigates to rescue the British crew Peter laments that this fair and valiant leader of men had not been the captain of the Ajax on that stormy morning a few months ago when Captain Bishop sent a very junior lieutenant to aid a Spanish galley about to sink – and then abandoned him there Horner reads the charges against the wayward Thorton the most damning of which are Articles Twenty Eight sodomy and Fifteen desertion Accused of breaking Article One Peter refuses to reject his new faith In Sallee he had been a captain found a lover converted to a religion he believed in and was free to speak his mind“For a few brief weeks I got to stand and fall on my own merits For that I love my new country I will not abandon it” Peter Rais Thorton looks down at the long purple Sallee naval coat The crossed scimitars of his Sallee rank seem a hollow mockery He had just thrashed two Spanish frigates with a galiot and yet here he is under arrest and busted back to signalman Anything he says could be used against him They thought him a deserter a turncoat a renegade and a sodomite – yet he had been carried off through no fault of his own Now Peter is frightened Who can save him now?Gibraltar is blockaded With the firebrand Thorton retrieved and the Pretender to the Portuguese throne under Captain Horner’s protection the Ajax makes a break for Minorca Aruj and the crew of the Sallee Arrow are chasing them determined to free their captured commander Ships of the Spanish fleet are patrolling the Mediterranean hunting the escaped Duke But soon a daring crescent seen through a silver mist will pose a greater challenge as the frigate journeys toward Port Mahon – where officers of the British Royal Navy wait to decide the wayward lieutenant’s fateI love everything about “Men of Honor” including the magnificent ships battle scenes and nautical detail There is danger and excitement at every turn yet also gentleness devotion and laughter But this time if the lusty Turk is not dueling it seems he’s dancing Tangle and Horner are worthy foils in temperament and talent yet just picture the fierce Sallee commodore and the British naval hero partnered in a stately minuet or cavorting in the Virginia Reel Audaciously crafted and delightfully flawed the characters in M Kei’s “Pirates of the Narrow Seas” rank among my favorite – and I think the challenges the author has devised for them are wickedly inspiredWhether fighting fireships at Minorca ferreting out a tenacious felucca in the giant Sea Caves of Majorca chasing corvettes at Portocristo or valiantly protecting the crippled Resolute from an emboldened Spanish Fleet the scenes of naval warfare are vividly depicted and thrilling to readOnly the Arrow ran with the Ajax I love these compelling characters and magnificent ships and it pleases me to explore themSwift agile and versatile the Ajax was a French Corvette before she became an English frigate Small and old fashioned low and fine she carries thirty two guns on her weatherdeck forecastle and uarterdeck With an audacious commander she is capable of much than the packet ship and messenger for which she was designedBut the Arrow’s two massive thirty two pounder bow guns could roar and spit out tongues of flame eight feet long And she has powerful sternchasers as well A gem from an older age the galiot had been the flagship of a Spanish suadron Her two masts carry sail than a galley but the proud lateener also has a full complement of oars with which to row a shallower draft – and a very daring Sallee captain and crewThinking back why did Peter not try to desert? The window in Horner’s cabin had been open yet it never occurred to this erstwhile Sallee Rover to jump to freedom Though diverse in spirit and temperament Captains Horner Tangle and Thorton have one important uality in common They are all honorable men Peter’s dedicated sense of duty and respect for British naval authority are deeply ingrained As a pressed man coming up from the weatherdeck and a very junior lieutenant he has been groomed to accept his superior officer’s commandBut now where is the notorious Turk in all of this? Last we heard Isam Rais al Tangueli wants his lover back – and the charismatic Sallee Rover known throughout the Mediterranean as Captain Tangle refuses to accept that Peter prefers the uieter less intimidating Shakil instead Isam is devoted to the British lieutenant who not only rescued him from a sinking galley but influenced him to alter his course in life as well If it were not for Peter Thorton he would be laying waste to the Spanish coast with a deadly vengeance But now because Tangle kidnapped him the man he loves is sailing toward a British court martial where Admiral Walters and his officer friends would like nothing better than to hang him Peter Thorton wants someone of his own but he and Isam share a bond and his feelings for the fiery Kapitan Pasha are intense – the significance and power of which Peter is still not experienced enough in the ways of men and love to understand Tangle had been his lover his friend his mentor his every good thing – and Peter both fears and desires him He knows Isam respects his skill and honors his fortitude The Sallee rover senses Peter has the heart and courage of a fine captain“Had he not defeated two frigates with a galiot? What about sinking two fire ships and warning the port? Did those things mean nothing? He remembered the incredible rush of battle Fear yes but the exhilaration of pitting everything he had against the enemy overrode it He had the killer instinct Horner had it Tangle had it Such men would never be content with a plain coat forever bowing and scraping before a captain of inferior abilities”When Peter’s eyes are alight with battle fever Shakil hardly knows him Shakil is a good man a brave and devoted man yet he does not want to love a warrior It is too hard on his heartPerry wants whatever is good for Perry His feelings for Peter are convoluted and often contradictory He feels their lives are connected yet rejects Peter – and then resents Peter when he seeks affection from another “Did you ever think about anyone but yourself and your darling Captain Tangle? You were my friend You even said you loved me But you threw yourself at that damned Turk and ran off with your fine new friends” It seems Perry wants most what he cannot havePeter had only been “out” for three or four months – and still exploring his own feelings and trying to understand his own desires Like others before and after him Peter experiences misadventures and a few false starts But “what had happened to that frightened repressed boy who had been glad to don the King’s coat and wrap himself in the protective cocoon of protocol and etiuette duty and danger that was naval service?” Frankly is it so unexpected now that he is flattered to be pursued by three handsome men?“Men of Honor” is a delightful reading experience and I recommend highly book two of “Pirates of the Narrow Seas”M Kei is a sailor poet in the finest tradition The imagery he creates is a celebration of the tall ships he loves and a gift to all of us who have ever wished to sail them

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Throne of Portugal Thorton is arrested by the British and placed on trial for the crimes of desertion and sodomy Captain Tangle returns and clashes with the dour but resourceful Captain Horner in a fa Review coming soon

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Men of Honor Pirates of the Narrow Seas #2 Tal battle in which Thorton's life and honor hangs in the balance Men of Honor continues the further adventures of a gay officer during the Age of Sail replete with perils excitement and nautical detai As fun a seafaring book as can be