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EBOOK È EPUB Before I Fall ´ 9780061726811 ✓ FEEDMARKFORMULATE

EPUB Before I Fall

EBOOK È EPUB Before I Fall ´ 9780061726811 ✓ FEEDMARKFORMULATE é [Read] ➼ Before I Fall ➹ Lauren Oliver – For popular high school senior Samantha Kingston February 12—Cupid Day—should be one big party a day of valentines and roses and the privileFor popular high school senior Samantha Kingston February 12 Cupid Day should be one big party a day of valentines and roses and the privileges that come with being at the top of the social pyramid And it is until she dies in a terri I have to confess something before I write this review This book is about a teenager Sam who is a Mean Girl who trips into Groundhog Day world and is set on a path to redemption My confession is that I used to be a girl almost exactly like SamShallow egotistical and worst of all mean Really really mean I've commented before on the fact that I was a terrible teenager My parents did not so much try to raise me through these years More like they tried to survive me as you would a hurricane In this book Sam comes to the final realization that she is a bitch I know I related to this book perhaps than some other readers would because I had to come to my own realization about that It is a strange and aggravatingly unsettling experience to wake up and realize the world neither revolves around you nor should it because you are a horrible person Yet that's nothing compared to living your teenage years on the receiving end of bullshit people like me dished out to other peopleI can imagine growing up with that kind of experience would make you uite unsympathetic to Sam But Sam is on a path and a journey Oliver doesn't withhold on characterization Every petty mean shallow act and thought is shamelessly paraded here I loved the cast and the complicated relationships they all had I loved Sam and Kent's relationship as well as Sam and Lindsey's relationship Most of the people in this book felt like people I'd known or met in real lifeThe writing worked well for this novel Never too flowery or explanatory but rather serving the purpose of translating complicated thoughts and feeling to the reader without being burdensome or boring Every time I felt Sam was a little tooOliver managed to turn it around and make herI think it took a lot of courage to write Sam's characterization as she did A lot of YA fiction depicts the Perfect Female ala Bella Swan Where character flaws amount to being clumsy and everyone they ever meet thinks they're amazing and mature and wise beyond their years Note Zoe Redbird no you are notMy only complaint about the book is in the spoiler down below Basically I loved it I connected to it I felt like the themes were handled in a believable realistic wayI guess this book made me melancholy I think about Juliet Sykes and remember that I once had my own Juliet Sykes I wish I could go back in time and change that I wish I could somehow make amends to her Hell I wish I could even remember her real name and not just all the disgusting nicknames we gave her I wish I'd been the kind of teenager I could be proud of Yet this book made me glad that I did change that I have tomorrow to keep trying and learning and growing It makes me happy to think that even I deserved a chance at redemption and to choose a different way to live my life Most of all this book makes me really bloody happy that I'm an adult now and that I never ever have to go back Ever view spoilerPerhaps the only real critiue I could give of the book is thisDo you remember that scene from Shakespeare in Love when Ben Affleck's Ned Alleyn is talking to Shakespeare about the ending of Romeo and Juliet and he says But there's a scene missing between marriage and deathAnd in case you skipped school for the Obvious lesson in your Obvious class he's talking about boning It's this but it's not this If you know what I meanNow I'm not actually saying that I wanted Sam and Kent to bone but I felt there needed to be to the final part of the book than just a few vague kisses and a goodbye I mean poor Kent right? he wakes up one day and out of the blue the girl he's in love with decides to give him a break and actually kiss him Then she tells him that he's the best thing that ever happened to her Then she dies At least give the poor guy a happy ending of sorts hide spoiler

EPUB ñ Before I Fall ô Lauren Oliver

Fall is now a major motion picture Zoey Deutch Halston Sage and Kian Lawley Named to numerous state reading lists the novel was also recognized as a Best Book of the Year by com Barnes Noble The Daily Beast NPR and Publishers Weekly I had high expectations for this book for 2 reasons 1 I loved Delirium it's one of my favorite series and 2 so many people raved about Before I fall saying it is the best of Oliver's work I couldn't disagree At the beginning I couldn't get into the story it was a bit repetitive so I had to put it down and read something else in the meantime In the end I was getting a bit frustrated as I couldn't understand the whole idea of the book Having finished it yesterday I've been thinking about it since and I still don't get it Let me explain whyThe whole story is focused on Sam's last day and her death in a car accident Afterwards she keeps reliving it no matter what she does when she wakes up it's still Friday the 12 The main thing I have a problem with is the dimension she is in first I was hoping it's kind of coma and she will come back to life but no she or her soul? keeps existing in a kind of a limbo and is trying to move on Final conclusion of the book is that she had to learn to sacrifice her life remember she's already dead in order to move on where? why? no explanation whatsoever She just dies one last time and that's it And even tho she does change during the whole journey and also learns all the awful things her fiend did including driving someone to suicide she still loves her because she's her friend really? I understand Oliver tried to write a book about cruel reality of teenage life and high school wanted to pass a message of values important than money or popularity That I understand everything else not so much The book is well written and if you don't focus too much no the metaphysical dimension of it you might enjoy it I think that was my problem I put too much thought into it Unfortunately I was not affected by it and didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would

