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Epub ✓ Sacred Luxuries and Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt Download Ç Lise manniche

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Epub ✓ Sacred Luxuries and Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt Download Ç Lise manniche ¶ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Sacred Luxuries: Fragrance, Aromatherapy, and Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt Author Lise Manniche – The art of modern fragrance making owes muchIne are fully discussed Finally she investigates the widespread use of cosmetics as revealed in wall paintings and painted sculptures The book features a hundred color photographs taken by Werner Forman of objects in the world's most celebrated museum collections Exuisite cosmetic containers in the form of birds and animals reliefs representing kings and priests perfuming images of deities and lifelike mummy masks displaying make up are among the images representedDuring the past decade the West has seen a revival of traditional skills particularly in the areas of spirituality and healing This stunning book introduces an abundance of once highly prized skills to be reacuired and ancient products to be sampled anew Yes This is a beautiful 'coffee table' book and one which follows on from her Ancient Egyptian Herbal' extremely well She is the only Egyptologist who is both a herbalist and an aromatherapist in the widest sense and has done several study tours to Egypty tp study with groups the information ferst hand The book covers plants oils perfumes ritual medicine and all the variuous aspects of fragrance for want of a better word Certainly for the enthusiast and the interested this is a book worth getting It is scholarly but easy to read it is well researched and the first in its field Bernie Hephrun

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Larly myrrh and frankincense; and oils and fats ranging from almond oil to ox fat In order for a scent to achieve fame Manniche writes the finished product had to have an aura of rarity of exclusiveness and of the divine Theexotic the ingredients thevalued the commodity; theexuisite its presentation the greater the appeal In this way the visual and olfactory arts combined to make small objects of the greatest luxury appreciated not only in Egypt but all over the ancient worldDrawing on Arabic and other sources Manniche explores the application of perfumes in ritual and on social occasions and examines the erotic connotations of scent in Egyptian art and poetry Fragrant remedies the central element in ancient medic WONDERFUL Highly informative and beautifully illustrated book Buy one

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Sacred Luxuries Fragrance Aromatherapy and Cosmetics in Ancient EgyptThe art of modern fragrance making owes much to practices developed in ancient Egypt The Egyptians attached great importance to perfumes and cosmetics which men and women wore to make themselves attractive and alluring to restore vitality and good health and as a means of venerating the gods and of negotiating a passage to the realm of the hereafter In this lavishly illustrated oversized book Lise Manniche looks at the role played by scents and cosmetics in ancient Egyptian society and discusses their preparation in some cases providing actual recipesManniche details three categories of ingredients used by the Egyptians to make fragrances plants including cardamom cinnamon saffron and mint; gums and resins particu A very comprehensive study on the use of perfumes in ancient egypt Manniche gives multiple versions of recipes and explains her points well and draws from a variety of sources of evidence to support her points A good read informative and accessible to everyone wanting to know a bit about how the ancients really used viewed traded and made their scents for both personal and religious use multiple colour illustrations throughout glossy pages and attractive dust cover it looks nice on the bookshelf too