Lauren Oliver ô Before I Fall EBOOK

Before I FallBle accident that nightHowever she still wakes up the next morning In fact Sam lives the last day of her life seven times until she realizes that by making even the slightest changes she may hold power than she ever imagined Before I Warning Major Spoilers below including the very ending And foul language MUCH foul languageLa la la spoilersStill spoilersAnd language to make your grandmother blushFuck you book Fuck You I want to drop this book to two stars for that goddamn ending But I can’t because even with that fucking ending it is not really a two star book at all So it gets dropped one star DAMN YOU I knew the ending was coming This is the problem with reading the ending first well near the beginning I think I’d have been even angrier if I hadn’t known though because I’d be expecting that it would have a Groundhog Day's ending and Sam having learned her lesson on being a better person would get to enjoy the new better life she’s created But no She stays dead FUCK YOU BOOK I get your point Oliver Sam’s real mission was to sacrifice herself for Juliet That’s what she came back seven days for to be Juliet’s guardian angel or something You know what? FUCK THAT Because Juliet might be better off but everyone else in Sam’s life? You don’t think it will completely devastate her family? Her little sister? Her parents? Do you know what the divorce rate is for parents who have lost a child??? It’s not like they remember the other days Sam lived after death either So their last memories of her will be a wholly inadeuate moment before Sam ran off to school and was nice and not a brat Not a whole day together not a dinner out nothing big or something to hold onto AND WHAT ABOUT KENT???? He gets to see the girl he loves—who has just stopped being a bitch and admitted she likes him—die How horrible Really think he’s going to be okay Oliver? Really think you didn’t just fuck up the most sympathetic character in your entire book? Scratch that the two most sympathetic characters in your book adorable little sister Izzy and adorable amazing Kent?? Just because we don’t get to see the tragedy rip through everyone’s life like a bomb and you have Sam give some bullshit uplifting monologue at the end doesn’t make it okay Do you know why Groundhog Day doesn’t end with Bill Murray dead? BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT ENDING We want to see him ride off into the sunset with Andie Macdowell both happier and better WE DON’T WANT TO SEE BILL MURRAY’S GODDAMN FUNERAL GAAAAAHHHHHH The book started out slowly and Sam is a right proper bitch to begin with It isn’t until afterlife day five she gets seven days that she begins to turn around Although the complete fucking breakdown of day four was glorious I think I’m a masochist because I love angry self destructive insane meltdowns by heroines especially when they end with the realization that there was no beauty in the breakdown that it was a horrible horrible mess and that instead of feeling free they feel even worse than before And I especially love it when they are comforted by adorable awesome love interests like Kent Although set up Sam was annoying though realistic ouch when Sam developed and stopped being so shallow and self absorbed I loved her And I loved her even for knowing how horrid she had been There was so much development and it all rang true WHICH MADE THE ENDING EVEN WORSE You know what Oliver? I don’t feel bad any for thinking your Delirium was a pathetic piece of crap cashing in on the post Hunger Games dystopian YA craze Because at least it will prevent you from DESTROYING MY SOUL for however many years it takes you to finish writing your idiotically premised trilogy a society that hates love? Really? Really? Maybe by then you will have learned a lesson and not written such terrible terrible endings to what otherwise could be a five star level book I actually contemplated hurling this book at the wall when I finished it but it is 2am and I am a guest in someone else’s house and I don’t want to be rude Now I’m going to pretend that the ending didn’t happen and Kent and Sam live happily ever after and both go to college in Boston and show up happily married at Izzy’s high school graduation and everyone isn’t destroyed by grief because Sam threw herself into a truck for Juliet Don't think I can't Oliver because I've managed to half convince myself over the years that Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ends with Jen Lo and Li Mu Bai Yu Shu Lien happily married with beautiful babies and everyone hanging out and kung fu fighting together the real ending made me angry for days So Oliver when I think about this book in the future IF I THINK ABOUT IT AT ALL don't think I wont' half believe that Kent and Sam are happily married with beautiful babies AND MAYBE EVEN KUNG FU FIGHTING I DON'T KNOW PS If you are masochistic enough to read the book after this review listen to “Only If You Run” by Julian Plenti on Days 5 7 It is awesome and if this ever gets made into a movie WITH A BETTER ENDING it has to be on the soundtrack Addendum Okay I’ve calmed down a bit and got some sleep and now am coherent and less blindingly angry And I’ve figured out why the ending bothered me so much it was a cheap trick Partly because it feels like Oliver’s response to those who will identify this as Groundhog Day meets Mean Girls which it totally is but in a good way The ending seems to scream “It might be like those movies but look how much deeper this is The main character dies You don’t see THAT in those movies hunh??” But mostly because martyrdom is fiction’s shorthand for redemption And sometimes it works see my undying love for Sydney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities But in this book it doesn’t There’s a uote banging around my head that I can’t source “Dying is easy It’s living that’s hard” And dying was the easy way out for Sam She spent her entire afterlife knowing that she would never have to live with the conseuences of her actions It was most obvious in the utter breakdown of day four but it was present every single day Throwing yourself in front of a truck can’t be easy but for Sam I think it would be even harder for her to live out the rest of high school to have to stand up to Lindsay next time she tortured Juliet or wrote nasty graffiti about other girls or spread rumors about how so and so was such a slut or tried to talk Sam out of dating a social loser like Kent Dealing with that every single day and knowing she had to live with the ramifications of her actions would be a true test of character for Sam Could she do it? Could she stand up to the constant social pressure? Could she stand up to her friends? To Lindsay? Could she be nice to people and defend them and not let her friends be cruel? Could she risk being unpopular? Or would she slide back to the easier path staying silent telling herself it’s not her fault because she didn’t start it that she saved Juliet’s life that one time so her karmic debt is paid? A better ending would have Sam not be able to return to normal until she stands up for Juliet at the party Not try to talk Juliet out of suicide in private Not avoid future conseuences by dying But being there when Juliet walks into the party and Lindsay starts a chant of “Pscyho Psycho” Standing in front of everyone in front of all her friends and peers and telling them all to shut it to stop being mean to Juliet To tell everyone that Juliet’s not weird that they need to grow up and stop being such bullies And then to wake up the next day and go to school and deal with the fallout of that And actually befriend Juliet and deal with whatever the social conseuences are A less shocking ending yeah But a satisfying one